Saturday, May 11, 2013

San Diego Round 2.

Me and Jenny wanted to celebrate the end of midterms. I had been dying with midterms, especially Japanese. So we wanted to go drinking to relieve stress haha, meet some new people, etc.

I ended up hitting up Alex to see if he was free this weekend. He was, and wanted to go to LA on Friday to go drinking. He also was going to invite Mikey. The plans ended up changing to SD, which was fine with us.

We finished our last midterm on Friday, and got ready. Alex came to pick us up and we were off to SD :D

We first had dinner with Alex at La Puerta, a really delicious Mexican restaraunt. Like seriously, that shit was bomb. I was so happy haha. Me and Jenny shared a burrito of tacos de pastor<3

Afterwards, we ended up meeting Alex's friend, Andrew and shortly Mikey came with his group. They were a bunch of cute girls omg haha. A Persian girl, Asian, and Mexican :D haha

We pre-gamed and had tequila and vodka. I couldn't handle the tequila, I'm probably one of the few Mexicans that don't like it haha. I was so happy when Vanessa (the Mexican girl) told me to help them kill the vodka.

After we drank, we went off to a bar. Everyone wanted to dance, but I wasn't drunk enough :[ lol it always taked me longer than everyone else to feel the alcohol -.- but I danced anyways and before I knew it the alcohol kicked it.

It was so much dancing with Jenny and Vanessa <3 When Jenny drinks she ends up kissing people, mostly girls haha. It was fun :] We were pretty tipsy.

After chilling at that bar for a while we had decided to go to Anthony's house. It was super nice and right by the beach. Mikey asked if we wanted to go to the beach and me and Jenny said yes so we went :D

The beach in the daytime.

The beach was really rocky though, and it hurt like a bitch to walk on! So only Mikey, Anthony, and Andrew went in the water. I wanted to go in the water but it hurt too much to walk :[ lol. Mikey was butthurt though haha.

Me and Mikey ended up staying at the beach chilling some more (but on the sand part lol). After a while, we went back to Anthony's place and everyone was smoking haha.

By the time we knocked out it was 4:30am and we woke up at 8:00am O__o so early -.- and the bed was so comfortable omg, I was happy haha. We got breakfast burritos, mine and Jenny's was eggs and chorizo<33 omg so delicious lol.

We then went back home to Irvine. Mikey invited us to go to the pool with everyone and though it sounded nice me and Jenny wanted to eat and go shopping for some stuff we needed lol.

The best hangover food.

We ended up going to Mitsuwa to eat ramen. It was amazing and with the aloe vera drink, I was in heaven.

Me and Jenny definitely looked gross and trashy haha since we were wearing our close from last night still. My shirt is pretty revealing so I felt like such a hoe walking around haha.

But strangely enough, this older foreign woman was watching me and Jenny do a video for Vine and she smiled and said "you are beautiful." I totally was not expecting that and thanked her she had such a soft look on her face. What a nice lady ; __ ;

Afterwards we went shopping and we talked about what happened in SD. Jenny didn't remember a lot LOL. I was pretty straight, I'm wasn't really fucked up haha.

Overall, it was an awesome night. I am so happy we went to SD. Though me and Jenny had different expectations of what we were going to do for the night it was still lots of fun :]

Lately, I have been obsessed with Vine.
So I compiled all the video clips I took into one from the trip :]

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