Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Week.

Last week was such a fun week but little sleep, nonetheless it was great :]

Wednesday [4.10.13], was drinking at the Balcony at Diamond Jamboree (I had just gone here with Alex a week ago). I saw the same waiter there which was a guy with a full sleeve tattoo lol apparently my friend knew him and wanted to hook it up -.-" But I passed, too awkward O_O

Anyways, we met up with Avery, his wife, and other people from Fullerton. William ended up coming as well, and we got tipsy and just kicked it at Jenny's place.

We initially were going to go to the beach but Eric was too tired -.- but we still had fun at Jenny's :] I didn't get home till 6am D: but luckily class wasn't till 2pm the next day :]

☓ ☓ ☓

Thursday [4.11.13], me and my friend Brian were going to hang out, so I hung out with my friend Chris until my Brian finished his class.

We went to the pub and talked a bit, but since I don't like beer he asked if I wanted to go buy drinks and drink somewhere else. I was really down for that!

We ended up buying drinks and we both found out we liked going to the beach at night so we went. We went to my favorite beach, Laguna Beach :D also, cops never come at night Brian tried to explain why but I didn't really understand -.-

It was super windy that day so it was extra cold O__o lol but we drank a bit and watched the waves. It reminded me of the time with Yoshimi except this time the waves were much bigger and the wind was really strong. It wasn't as cold as how it was in December though.

Brian had gotten Bacardi Grape, which didn't taste too good. I had gotten Moscato wine, but we forgot to get a cork opener -______- so he tried to break the top of it but broke most of it LOL epic fail so I didn't really drink, my stomach was just not having that Bacardi.

Brian didn't believe that I would go into the water again like when I did with Yoshimi so I went in and made sure he came along also LOL. I swear guys are such babies when it comes to the cold he was whining about how cold it was like how Tony did (but Tony was worse LOL).

I honestly love being at the beach at night, I wish I had a car so I could go on my own. I need to go more often.

We stayed out for a while talking about random stuff, music, parents, Japan. Apparently Brian is planning on going to Japan with Taka again next summer /sigh so jealous~

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