Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Night Run with Ayaka.

Last night I went out on a run with Ayaka, and it was quite relaxing. I always forget how much I love walking at night. We walked to campus and ran 5 laps around the park at school.

We talked about her soon going to Japan. She says she doesn't want to leave America. I don't want her to go either, I'll miss her too much. She keeps saying how she wants me to go to Japan, and she thinks I will. I hope so.

Ayaka recently dyed some of her hair pink and right now it's a light brown but when she goes to Japan she said she will be job hunting and will have to change it back to black. One bad thing about Japan is how they are so strict with their appearance :/

Ayaka was asking me if I was going to dye my hair normal also. I told her only when I graduate, but if I study abroad I wouldn't. She doesn't want me to change my hair color, she told me I should try to say it's my natural hair color LOL.

I will probably just dye my hair a darker shade of red like burgundy or something. I don't think I will ever leave red, I've had it for years.

Anywho, so we just talked about Japan mostly, her going back, me possibly going. And got attacked by sprinklers LOL it was like something you'd see in a movie haha. We laughed for a good 10 minutes on how stupid we reacted haha.

I also found out that when I will be back home when she leaves back to Japan so I told her we need to meet up once more before she goes to Japan, I will drive out to Irvine to hang out with her. She wanted to cry when I told her this.

She doesn't leave until June but it's getting closer. Time is going by so fast.

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