Friday, May 24, 2013


Memorial weekend has started, and how am I spending it? Well so far, I have been sleeping, watching movies, and talking to my darling Lyy.

My friends invited me to go to LA, Jenny was going to meet her friends in from Nor-cal but was going to stay in LA for multiple days so I didn't feel like going.

My other friend, Chris, wanted to go gay clubbing. I thought about it, but I didn't feel like clubbing. I just wanted to stay home, sleep, and do nothing.

To be honest, right now, I'm tired of interacting with people unless they are my close friends. It sounds weird, but I just don't feel like doing anything.

Source: unknown

I watched Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I loved it. I can only imagine how much I would love the book if I read it.

I just could really relate to it, especially Sam's character. Ugh, and the soundtrack to the movie was amazing. I can go on but I'll stop.

I've been talking to Lyy about my possible plans to Japan. I already got my plane ticket so I will be going to Japan but I'm just not sure how long I will be staying. I'm hoping to go to Summer Sonic. So many amazing bands in one place.

We'll see how it goes. I should seem more happy about going to Japan but I feel like it's not happening so I'm feeling very indifferent about it lol.

Well, I'm off to be a productive student and actually do my homework. I have 3 papers I need to do. One 20 page paper, one 7 page paper, and one paper in nihongo. Yay for uni life~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chill Days.

The goose's butt xD 

On Sunday [5.19.13], I went to watch a documentary with Jenny and Liane called "Hafu" for 2 of my classes. While looking for the place where the film was going to be shown we stumbles across this lake. We decided we'd go afterwards.

I was super excited for this film because I have read about how mixed people in Japan have trouble fitting in. In general, multi-ethnicites/cultural people feel this way. 

Being Mexican-American, I don't fit in with Americans because I come from a Mexican background and am considered a minority but when going to Mexico they don't consider me Mexican because our upbringing is nothing to the lives of those in Mexico. So it's like you're in this limbo of not belonging anywhere and that's why the happas in the film were talking about.

I definitely recommend watching the film if you are ever given the opportunity to watch it :] My friend Liane is half Japanese and haf American so she could relate to the film and enjoyed it a lot as well.

After watching the film we went to the park to look at the geese. It was pretty nice and relaxing. There were giant fish in the lake as well! Lots of little Japanese kids running around and people fishing.

We were a bit hungry after that so we went to Mitsuwa and got ramen :] A guy gave us a sample of the green tea ice cream which tasted amazing so we ordered one to share. Me, Jenny, and Liane chatted about random stuff trying to figure out what to do afterwards.

Jenny was invited to a kickback with bbq and asked if we wanted to go. I decided to keep Jenny company but Liane wasn't too interested so we dropped her off back home and went. 

The guy that invited us was a guy that is interested in Jenny. I guess we had come a bit earlier than expected, they didn't have any of the meat defrosted or anything lol and no one had came yet. 

Me and Jenny were planning on leaving since it was pretty awkward but we stayed and talked to him for a bit and watched American Horror Story. But I needed to go home and type 2 papers so we ended up leaving. You could tell he was a bit upset that we left before the kickback started but we were there for 2 hours already...

Me and Jenny didn't want to go back home to do homework :[ so we went to Diamond Jamboree toput off our studies a bit more. We ate at the Gubby House which was pretty good :] 

After that, we had a heart to heart in her car talking about a bunch of random shit. I really love Jenny >< She is the first person I met here who can understand me. Most of my good friends are online friends *cough* Lyy *cough* lol :]

☓ ☓ ☓

Yesterday [5.20.13], I ended up hanging out with Brian again. I wanted to go to Tokyo Table to eat the dessert again *__* haha and I was craving some sashimi~

Brian knows I don't really like alcohol but he still bought some sake for me to try. It was alright, this was the sake that Saori had at her farewell party. So long ago...time sure is going by fast.

