Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Hang Out with Shotaro

Yesterday was the last day I would be able to see Shotaro before he left to Japan. He had just came back from his road trip last week and was getting ready to leave so he asked me when I was free.

We were originally going to go karaoke with Jenny, Alex, Ayaka, me and him like last time, but Alex was busy working and Jenny was busy typing a paper and Ayaka also said she couldn't go O__O

Shotaro told me he would try to think of something and get back to me. He ended up hitting me up later telling me he was still planning to go karaoke with his friend Naoya even if it was just the two of them and asked if I wanted to come. I decided to come along since this was the last time I would see him.

They ended up picking me up around 9pm and Ayaka ended up saying she could come last minute :D She was running a bit late as usual so we waited in the car for a bit. We saw a girl walking and Naoya said, "Ah! Ayaka?" and Shotaro replied "ちがう" I asked Naoya if he knew how Ayaka looked like and he replied "no" haha we just started laughing.

Anywho, after a while Ayaka came. We went to Albertsons to buy drinks. Me and Ayaka bought wine~ haha I think that's one thing I love to drink now. Shotaro and Naoya ended up getting beer and Grey Goose O__O me and Ayaka thought "ah so expensive!" (or maybe we're just broke lol).

We ended up going to the usual place, Elvis! Me and Ayaka drank the bottle of wine in the car so by the time we were actually going to karaoke we felt the alcohol a bit ^^

Shotaro sang first since he is the best lol. Then Ayaka and Naoya. I had to drink more to be able to sing lol I get too embarrassed D: But obviously since everyone else sang I had to -__-

Naoya made a big deal about my voice omg lol. I sang Mariah Carey's Don't Forget About Us and he was acting like he had chills haha I laugh thinking about it now lol. I was happy to sing songs that they knew though because they also would sing along :]

When Naoya has a bit too much too drink he starts facing the wall and dancing during music breaks O__o haha

Naoya ended up singing Anarchy in the U.K. by the Sex Pistols :D I was so happy and he was pretty good at singing it! He is the first person I've met here who actually listen to the Sex Pistols.

Actually, when we had gone into the karaoke place they were playing "My Way" sung by Elvis. I asked Ayaka if she knew this song and she said she didn't. And I asked her if she knew the Sex Pistols and she didn't know. Naoya ended up saying, "Sid Vicious" and I was like "wtff you know the Sex Pistols" and that's where we bonded over awesome punk music haha.

Anyways, back to karaoke! Ayaka sang cute Japanese songs and Naoya and Shotaro made weird dance moves along with it lol. Shotaro sang a lot of good songs and Naoya got into them also.

Naoya kept taking pictures of everyone and tried to take pictures of me singing but I got embarrassed again -.- he even started recording me when I was singing "Clumsy" and got sad when I took away his phone LOL

By this time we drank a bit...lol. They were clearly tipsy haha. Me and Ayaka also sang Miss You by M-flo <3 So much fun :D

Shotaro ended up singing the last song before our time was up. He got a bit teary eyed as he sang saying he was sad because this would be his last time singing in America.

We ended up having to take Ayaka back because she had to get up at 7am O___O I would've died lol. Naoya wanted to finish the Grey Goose and asked Shotaro if we could go to his place. Shotaro said it would probably bother his roommates so we decided to go to my place since my roommates are pretty chill.

They ended up smoking a bit first and asking me if I was going to Japan. I always say maybe. I don't know because my grades can mess up my chances of going and lately I have been extremely lazy and not wanting to try. But after hanging out with my Japanese friends again I realized just how much I want to go and how important my grades are for going to Japan. Hopefully I can make this happen.

Shotaro said since he lives in Chiba we will be able to hang out easily. Both him and Naoya were cheering me on to try my hardest to go to Japan.

Anywho, after the smoke we ended up going to my place to finish the Grey Goose. We ended up playing じゃんけんぽん and the "pin pon" game Shotaro showed us at Yuzo's place way back when.

Before shot

After shot LOL

Naoya laughing at Shotaro's pain haha

Of course whoever lost had to take a shot. Naoya was really good at じゃんけんぽん, Shotaro kept losing and had to take lots of shots lol. I sucked at the "pin pon" game D: I suck even sober so I kept having to take shots when we played that lol.

