Friday, April 5, 2013

I became friends with the postman & red hair.

I have been going to the post office quite a lot last quarter and this quarter (even though it just started) due to paperwork for studying abroad. It's quite a lot of work, and whenever I go to the post office the same postman would always help me.

We actually started talking when he commented on my hair asking if I knew it was red. To be honest, I think he always comments on my hair because he doesn't like lol. He is an old conservative looking man and would ask me why I don't have my natural hair, etc. lol but we eventually became friends as we always talk a bit about random things whenever he helps me now. Of course he still makes comments about my hair LOL

I always forget about how red my hair is, until someone points it out. I honestly didn't think it was so bright but I always get comments about it. Some good and some bad lol.

When I was at the orientation for study abroad a girl just starting talking to me saying how she loves my hair and it is her goal to get it my color and that she is trying henna hair dye. I told her thank you and was going to tell her how I did my hair but the orientation began.

In SD, Mikey was talking about how he liked my hair. I was surprised and saying most Asian guys don't like my hair because it not a normal color. He told me I have been talking to the wrong type of guys.

A week ago, I was walking back from the UCI health office when a lady yelled out to me she liked my hair and asked me how I did it.

A week before that, I was going to eat dinner with Alex and on my way to meeting him a guy and his friend were walking and one of them said he liked my hair, saying "it's definitely making a statement, and it's a good one." LOL so random, I just thanked him though.

And my friends always tell me how they like my hair is so red because they can always find me whenever they lose me LOL.

And people come up to me telling me I was in their class or they've seen me before and I'm like ehh O__o and they say it's because of my hair that they can recognize me lol.

I wouldn't even remember if my hair is red if it wasn't for stuff like this. Just like my tattoos and when I had my angel bites, they just become part of me and I forgot that I even had them.

I do get negative attention like girls staring at me and giving me weird looks (that happened the other day). Guys as well. Not to mention my mom always telling me how ugly I look with red hair lol.

And of course people compare me to the little mermaid -.- I've also been compared to Jean Grey from X-Men, that was pretty cool haha.

I love my red hair though, I've had it for a long time and am going to continue to keep it for as long as I can :] I actually wanted to dye it more of a bright burgundy but that would be hard to maintain if I do end up going to Japan.

So I'll stick with this shade of red for a good while :D

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