Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yoshiki's Farewell Dinner

Yesterday was Yoshiki's farewell dinner, I wasn't too sad though because I will most likely be seeing him this Friday at JSA's EQP party. 

Yoshiki was actually going to stay in the U.S. and go to community college but he thought about it more and it would be better to just graduate from his uni than start college over in the U.S. I thought this was smart of him, because Yuzo also went back to Japan to work. It takes a lot of work to start over here.

Anyways, Yoshiki, Tony, Chris, Clarise, Shotaro, Ayaka, and Mitchell were all at the dinner. Jenny and Kim couldn't come because they still had finals they had to do :[ we ended up going to Gyu-kaku :D I haven't been there in a while~ 

We were going to go to a Korean BBQ but I could tell that Yoshiki wanted Japanese. We weren't going to go to Tsuruhashi after the $300 bill TT-TT lol dem Japanese and their money D:

Since it was during happy hour it was really cheap! Ayaka, Shotaro, Yoshiki, and Clarise ordered a lot O__o I got my usual, but got two Fuzzy Navels so it was a bit more than usual~

Most of the time we talked about nonsense and took pictures. 

We were really casual about Yoshiki leaving for some reason. I think it's because we know we'll see him again for sure. I have these two graduation certificates of his that I keep forgetting to give him and he said to just keep it until I go to Japan and I can just give it to him then.

At the end of the dinner, we pretended it was Yoshiki's birthday. Yoshiki couldn't help but laugh since his birthday is all the way in September LOL 

After dinner, we ended up going to karaoke at Elvis~ We sang for 2 hours, lots of English and Japanese. It was so much fun ^-^

We finished around 2am, and Tony had to hurry home so we told him he could just drop us off on campus. Chris and Clarise wanted something from Starbucks anyways since it is open 24-7 during finals week.

So, we got Starbucks and walked home :3 

I am still unsure about going to the EQP party (been so lazy lately), but since it's the last time I will see everyone I feel that I should. I'm leaning towards going since Clarise wants to go and I haven't partied with her before >3< 

We'll see :3

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