Eventually we finished the Grey Goose and Shotaro and Naoya had to leave since they were going to LA early tomorrow.

Naoya was staying in Florida during his stay in America so they were planning on going to see the Santa Monica pier and sell his car and everything before going back to Japan.

So we said goodbye and I told them that I would try my hardest to go to Japan. And after that I knocked out! LOL so tired.

Woke up this morning to a lovely little headache and ended up drinking lots of water and having drunk munchies D: luckily I went with Jenny yesterday to 85 and got some bread! So good<3 

Now off to my nihongo class and then to type my research paper T____T

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lately, I've been extremely bored with life. I don't know what I want from it.

I'm going back to feeling detached from everything and everyone.

As stupid as it sounds, at times like these getting a body mod makes me feel better. 

I would get a piercing but they tend not to make me feel as better as a tattoo because they just pierce the needle through and it's over. Obviously tattoos take longer.

I realized that after writing this down it sounds kinda unhealthy (my little sister told me this also). Oh well, it's just how I feel.

I can't get any more tattoos because of my parents. Education is more important to me, but it sucks that I can't express myself.

Oh well, until then I have music.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Clubbing & Suicide Hill.

Last Thursday [4.18.13] me and Ayaka went clubbing with Clarise. I forget how much I don't like clubbing unless I have some alcohol in my system. I'm very shy so I don't like to dance or anything (hence why I avoid clubs) so I just drink to get a little buzzed and give less of a fuck~ then clubbing isn't so bad haha.

I was so happy to go clubbing with Clarise but she didn't drink this time because she was the DD T__T she was trying to make a point to this guy due to something that happened at the last clubbing event.

Anywho, we weren't able to pre game so I just bought some drinks at the bar. A guy was nice enough to buy me a shot that I wanted, $14 for a shot of Ciroc T___T luckily they were like double shots, but still so expensive!

After that, I was good to go dancing with Ayaka and Clarise lol. It was pretty fun :]

There was also a dance competion going on (like the ones you see on America's Best Dance Crew), it was against UCLA, USC, UCR, and UCI.

Apparently, UCI had won this dance competition for the past 11 years straight so we wanted to continue to win. And we did :D 12 years in a row now! Nothing less from the schools that housed Kaba Modern and Quest Crew members <3 But, UCLA's routine was pretty awesome I liked theirs a lot as well :]

After clubbing, Clarise had slept over at my place. We talked about a lot of things, and I got to know a lot more about her. And I love her even more now. She is so non-judgmental and so chill, I definitely want to hang out with her one on one and just talk again.

☓ ☓ ☓

Friday [4.19.13], I hung out with my friend Eric. He had just gotten off of work and wanted to do something so we went to Tokyo Table to eat. I had gone their with Alex, their sushi rolls are pretty good, and their sashimi *__* 

We got sushi and some fried noodles. I ended up running into Koji, he dyed his hair blonde so I almost didn't recognize him O__o 

Anywho, the main reason why we went to Tokyo Table was to get dessert *__* Me, Jenny, Ayaka, and Will were suppose to go here last time after we finished drinking to get this dessert but they had closed already :[

I had my first Honey Toast and omg it was delicious, probably one of my favorite desserts now.

I also had my first mojito ^-^ Eric gave me crap for being Hispanic and not knowing what it was -.- it was good though, pretty interesting tasting haha.

After that, he ended up taking me to Suicide Hill. Not smart to hike in the dark -__- It wasn't too bad, just a lot of rocks so I was paranoid about slipping. Especially going down, after drinking a bottle of wine O__o

The view was pretty awesome, similar to the LA night view. I wanted to take a picture but I didn't think it would show. I regret not trying though. Next time I go, I'll take a picture. 

Me and Eric were having a heart to heart lol, as he smoked his cigarettes and I drank my Moscato...talking about what we want out of life.

To be honest, I don't know what I want. I just know I want something different from what I have now. I'm never satisfied with my life. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Night Run with Ayaka.

Last night I went out on a run with Ayaka, and it was quite relaxing. I always forget how much I love walking at night. We walked to campus and ran 5 laps around the park at school.

