Friday, June 21, 2013

Studying Abroad in Japan 2013-2014

Well guys, I have some lovely news~ I was recently accepted into the UCEAP Japan Universities study abroad program, so I will be studying in Japan for a year :D I am very happy and fortunate.

I even got into the university of my choice, which is Keio University :D

I mentioned here and there, how I applied to study abroad and that there was a possibility of me going but didn't bring it up much because I didn't want to jinx it and because it wasn't 100% sure.

But now that it is, so I will be writing about the whole process of me going to Japan as well as my adventures in Japan!

As I mentioned in a few entries, I attend University of California, Irvine. But you can call it UC Irvine or UCI. I had applied last fall to the UCEAP program to study abroad for a year in Japan.

In about early January I found out I had gotten accepted into the study abroad program. Then I had to apply to Keio specifically. Everyone said that once you got accepted into the first part it's a 99% chance you will get into the second. But me being paranoid I decided to hold off on celebrating.

After applying, I didn't find out for sure that I got accepted till June 12th. Mind you, we already had to buy our plane ticket and stuff. But regardless, I am happy that I got accepted :]

After dealing with all the crappy paperwork, time consuming orientations, and waiting for what seemed like forever if to see if I got accepted...I'm glad to see that it paid off.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I had bought a ticket to Japan before the official acceptance. I was planning on going even if I didn't get to go for a year.

So I will be leaving July 22nd and be arriving July 23rd :]

I am going one week prior to my language program because I wanted to explore Japan on my own without other exchange students. As nerve wracking as it is, I feel that it will help me become more independent.

Plus, my friend Lyy always travels to Tokyo on her own so she was also my motivation. (She is going to visit me in Japan :D)

I already booked my hostel and what not, which is in Tokyo thanks to Hopy's advice as well as Lyy's :] I am pretty excited. Nervous about getting lost though -__- especially with my luggage. Luckily, Lyy, Hopy and Mutsumi have been helping me with all the questions I have :]

Before I actually attend Keio, I need to go into the ILP which is the Intensive Language Program for the summer. That is 6 hours of Japanese each day D: Yeah, sounds horrible but it will be worth it. After the ILP, classes will begin!

I am so excited! I am incredibly fortunate right now, and I'm super happy with life.

A whole year in Japan? Crazy, intimidating, but definitely going to be an amazing experience!

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