Monday, April 22, 2013

Clubbing & Suicide Hill.

Last Thursday [4.18.13] me and Ayaka went clubbing with Clarise. I forget how much I don't like clubbing unless I have some alcohol in my system. I'm very shy so I don't like to dance or anything (hence why I avoid clubs) so I just drink to get a little buzzed and give less of a fuck~ then clubbing isn't so bad haha.

I was so happy to go clubbing with Clarise but she didn't drink this time because she was the DD T__T she was trying to make a point to this guy due to something that happened at the last clubbing event.

Anywho, we weren't able to pre game so I just bought some drinks at the bar. A guy was nice enough to buy me a shot that I wanted, $14 for a shot of Ciroc T___T luckily they were like double shots, but still so expensive!

After that, I was good to go dancing with Ayaka and Clarise lol. It was pretty fun :]

There was also a dance competion going on (like the ones you see on America's Best Dance Crew), it was against UCLA, USC, UCR, and UCI.

Apparently, UCI had won this dance competition for the past 11 years straight so we wanted to continue to win. And we did :D 12 years in a row now! Nothing less from the schools that housed Kaba Modern and Quest Crew members <3 But, UCLA's routine was pretty awesome I liked theirs a lot as well :]

After clubbing, Clarise had slept over at my place. We talked about a lot of things, and I got to know a lot more about her. And I love her even more now. She is so non-judgmental and so chill, I definitely want to hang out with her one on one and just talk again.

☓ ☓ ☓

Friday [4.19.13], I hung out with my friend Eric. He had just gotten off of work and wanted to do something so we went to Tokyo Table to eat. I had gone their with Alex, their sushi rolls are pretty good, and their sashimi *__* 

We got sushi and some fried noodles. I ended up running into Koji, he dyed his hair blonde so I almost didn't recognize him O__o 

Anywho, the main reason why we went to Tokyo Table was to get dessert *__* Me, Jenny, Ayaka, and Will were suppose to go here last time after we finished drinking to get this dessert but they had closed already :[

I had my first Honey Toast and omg it was delicious, probably one of my favorite desserts now.

I also had my first mojito ^-^ Eric gave me crap for being Hispanic and not knowing what it was -.- it was good though, pretty interesting tasting haha.

After that, he ended up taking me to Suicide Hill. Not smart to hike in the dark -__- It wasn't too bad, just a lot of rocks so I was paranoid about slipping. Especially going down, after drinking a bottle of wine O__o

The view was pretty awesome, similar to the LA night view. I wanted to take a picture but I didn't think it would show. I regret not trying though. Next time I go, I'll take a picture. 

Me and Eric were having a heart to heart lol, as he smoked his cigarettes and I drank my Moscato...talking about what we want out of life.

To be honest, I don't know what I want. I just know I want something different from what I have now. I'm never satisfied with my life. 

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