We talked about her soon going to Japan. She says she doesn't want to leave America. I don't want her to go either, I'll miss her too much. She keeps saying how she wants me to go to Japan, and she thinks I will. I hope so.

Ayaka recently dyed some of her hair pink and right now it's a light brown but when she goes to Japan she said she will be job hunting and will have to change it back to black. One bad thing about Japan is how they are so strict with their appearance :/

Ayaka was asking me if I was going to dye my hair normal also. I told her only when I graduate, but if I study abroad I wouldn't. She doesn't want me to change my hair color, she told me I should try to say it's my natural hair color LOL.

I will probably just dye my hair a darker shade of red like burgundy or something. I don't think I will ever leave red, I've had it for years.

Anywho, so we just talked about Japan mostly, her going back, me possibly going. And got attacked by sprinklers LOL it was like something you'd see in a movie haha. We laughed for a good 10 minutes on how stupid we reacted haha.

I also found out that when I will be back home when she leaves back to Japan so I told her we need to meet up once more before she goes to Japan, I will drive out to Irvine to hang out with her. She wanted to cry when I told her this.

She doesn't leave until June but it's getting closer. Time is going by so fast.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Week.

Last week was such a fun week but little sleep, nonetheless it was great :]

Wednesday [4.10.13], was drinking at the Balcony at Diamond Jamboree (I had just gone here with Alex a week ago). I saw the same waiter there which was a guy with a full sleeve tattoo lol apparently my friend knew him and wanted to hook it up -.-" But I passed, too awkward O_O

Anyways, we met up with Avery, his wife, and other people from Fullerton. William ended up coming as well, and we got tipsy and just kicked it at Jenny's place.

We initially were going to go to the beach but Eric was too tired -.- but we still had fun at Jenny's :] I didn't get home till 6am D: but luckily class wasn't till 2pm the next day :]

☓ ☓ ☓

Thursday [4.11.13], me and my friend Brian were going to hang out, so I hung out with my friend Chris until my Brian finished his class.

We went to the pub and talked a bit, but since I don't like beer he asked if I wanted to go buy drinks and drink somewhere else. I was really down for that!

We ended up buying drinks and we both found out we liked going to the beach at night so we went. We went to my favorite beach, Laguna Beach :D also, cops never come at night Brian tried to explain why but I didn't really understand -.-

It was super windy that day so it was extra cold O__o lol but we drank a bit and watched the waves. It reminded me of the time with Yoshimi except this time the waves were much bigger and the wind was really strong. It wasn't as cold as how it was in December though.

Brian had gotten Bacardi Grape, which didn't taste too good. I had gotten Moscato wine, but we forgot to get a cork opener -______- so he tried to break the top of it but broke most of it LOL epic fail so I didn't really drink, my stomach was just not having that Bacardi.

Brian didn't believe that I would go into the water again like when I did with Yoshimi so I went in and made sure he came along also LOL. I swear guys are such babies when it comes to the cold he was whining about how cold it was like how Tony did (but Tony was worse LOL).

I honestly love being at the beach at night, I wish I had a car so I could go on my own. I need to go more often.

We stayed out for a while talking about random stuff, music, parents, Japan. Apparently Brian is planning on going to Japan with Taka again next summer /sigh so jealous~

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Out in Fullerton

Jenny invited me and Ayaka to go to a party out in Fullerton that her friend was throwing so we decided to go.

It was actually pretty awkward since we didn't know anyone we were nervous to go into the house. We were standing outside the house for at least 5 minutes trying to figure out where was the doorbell, should we knock, who wanted to ring it, etc. LOL We are so damn awkward.

After a while, we were were being so loud freaking out about what we should do that the mom of Will (the person throwing the party) let us in after hearing us outside -___- so embarrassing LOL but it was also because it was so quiet for a party O__o we found out, it was in the back LOL

It was still pretty early when we got there, 10pm. There was no one we knew and no cute guys :[ lol we were just standing there like .__. 

Eric, Avery, and Will

Jenny wanted to take photos before we got "messed up" but I wasn't thinking we would drink a lot since the party seemed kinda boring. We still took photos though, Jenny and Ayaka looked so cute OMG<3 love them lol.

