Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Weekend with Tia.

I came back to Irvine on Saturday afternoon, and in the evening I left with my darling Tia to go spend the rest of my spring break with her.

Even though I am still pretty sick we hung out since this was the only time our free time coincided. Plus, Tia was also sick. But not as sick as me, and I was worried I'd give her what I had D:

Anyways, we did the usual, Diamond Jamboree and Irvine Spectrum. We dressed up very girly for our spring session of purikura :3 it appears that my hair gets brighter and brighter in each purikura we take -.-

After we took purikura we decided to eat. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and she hadn't eaten all day O__O I was craving ramen for a while so we went to Ajisen and we also got shaved ice with jelly and mochi. So good *__*

After food, we went to the spectrum. We did some shopping, got a dress, shirt, and a necklace. Tia got shoes, and some clothes as well.

Soon after her mom picked us up and took us to her house. I was pretty excited to see Tia's house, since I hadn't been there before. While driving, I could tell the area was really nice and then we drove into an even nicer gated community O__O

Surely enough, the house was gorgeous lol. We went to her room and changed into comfy clothes and watched Hitsudan Hostess. It was a good movie :] We stayed up a bit and talked, did random things and soon went to bed.

Unfortunuately, I didn't get much sleep :[ I kept coughing the whole night and completely forgot to bring my Nyquil D: yeah, that sucked. I was also worried I didn't let Tia sleep but she said that she is a heavy sleeper so she didn't hear anything. よかった〜

The view from Tia's room :o
You could also see the ocean!! But it was cloudy gloomy in that direction

The next morning we woke made breakfast, omlettes :D so good~ Tia then wanted to do a photoshoot with me -_____- I told her I didn't want to since I was so tired/sick but she didn't listen and we did the shoot lol.

It was actually fun though, I guess that studio shoot scarred me haha but I was happy to do it with Tia :] It was not stressful at all. Maybe I am just comfortable with girl photographers more, and even more so when they are friends lol.

Two sick girls bumming it lol
I am wearing shorts, the sweater is just too big lol

Anywho, after that we bummed it one last time, and ate some delicious food that her aunt/parents made :D I was super happy and we watched Memoirs of a Geisha <3 love that movie, even if people give crap about it having a bunch of Chinese actresses.

After the movie it was already 8pm so it was time for me to go home, starting school tomorrow :[

I was happy to spend some time with Tia <3 Stress reliever  But I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow, I feel like I have not recovered from last quarter at all. Maybe my sickness isn't helping me /sigh

I also wanted more time with my family :[ ughhh. One week definitely isn't a long enough break. I also didn't do as good as I wanted this quarter. My GPA dropped so much :[ still over a 3.0 but I want to go back to at least over a 3.5 D: Only bad thing, is it's easy to drop your GPA but hard to bring it up again /le sigh

Okay, done complaining. Need to be positive lol.

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