Wednesday, March 27, 2013

End of the Quarter Party~

I'm on spring break finally but I have been horribly sick. Chills, sore all over, headache, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose...lovely~

Ayaka ended up passing her sickness to me :[ oh well~ It sucks its during spring break but better than it being during the beginning of the quarter O__o

I am back home for the time being, only a week :[ I feel like it's definitely not enough of a break, especially since this last quarter was so freakin' stressful! /sigh can't do anything about it though.

Taka, Tomoko, and Rika 

JSA had their end of the quarter party and it kinda sucked :/ it was stopped at 12am because Tomoko got 2 warnings already about noise complaints.

Some of the JSA members stayed at Tomoko's place and just didn't drink. Others went to other parties, and some came to my place to chill with hookah and alcohol. It wasn't too bad but it still sucked that it was cancelled so quickly, especially since it took us an hour to find parking D:

But it wasn't as bad as the people who came from Las Vegas to this party D: omfg I felt really bad for them :/

Me and Jenny <3

Stupid faces :3
Ayaka, me, Clarise, and Jenny :D

We were literally there for an hour when we had to leave lol but we still managed to take the classic bathroom pics xD we dragged Shotaro into the bathroom to be our cameraman xD

We originally wanted to take pictures with Yoshiki since he was leaving to Japan, but he got there when the party ended :[

I still had fun at my place though. Clarise is my kpop buddy and fellow VIP/Blackjack so we sang out hearts out to 2NE1's Can't Nobody and danced all stupidly due to amount of alcohol consumed<3

We ended up meeting Brian and Taka's friend Maro. But he was kinda a perv -.- lol won't go into that though lol he was just really drunk lol...

But, that pretty much sums up the EQP. Just more of a chill thing than the usual crazy party.

Spring break is half way over TT-TT Lots of stuff I want to do before I school starts again :[ more just relaxing and catching up with friends than anything /le sigh

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