We ended up meeting Jenny's friends Will and Eric, they were both psych majors and Jenny had classes with them. We also met the guy who the going away party was for, his name was Avery. He was actually really cool. Apparently he likes jrock and kpop. He also spoke Japanese and was able to talk to Ayaka!

We always meet people that have something to do with Japan da fuq LOL.

We chatted with them for a bit, and though more people were coming it was still pretty boring :[ A groupe of other girls that Jenny knew were also bored there as well so Eric offered to take us to DTF (not down to fuck LOL) Downtown Fullerton! Apparently that's what they call it.

Downtown Fullerton is really well-known for people going to the bars. My older sister was considering going there for her bachelorette party. Anyways, we went there but it wasn't really our cup of tea...

For one, there were no cute guys D:  only creepers straight up. Trying to grab onto us (one grabbed onto Jenny) and calling out to us all creepy like. We did not enjoy it. 

Two, the girls looked and acted like bitches. They gave the typical dirty looks, I'm better attitude kinda thing. Ugh so annoying -.-

And the places we went were so packed D: barely able to move. Me, Jennny, and Ayaka were not too fond of that but the other group of girls we went with were. So we kinda wanted different things :/

Jenny, me and Ayaka were really hungry and ended up looking for food. We were craving tacos LOL. And when we found them, we were so happy. THEY WERE SO GOOD OMG. Or maybe it was because we had already been drinking...lol I think it was both :]

Anywho, we pretty much left after the meal. We ended up just sleeping over since Jenny was not sober enough to drive back to Irvine. 

Will and Eric making our delicious breakfast<3

The next morning we woke up and just talked about last night. The boys made us breakfast :D <3 omelettes *__* lol We watched Courage the Cowardly Dog and How I Met Your Mother. 

We actually stayed pretty late, till like 12 or 1pm and then we left back to Irvine. 

We were planning on going out later on again tonight but the tiredness kicked in and I just wanted to knock out and so did Jenny. Plus, the mountain of hw waiting for both of us :[

/sigh gotta love school~ now to spend the rest of the weekend procrastinating on my readings.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I became friends with the postman & red hair.

I have been going to the post office quite a lot last quarter and this quarter (even though it just started) due to paperwork for studying abroad. It's quite a lot of work, and whenever I go to the post office the same postman would always help me.

We actually started talking when he commented on my hair asking if I knew it was red. To be honest, I think he always comments on my hair because he doesn't like lol. He is an old conservative looking man and would ask me why I don't have my natural hair, etc. lol but we eventually became friends as we always talk a bit about random things whenever he helps me now. Of course he still makes comments about my hair LOL

I always forget about how red my hair is, until someone points it out. I honestly didn't think it was so bright but I always get comments about it. Some good and some bad lol.

When I was at the orientation for study abroad a girl just starting talking to me saying how she loves my hair and it is her goal to get it my color and that she is trying henna hair dye. I told her thank you and was going to tell her how I did my hair but the orientation began.

In SD, Mikey was talking about how he liked my hair. I was surprised and saying most Asian guys don't like my hair because it not a normal color. He told me I have been talking to the wrong type of guys.

A week ago, I was walking back from the UCI health office when a lady yelled out to me she liked my hair and asked me how I did it.

A week before that, I was going to eat dinner with Alex and on my way to meeting him a guy and his friend were walking and one of them said he liked my hair, saying "it's definitely making a statement, and it's a good one." LOL so random, I just thanked him though.

And my friends always tell me how they like my hair is so red because they can always find me whenever they lose me LOL.

And people come up to me telling me I was in their class or they've seen me before and I'm like ehh O__o and they say it's because of my hair that they can recognize me lol.

I wouldn't even remember if my hair is red if it wasn't for stuff like this. Just like my tattoos and when I had my angel bites, they just become part of me and I forgot that I even had them.

I do get negative attention like girls staring at me and giving me weird looks (that happened the other day). Guys as well. Not to mention my mom always telling me how ugly I look with red hair lol.

And of course people compare me to the little mermaid -.- I've also been compared to Jean Grey from X-Men, that was pretty cool haha.

I love my red hair though, I've had it for a long time and am going to continue to keep it for as long as I can :] I actually wanted to dye it more of a bright burgundy but that would be hard to maintain if I do end up going to Japan.

So I'll stick with this shade of red for a good while :D