Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Weekend with Tia.

I came back to Irvine on Saturday afternoon, and in the evening I left with my darling Tia to go spend the rest of my spring break with her.

Even though I am still pretty sick we hung out since this was the only time our free time coincided. Plus, Tia was also sick. But not as sick as me, and I was worried I'd give her what I had D:

Anyways, we did the usual, Diamond Jamboree and Irvine Spectrum. We dressed up very girly for our spring session of purikura :3 it appears that my hair gets brighter and brighter in each purikura we take -.-

After we took purikura we decided to eat. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and she hadn't eaten all day O__O I was craving ramen for a while so we went to Ajisen and we also got shaved ice with jelly and mochi. So good *__*

After food, we went to the spectrum. We did some shopping, got a dress, shirt, and a necklace. Tia got shoes, and some clothes as well.

Soon after her mom picked us up and took us to her house. I was pretty excited to see Tia's house, since I hadn't been there before. While driving, I could tell the area was really nice and then we drove into an even nicer gated community O__O

Surely enough, the house was gorgeous lol. We went to her room and changed into comfy clothes and watched Hitsudan Hostess. It was a good movie :] We stayed up a bit and talked, did random things and soon went to bed.

Unfortunuately, I didn't get much sleep :[ I kept coughing the whole night and completely forgot to bring my Nyquil D: yeah, that sucked. I was also worried I didn't let Tia sleep but she said that she is a heavy sleeper so she didn't hear anything. よかった〜

The view from Tia's room :o
You could also see the ocean!! But it was cloudy gloomy in that direction

The next morning we woke made breakfast, omlettes :D so good~ Tia then wanted to do a photoshoot with me -_____- I told her I didn't want to since I was so tired/sick but she didn't listen and we did the shoot lol.

It was actually fun though, I guess that studio shoot scarred me haha but I was happy to do it with Tia :] It was not stressful at all. Maybe I am just comfortable with girl photographers more, and even more so when they are friends lol.

Two sick girls bumming it lol
I am wearing shorts, the sweater is just too big lol

Anywho, after that we bummed it one last time, and ate some delicious food that her aunt/parents made :D I was super happy and we watched Memoirs of a Geisha <3 love that movie, even if people give crap about it having a bunch of Chinese actresses.

After the movie it was already 8pm so it was time for me to go home, starting school tomorrow :[

I was happy to spend some time with Tia <3 Stress reliever  But I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow, I feel like I have not recovered from last quarter at all. Maybe my sickness isn't helping me /sigh

I also wanted more time with my family :[ ughhh. One week definitely isn't a long enough break. I also didn't do as good as I wanted this quarter. My GPA dropped so much :[ still over a 3.0 but I want to go back to at least over a 3.5 D: Only bad thing, is it's easy to drop your GPA but hard to bring it up again /le sigh

Okay, done complaining. Need to be positive lol.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

End of the Quarter Party~

I'm on spring break finally but I have been horribly sick. Chills, sore all over, headache, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose...lovely~

Ayaka ended up passing her sickness to me :[ oh well~ It sucks its during spring break but better than it being during the beginning of the quarter O__o

I am back home for the time being, only a week :[ I feel like it's definitely not enough of a break, especially since this last quarter was so freakin' stressful! /sigh can't do anything about it though.

Taka, Tomoko, and Rika 

JSA had their end of the quarter party and it kinda sucked :/ it was stopped at 12am because Tomoko got 2 warnings already about noise complaints.

Some of the JSA members stayed at Tomoko's place and just didn't drink. Others went to other parties, and some came to my place to chill with hookah and alcohol. It wasn't too bad but it still sucked that it was cancelled so quickly, especially since it took us an hour to find parking D:

But it wasn't as bad as the people who came from Las Vegas to this party D: omfg I felt really bad for them :/

Me and Jenny <3

Stupid faces :3
Ayaka, me, Clarise, and Jenny :D

We were literally there for an hour when we had to leave lol but we still managed to take the classic bathroom pics xD we dragged Shotaro into the bathroom to be our cameraman xD

We originally wanted to take pictures with Yoshiki since he was leaving to Japan, but he got there when the party ended :[

I still had fun at my place though. Clarise is my kpop buddy and fellow VIP/Blackjack so we sang out hearts out to 2NE1's Can't Nobody and danced all stupidly due to amount of alcohol consumed<3

We ended up meeting Brian and Taka's friend Maro. But he was kinda a perv -.- lol won't go into that though lol he was just really drunk lol...

But, that pretty much sums up the EQP. Just more of a chill thing than the usual crazy party.

Spring break is half way over TT-TT Lots of stuff I want to do before I school starts again :[ more just relaxing and catching up with friends than anything /le sigh

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yoshiki's Farewell Dinner

Yesterday was Yoshiki's farewell dinner, I wasn't too sad though because I will most likely be seeing him this Friday at JSA's EQP party. 

Yoshiki was actually going to stay in the U.S. and go to community college but he thought about it more and it would be better to just graduate from his uni than start college over in the U.S. I thought this was smart of him, because Yuzo also went back to Japan to work. It takes a lot of work to start over here.

Anyways, Yoshiki, Tony, Chris, Clarise, Shotaro, Ayaka, and Mitchell were all at the dinner. Jenny and Kim couldn't come because they still had finals they had to do :[ we ended up going to Gyu-kaku :D I haven't been there in a while~ 

We were going to go to a Korean BBQ but I could tell that Yoshiki wanted Japanese. We weren't going to go to Tsuruhashi after the $300 bill TT-TT lol dem Japanese and their money D:

Since it was during happy hour it was really cheap! Ayaka, Shotaro, Yoshiki, and Clarise ordered a lot O__o I got my usual, but got two Fuzzy Navels so it was a bit more than usual~

Most of the time we talked about nonsense and took pictures. 

