Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chill Days.

The goose's butt xD 

On Sunday [5.19.13], I went to watch a documentary with Jenny and Liane called "Hafu" for 2 of my classes. While looking for the place where the film was going to be shown we stumbles across this lake. We decided we'd go afterwards.

I was super excited for this film because I have read about how mixed people in Japan have trouble fitting in. In general, multi-ethnicites/cultural people feel this way. 

Being Mexican-American, I don't fit in with Americans because I come from a Mexican background and am considered a minority but when going to Mexico they don't consider me Mexican because our upbringing is nothing to the lives of those in Mexico. So it's like you're in this limbo of not belonging anywhere and that's why the happas in the film were talking about.

I definitely recommend watching the film if you are ever given the opportunity to watch it :] My friend Liane is half Japanese and haf American so she could relate to the film and enjoyed it a lot as well.

After watching the film we went to the park to look at the geese. It was pretty nice and relaxing. There were giant fish in the lake as well! Lots of little Japanese kids running around and people fishing.

We were a bit hungry after that so we went to Mitsuwa and got ramen :] A guy gave us a sample of the green tea ice cream which tasted amazing so we ordered one to share. Me, Jenny, and Liane chatted about random stuff trying to figure out what to do afterwards.

Jenny was invited to a kickback with bbq and asked if we wanted to go. I decided to keep Jenny company but Liane wasn't too interested so we dropped her off back home and went. 

The guy that invited us was a guy that is interested in Jenny. I guess we had come a bit earlier than expected, they didn't have any of the meat defrosted or anything lol and no one had came yet. 

Me and Jenny were planning on leaving since it was pretty awkward but we stayed and talked to him for a bit and watched American Horror Story. But I needed to go home and type 2 papers so we ended up leaving. You could tell he was a bit upset that we left before the kickback started but we were there for 2 hours already...

Me and Jenny didn't want to go back home to do homework :[ so we went to Diamond Jamboree toput off our studies a bit more. We ate at the Gubby House which was pretty good :] 

After that, we had a heart to heart in her car talking about a bunch of random shit. I really love Jenny >< She is the first person I met here who can understand me. Most of my good friends are online friends *cough* Lyy *cough* lol :]

☓ ☓ ☓

Yesterday [5.20.13], I ended up hanging out with Brian again. I wanted to go to Tokyo Table to eat the dessert again *__* haha and I was craving some sashimi~

Brian knows I don't really like alcohol but he still bought some sake for me to try. It was alright, this was the sake that Saori had at her farewell party. So long ago...time sure is going by fast.

Anywho, I was talking to Brian to make sure we were on the same page of not wanting anything serious and just casually dating. He said he was fine with that so I was relieved, I was worried that crap would get serious (Jenny has been having this problem lately).

Brian is nice, and he is the first guy I have actually been interested enough to go on a second date with but I still seem to lack interest and get bored.

I wonder why I get so easily bored with people? Especially guys. Maybe it's because I'm bored with life. I don't know. At least he's a cool person to talk to, but it probably won't get much further than that.

*sigh* well it was fun while it lasted I guess lol.

☓ ☓ ☓

Memorial Day weekend is coming, lots of people are planning shit. Alex was planning a bunch of stuff to do and giving us choices of what we want but Jenny is planning on going to LA to see her friends from Nor-cal. 

I probably am not going to go since Jenny isn't going. Maybe if Vanessa goes, but I still think it's not a good idea because I have so much papers I need to do :/ 

It's getting close to the end of the quarter so shit is piling up. I am excited though, I can't wait for it to be summer so I can bum around and do nothing. 

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