Anywho, I was talking to Brian to make sure we were on the same page of not wanting anything serious and just casually dating. He said he was fine with that so I was relieved, I was worried that crap would get serious (Jenny has been having this problem lately).

Brian is nice, and he is the first guy I have actually been interested enough to go on a second date with but I still seem to lack interest and get bored.

I wonder why I get so easily bored with people? Especially guys. Maybe it's because I'm bored with life. I don't know. At least he's a cool person to talk to, but it probably won't get much further than that.

*sigh* well it was fun while it lasted I guess lol.

☓ ☓ ☓

Memorial Day weekend is coming, lots of people are planning shit. Alex was planning a bunch of stuff to do and giving us choices of what we want but Jenny is planning on going to LA to see her friends from Nor-cal. 

I probably am not going to go since Jenny isn't going. Maybe if Vanessa goes, but I still think it's not a good idea because I have so much papers I need to do :/ 

It's getting close to the end of the quarter so shit is piling up. I am excited though, I can't wait for it to be summer so I can bum around and do nothing. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Iron Man & Izakaya.

I went on a date yesterday. Last time I went on a real date was probably back with Ricky. Well, I guess I could count Alex (the guy from the bar not my friend Alex lol) but we had nothing in common besides finding one another physically appealing.

Funny, it was actually with that one bartender named Brian, that my friend tried to hook me up with that one time. He ended up giving him my number anyways haha.

To be honest, it was pretty awkward texting. My friends advised me not to go on a date with him because he was so awkward. But I thought, "Wtf..I'm awkward too so who am I to judge?" So I ended up going on a date with him anyways, and I made a good choice.

We ended up going to the movies to watch Iron Man :D I love my super hero movies<3 haha the movie was good but there was just some stuff I was a bit disappointed in.

After that, he asked me if I ever been to Honda-ya, which is actually an izakaya type place that he always goes to. I hadn't gone to one before so it was pretty awesome :D I kept looking around haha. I should haven taken pictures ><

We pretty much ordered everything since I had no idea what to get, and everything he ordered tasted so good. Especially the pork belly, he told me it would blow my mind but I didn't believe him haha it was really good though.

He also had to try Asahi beer, and although it didn't taste as bad as the other beers, I still have no interest in beer. I know people say you learn to drink it but I don't want to D: besides beer = beer bellies lol.

He assured me he didn't like it either at first and told me a funny story about his first time with beer haha but he said now he loves it and really focuses on the taste and told me about the different drinks he likes.

We also ended up talking about music, he used to be in a small metal/scream-o band so we shared out taste of music. We pretty much are the same where we listen to all kinds but mostly listen to different genres of rock. He even showed me some Korean rock (he's Korean lol).

We also ended up sharing our love for body mods<3 not just tattoos, but ear stretching, and piercings. He said he is closing up his ears, he had stretched them pretty big, to 38mm. They were a bit bigger than a 00 now. He talked about getting snake bites and I told him to do it haha I love snake bites. And he actually has his leg covered in tattoos too. Ugh I love tattoos lol.

After talking for quite a bit, we got dessert :D it was black sesame ice cream and it was delicious!

After that, he drove me back to my place. And surprisingly he parked the car to walk me to my apartment O__o I was not expecting that at all haha, most of the time the guys just drop you off now. Which is fine, but I thought it was pretty cute he decided to walk me.

He was joking around saying he didn't want me to get mugged. I told him, "Of course, because Irvine is so dangerous" (it is known to be the safest city in the U.S. for 7 years in a row lol).

He also said we should hold hands just to make sure and held out his hand. I was completely thrown off by this like wtf. Last time I held hands with someone is public was in high school when I was dating my ex.

I held his hand but I couldn't help but laugh. I thought it was cute but I was totally taken back by it so I was laughing. I totally made it awkward but already told him I was awkward so he didn't mind since he is awkward too haha.

When we arrived at my apartment door it was even more awkward haha. I just started laughing even more and was like "I don't know how we are suppose to go about this" and he said "don't worry I got this" and kissed me.

