Sunday, June 2, 2013

Drinking. Shopping. Japanese Project

I can't believe it's already June O__O but I am so happy, a couple more weeks until I am on summer vacation!

This past weekend has been pretty busy, but fun! Jenny's best friend Lisa, from Nor Cal was visiting so she decided to go out more than usual this weekend.

Thursday, we went drinking at Proof with Alex and ended up running into Vanessa. We ended up drinking a bit too much and were so hung over the next day :[

Friday, Jenny invited me to go shopping after class so we went to the spectrum. I ended up getting some new tees and new combat boots :D <3 so happy because I've been looking for some.

We also ended up going to a kickback of some of Jenny's friends from Nor Cal. We didn't want to drink since we were still hung over -.- but I played beer pong for the first time :]

After that, we went to Newport beach to eat. Will and Eric met us up, and we ended up staying there till 5:30am ish lol.

Saturday, I was planning on staying home and recovering but Jenny reminded me about our Japanese presentation we needed to do. So I went to her place and we worked on our project.

It was a pretty productive day, we decided we would talk about gyaru fashion since one of the topics was to talk about Japanese fashion style. It was definitely easier and more fun to write the script up than cooking to be honest.

Jenny said we should dress up as it because Kimura sensei would like that better. So we are going to attempt to do gyaru makeup for the presentation LOL we also went to go buy fake nails to make them look all gyaru-like.

While we were doing our nails we watched Helter Skelter :] It was lots of fun! But after we finished our nails we thought "wtff are we doing??" LOL oh well, too late to go back!

I read this post on Tumblr asking if in America do they really use the red cups at drinking parties in college,
and the answer is yes LOL

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