Friday, March 15, 2013

Bars are a good place to meet people.

Yesterday I went to Proof again.

After JSA, me and Ayaka were going to UTC to watch a movie. They were still playing Les Miserables and we really wanted to watch it so we decided to watch it and then go back to our apartments to sleep due to the lack of it because of finals.

I had finished my Chinese literature paper and my Japanese junior/senior seminar final so I thought I wanted to relax a bit since I had been so stressed.

On our way there, we ran into Taka sitting on a bench. We asked him what he was doing and he said わかんない (I don't know). We thought wtf lol. He explained to us how he was going to go to Proof but this plans fell through and asked if we wanted to go. At JSA, we were just talking about how we wanted to go after finals so we decided to go along with Taka.

He asked if anyone else wanted to go but Jenny was busy studying for a presentation and so was Shotaro. Alex had to work early the next morning so he couldn't go either. So me, Taka, and Ayaka just went. I went home to change first though, I was not going to bum it like last time lol.

I really, really love downtown Santa Ana. I say this all the time, but it reminds me of downtown Pomona and has so many art exhibitions. I love the vibe it gives off, I just love old towns in general. We decided to walk down this tree lit path. I love lights >< Taka said I should go to Japan because it looks way better, if only.

When we were walking down the path we ended up running into some friends of Taka. They are all muscians of some sort. Taka talked with them for a bit to catch up and they decided to jam for a bit.

Taka played the guitar and his friends sang. They were already a bit drunk at this point, and Taka said they sound much better sober but I really liked the guy's voice regardless. Even though you could tell it was a bit rough, it reminded me of Masato's voice from Coldrain. Taka told me that their band actually is a similar style to Coldrain so I am definitely going to check them out.

After they jammed for a bit, we parted ways and went to Proof. Proof was pretty dead, but we were there around 10pm so it was early. We just chilled inside since it was a bit cold out.

Eventually people started to come and we met these two girls. We started talking to them because Ayaka wanted to know what drink they were having so we could get one. It was a Tom something or but it was really good.

We found out that they go to OCC and one of the girls is trying to transfer to UCI. The other girl was born in Guam and raised in Hawaii so she was exposed to Japanese a lot and recently went to Nagoya. Again, it's funny how we always encounter people who have something to do with Japan. They were really cool, I really enjoyed talking to them.

Eventually, their friends that they were waiting for came. They were these 3 guys and they were pretty cute haha.  One of them had half sleeves on each arm, ughh tatts<3 lol. The other was a cute Korean guy who was stretching his ears, ughh body mods<3 haha We ended up getting introduced and talked to them as well.

By this time the bar was super crowded! And it was mostly filled with guys O__o me and Ayaka didn't notice until Taka pointed it out saying it was a 7 to 1 ratio LOL there were a lot of Asian guys this time in the bar (and they were pretty cute but you could tell they were assholes -.-). Last time there were mostly only Hispanics (but there were still a lot of Hispanics this time as well).

But anywho some guys were starting to hit on Ayaka and a guy started talking to me asking me if I came here with someone. I wasn't interested so I quickly told him yes and said that I came with Alex (the guy with the tatts) and he asked if he was my boyfriend and I told him yeah. He was really cool about it though, he apologized to Alex saying he didn't know and stuff. Alex went along with it and was also being good about it.

After that, me and Alex started talking some more. We were trying to guess out ethnicities he guessed I was a mix of Mexican and something else lol. I thought he was Vietnamese or Filipino but he was actually Korean. I was pretty surprised, I think it's because he is so tan lol. It's always fun trying to guess other people's ethnicities :3 haha

Crystal was Taiwanese and Danielle was some islander I don't remember the name >< but it was interesting! They thought I was some kind of Spanish and they could tell Ayaka was Japanese. I'm not sure what they guess about Taka though. I think they also guess Japanese. The other guy Erin was Korean, and the other friend (didn't catch his name) was probably filipino but I don't know lol I was fooled by Alex's tan so I don't want to assume with him also haha.

The amazing picture that Alex took of Ayaka LOL

Anywho, so we actually kicked it off with the people we met and spent the whole night with them. It was apparently's Alex's 23rd birthday so that was why they were all out tonight. We ended up going to another bar and then they asked us if we wanted to do hookah.

I've never done hookah but decided why not. Ayaka loves hookah so she really wanted to go lol. Taka wanted to chill more at Proof though, he said we could go. I felt bad and didn't want to leave him but he assured us that he would be fine so me and Ayaka went to the hookah bar with Crystal and Danielle.

We went to the hookah bar and we got melon flavor and other ones. It smelled good~ and hookah was chill and all but I didn't really get why people like it so much -.- oh well~

We had lots of fun, and Crystal ended up taking me and Ayaka home since she lives in New Port. We exchanged contact information with everyone and decided we will hang again.

We came back so late though, 4am D: I'm just like -_____- I wanted to sleep early due to the lack of sleep and I end up doing this...? Epic fail, lol. But I really had fun and needed the stress reliever.

I am going to be studying my ass off the rest of the weekend. Two more days until I am done with this quarter! :D I am highly motivated since it's so close.

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