Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My San Diego Trip Before Finals

Last Saturday I went to San Diego with some of my good friends, Jenny, Alex, Ayaka, and Shotaro. We planned this trip a while ago since our Vegas plans fell through we decided to do something that required less work but was still fun. That's when Alex suggested San Diego.

I've only been to SD once when I was little so I was looking forward to actually get to experience a bit more. Alex loves going to San Diego so he planned some things out for us.

Hodad's in SD
I love downtown San Diego<3

We left around 12pm and got there around 2:30pm where we met up with Mikey, Kevin, and Rocky. We ate at this well known burger joint called Hondad's. It was pretty good, I just got a mini bacon cheeseburger which filled me up.

Jenny went to the bathroom and told me it was really cool with all this graffiti on the walls. I love graffiti so I went in afterwards to take pictures haha.

Extraordinary Desserts<3
Alex with his lil' latte~ lol

After Hodad's we went to get dessert at this place called Extraordinary Desserts. It is specifically only desserts and drinks like lattes and stuff like that. I am not a big fan of cake, but I love pudding~ so I ordered a creme brûlée which was so delicous~

We played musical desserts as we all let every one have a piece of what we got. Everyone really liked mine, especially Ayaka and Shotaro. Japanese people love pudding~ lol. After trying everyone else's dessert I was happy I got the creme brûlée  the others were good, but I wouldn't have been happy to pay $7 for it.

Hotel bathroom pics~
My two favorite girls >3<

After that, we decided to go to the hotel and get ready for clubbing. It was kinda of early, 6ish, but when it comes to curling my hair, it takes a while since it's so long and has lots of layers D:

So me and Jenny got ready :] I wore this pretty dress I got from Bebe<3 so expensive but worth it. Forever my clubbing outfit haha. It's a simple black dress with lace sleeves<3 I fell in love when I saw it online and went and bought it in person.

We were drinking at the hotel because the alcohol in the club would of course be pricey. I didn't get to drink a lot, maybe 3 or 4 shots. I barely got buzzed though -.- (I was busy with my hair and swore I wouldn't drink more than 4 regardless of how much I was not feeling the alcohol after last time lol). Jenny managed to get pretty drunk LOL she was so cute!

Actually, everyone was pretty fucked up, except for me and Ayaka I think. Ayaka was sleeping when people were taking shots because she was in LA the day before and only got 2 hours of sleep.

Anywho, after the drinking we left to a lounge/bar. The bouncer was giving me a hard time saying that I didn't look like the person in my ID -__- I was annoyed because I didn't have a purse so I left my stuff in the hotel. Jenny was pissed, but Mikey was kind enough to walk me back to the hotel to get a credit card with my name on it.

Apparently after I left Jenny was starting shit with the bouncer. She showed him her ID and when he said she could go in she replied, "are you sure it doesn't look like me???" all pissed the bouncer was getting angry at her and Alex told her to shut up and go in lol. I love Jenny she is so cute omg >3<

Anyways, me and Mikey got my stuff and we ended up taking a cab back. It must be nice to have money...I always forget that Alex and his friends are older. Mikey is actually 5 years older which is so crazy because he has such a baby face O__O

Anywho, we got back to lounge/bar and it was a different bouncer...and this time I didn't have trouble getting in. Me and Mikey were like wtf...the other fool was just an ass. Anywho, the place was pretty cool, kinda hipstery. I just like the music they played, Passion Pit<3 Jenny was really happy to see me and was still angry about the bouncer LOL.

After that place we ended up going to a club. It was alright, the music they were playing was mostly rap and hiphop. All the guys enjoyed it but me and Jenny were like -___-" "we don't know these songs" lol. We still had fun though :D <3 It was lots of fun~

Bathroom pic at the club~
Me and Ayaka <3

We did the typical, go into the bathroom and take pics, danced, drank some more, etc etc. We were suppose to go to another club but everyone was too fucked up to go lol. I felt like I definitely wasn't at their level of alcohol consumption haha.

It was fun, but to be honest...the main reason why I had so much fun was because I got to finally dress up and be with my friends. I miss putting on lashes, lenses, curling my hair, and wearing a nice dress. I love getting done up <33 And it was nice to get done up with Jenny because she also wears lenses and lashes and stuff :3

Oh, and it was pretty entertaining because Kevin and Rocky ended up leaving Mikey stranded in SD haha. Long story~ lol

Now back to school T-T Finals are already coming next week...I am super stressed, anxious, lack motivation, and am always tired. Not good signs. SD was fun but it was a temporary relief.

I hope next quarter won't be so difficult.

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