Friday, June 7, 2013

Finals. Birthday. Japanese. Natural High

Life has been pretty hectic...mostly due to school. Ahh, blogging about the stressful life of school~ Reminds me of my old posts when I ranted about stats, seems so long ago ⊙△⊙  lol.

Last week I was pretty much with Jenny every single day, studying, working on our Japanese project, and of course some regular hang outs here and there.

But, I had to stay up and one of the days and type a paper. Didn't finish till 7am :[

But there was some fun also. It was our friend, Eric's birthday so we went out to eat. After that, we went to Jenny's place to drink~ haha he got so embarrassed because we kept giving him attention LOL he doesn't like birthdays.

I think it's because it was 2 minutes before his birthday and we were just staring at him waiting for it to become his birthday with drinks in our hands LOL you even hear him in the video say "this is the most awkward thing ever" hahaha

Most of last week was us trying to get our Japanese crap done too. We recorded the video which took FOREVER. From 6pm to 12am D: why? Not sure LOL

We totally didn't look like gyaru -.- we just looked like a couple of sluts LOL. We were trying to get Eric to bring us food while we were working on Japanese but since he lives 40 minutes away he wasn't too keen on the idea lol. So the last clip is what that is about xD

I am not going to post the actual Japanese project video because it is ridiculously embarrassing D: LOL but I'll post the bloopers~

One more week of finals and I'm out :DD Still a bit worried about Japan though :/ and my sister's wedding is next week O__O so much stuff to do ><

And a random video of me and Jenny when we were taking a break while talking to Eric...we needed more sleep LOL

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