Lol it was pretty cute. We ended up saying bye and then he was like, "Oh wait" I was confused and thought he forgot something and asked, "What?" and he said "I want one more" and kissed me again lol.

So that pretty much concludes my date lol. I was talking to Jenny about it and even though he is awkward it's cute. And it's nice dating a guy who doesn't want to get in my pants the first date and actually acts like he is interested. Even if it's just an act, kudos to him for actually trying lol.

We'll see where this goes. I have no expectations of anything but Jenny said I should just try and see what happens. I don't know what he wants and frankly I don't know what I want but I guess there's no harm in getting to know each other more.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

San Diego Round 2.

Me and Jenny wanted to celebrate the end of midterms. I had been dying with midterms, especially Japanese. So we wanted to go drinking to relieve stress haha, meet some new people, etc.

I ended up hitting up Alex to see if he was free this weekend. He was, and wanted to go to LA on Friday to go drinking. He also was going to invite Mikey. The plans ended up changing to SD, which was fine with us.

We finished our last midterm on Friday, and got ready. Alex came to pick us up and we were off to SD :D

We first had dinner with Alex at La Puerta, a really delicious Mexican restaraunt. Like seriously, that shit was bomb. I was so happy haha. Me and Jenny shared a burrito of tacos de pastor<3

Afterwards, we ended up meeting Alex's friend, Andrew and shortly Mikey came with his group. They were a bunch of cute girls omg haha. A Persian girl, Asian, and Mexican :D haha

We pre-gamed and had tequila and vodka. I couldn't handle the tequila, I'm probably one of the few Mexicans that don't like it haha. I was so happy when Vanessa (the Mexican girl) told me to help them kill the vodka.

After we drank, we went off to a bar. Everyone wanted to dance, but I wasn't drunk enough :[ lol it always taked me longer than everyone else to feel the alcohol -.- but I danced anyways and before I knew it the alcohol kicked it.

It was so much dancing with Jenny and Vanessa <3 When Jenny drinks she ends up kissing people, mostly girls haha. It was fun :] We were pretty tipsy.

After chilling at that bar for a while we had decided to go to Anthony's house. It was super nice and right by the beach. Mikey asked if we wanted to go to the beach and me and Jenny said yes so we went :D

The beach in the daytime.

The beach was really rocky though, and it hurt like a bitch to walk on! So only Mikey, Anthony, and Andrew went in the water. I wanted to go in the water but it hurt too much to walk :[ lol. Mikey was butthurt though haha.

Me and Mikey ended up staying at the beach chilling some more (but on the sand part lol). After a while, we went back to Anthony's place and everyone was smoking haha.

By the time we knocked out it was 4:30am and we woke up at 8:00am O__o so early -.- and the bed was so comfortable omg, I was happy haha. We got breakfast burritos, mine and Jenny's was eggs and chorizo<33 omg so delicious lol.

We then went back home to Irvine. Mikey invited us to go to the pool with everyone and though it sounded nice me and Jenny wanted to eat and go shopping for some stuff we needed lol.

The best hangover food.

We ended up going to Mitsuwa to eat ramen. It was amazing and with the aloe vera drink, I was in heaven.

Me and Jenny definitely looked gross and trashy haha since we were wearing our close from last night still. My shirt is pretty revealing so I felt like such a hoe walking around haha.

But strangely enough, this older foreign woman was watching me and Jenny do a video for Vine and she smiled and said "you are beautiful." I totally was not expecting that and thanked her she had such a soft look on her face. What a nice lady ; __ ;

Afterwards we went shopping and we talked about what happened in SD. Jenny didn't remember a lot LOL. I was pretty straight, I'm wasn't really fucked up haha.

Overall, it was an awesome night. I am so happy we went to SD. Though me and Jenny had different expectations of what we were going to do for the night it was still lots of fun :]

Lately, I have been obsessed with Vine.
So I compiled all the video clips I took into one from the trip :]