Saturday, April 6, 2013

Out in Fullerton

Jenny invited me and Ayaka to go to a party out in Fullerton that her friend was throwing so we decided to go.

It was actually pretty awkward since we didn't know anyone we were nervous to go into the house. We were standing outside the house for at least 5 minutes trying to figure out where was the doorbell, should we knock, who wanted to ring it, etc. LOL We are so damn awkward.

After a while, we were were being so loud freaking out about what we should do that the mom of Will (the person throwing the party) let us in after hearing us outside -___- so embarrassing LOL but it was also because it was so quiet for a party O__o we found out, it was in the back LOL

It was still pretty early when we got there, 10pm. There was no one we knew and no cute guys :[ lol we were just standing there like .__. 

Eric, Avery, and Will

Jenny wanted to take photos before we got "messed up" but I wasn't thinking we would drink a lot since the party seemed kinda boring. We still took photos though, Jenny and Ayaka looked so cute OMG<3 love them lol.

We ended up meeting Jenny's friends Will and Eric, they were both psych majors and Jenny had classes with them. We also met the guy who the going away party was for, his name was Avery. He was actually really cool. Apparently he likes jrock and kpop. He also spoke Japanese and was able to talk to Ayaka!

We always meet people that have something to do with Japan da fuq LOL.

We chatted with them for a bit, and though more people were coming it was still pretty boring :[ A groupe of other girls that Jenny knew were also bored there as well so Eric offered to take us to DTF (not down to fuck LOL) Downtown Fullerton! Apparently that's what they call it.

Downtown Fullerton is really well-known for people going to the bars. My older sister was considering going there for her bachelorette party. Anyways, we went there but it wasn't really our cup of tea...

For one, there were no cute guys D:  only creepers straight up. Trying to grab onto us (one grabbed onto Jenny) and calling out to us all creepy like. We did not enjoy it. 

Two, the girls looked and acted like bitches. They gave the typical dirty looks, I'm better attitude kinda thing. Ugh so annoying -.-

And the places we went were so packed D: barely able to move. Me, Jennny, and Ayaka were not too fond of that but the other group of girls we went with were. So we kinda wanted different things :/

Jenny, me and Ayaka were really hungry and ended up looking for food. We were craving tacos LOL. And when we found them, we were so happy. THEY WERE SO GOOD OMG. Or maybe it was because we had already been I think it was both :]

Anywho, we pretty much left after the meal. We ended up just sleeping over since Jenny was not sober enough to drive back to Irvine. 

Will and Eric making our delicious breakfast<3

The next morning we woke up and just talked about last night. The boys made us breakfast :D <3 omelettes *__* lol We watched Courage the Cowardly Dog and How I Met Your Mother. 

We actually stayed pretty late, till like 12 or 1pm and then we left back to Irvine. 

We were planning on going out later on again tonight but the tiredness kicked in and I just wanted to knock out and so did Jenny. Plus, the mountain of hw waiting for both of us :[

/sigh gotta love school~ now to spend the rest of the weekend procrastinating on my readings.

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