We were really casual about Yoshiki leaving for some reason. I think it's because we know we'll see him again for sure. I have these two graduation certificates of his that I keep forgetting to give him and he said to just keep it until I go to Japan and I can just give it to him then.

At the end of the dinner, we pretended it was Yoshiki's birthday. Yoshiki couldn't help but laugh since his birthday is all the way in September LOL 

After dinner, we ended up going to karaoke at Elvis~ We sang for 2 hours, lots of English and Japanese. It was so much fun ^-^

We finished around 2am, and Tony had to hurry home so we told him he could just drop us off on campus. Chris and Clarise wanted something from Starbucks anyways since it is open 24-7 during finals week.

So, we got Starbucks and walked home :3 

I am still unsure about going to the EQP party (been so lazy lately), but since it's the last time I will see everyone I feel that I should. I'm leaning towards going since Clarise wants to go and I haven't partied with her before >3< 

We'll see :3

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bars are a good place to meet people.

Yesterday I went to Proof again.

After JSA, me and Ayaka were going to UTC to watch a movie. They were still playing Les Miserables and we really wanted to watch it so we decided to watch it and then go back to our apartments to sleep due to the lack of it because of finals.

I had finished my Chinese literature paper and my Japanese junior/senior seminar final so I thought I wanted to relax a bit since I had been so stressed.

On our way there, we ran into Taka sitting on a bench. We asked him what he was doing and he said わかんない (I don't know). We thought wtf lol. He explained to us how he was going to go to Proof but this plans fell through and asked if we wanted to go. At JSA, we were just talking about how we wanted to go after finals so we decided to go along with Taka.

He asked if anyone else wanted to go but Jenny was busy studying for a presentation and so was Shotaro. Alex had to work early the next morning so he couldn't go either. So me, Taka, and Ayaka just went. I went home to change first though, I was not going to bum it like last time lol.

I really, really love downtown Santa Ana. I say this all the time, but it reminds me of downtown Pomona and has so many art exhibitions. I love the vibe it gives off, I just love old towns in general. We decided to walk down this tree lit path. I love lights >< Taka said I should go to Japan because it looks way better, if only.

When we were walking down the path we ended up running into some friends of Taka. They are all muscians of some sort. Taka talked with them for a bit to catch up and they decided to jam for a bit.

Taka played the guitar and his friends sang. They were already a bit drunk at this point, and Taka said they sound much better sober but I really liked the guy's voice regardless. Even though you could tell it was a bit rough, it reminded me of Masato's voice from Coldrain. Taka told me that their band actually is a similar style to Coldrain so I am definitely going to check them out.

After they jammed for a bit, we parted ways and went to Proof. Proof was pretty dead, but we were there around 10pm so it was early. We just chilled inside since it was a bit cold out.

Eventually people started to come and we met these two girls. We started talking to them because Ayaka wanted to know what drink they were having so we could get one. It was a Tom something or but it was really good.

We found out that they go to OCC and one of the girls is trying to transfer to UCI. The other girl was born in Guam and raised in Hawaii so she was exposed to Japanese a lot and recently went to Nagoya. Again, it's funny how we always encounter people who have something to do with Japan. They were really cool, I really enjoyed talking to them.

Eventually, their friends that they were waiting for came. They were these 3 guys and they were pretty cute haha.  One of them had half sleeves on each arm, ughh tatts<3 lol. The other was a cute Korean guy who was stretching his ears, ughh body mods<3 haha We ended up getting introduced and talked to them as well.

By this time the bar was super crowded! And it was mostly filled with guys O__o me and Ayaka didn't notice until Taka pointed it out saying it was a 7 to 1 ratio LOL there were a lot of Asian guys this time in the bar (and they were pretty cute but you could tell they were assholes -.-). Last time there were mostly only Hispanics (but there were still a lot of Hispanics this time as well).

But anywho some guys were starting to hit on Ayaka and a guy started talking to me asking me if I came here with someone. I wasn't interested so I quickly told him yes and said that I came with Alex (the guy with the tatts) and he asked if he was my boyfriend and I told him yeah. He was really cool about it though, he apologized to Alex saying he didn't know and stuff. Alex went along with it and was also being good about it.

After that, me and Alex started talking some more. We were trying to guess out ethnicities he guessed I was a mix of Mexican and something else lol. I thought he was Vietnamese or Filipino but he was actually Korean. I was pretty surprised, I think it's because he is so tan lol. It's always fun trying to guess other people's ethnicities :3 haha

Crystal was Taiwanese and Danielle was some islander I don't remember the name >< but it was interesting! They thought I was some kind of Spanish and they could tell Ayaka was Japanese. I'm not sure what they guess about Taka though. I think they also guess Japanese. The other guy Erin was Korean, and the other friend (didn't catch his name) was probably filipino but I don't know lol I was fooled by Alex's tan so I don't want to assume with him also haha.

The amazing picture that Alex took of Ayaka LOL

Anywho, so we actually kicked it off with the people we met and spent the whole night with them. It was apparently's Alex's 23rd birthday so that was why they were all out tonight. We ended up going to another bar and then they asked us if we wanted to do hookah.

I've never done hookah but decided why not. Ayaka loves hookah so she really wanted to go lol. Taka wanted to chill more at Proof though, he said we could go. I felt bad and didn't want to leave him but he assured us that he would be fine so me and Ayaka went to the hookah bar with Crystal and Danielle.

We went to the hookah bar and we got melon flavor and other ones. It smelled good~ and hookah was chill and all but I didn't really get why people like it so much -.- oh well~

We had lots of fun, and Crystal ended up taking me and Ayaka home since she lives in New Port. We exchanged contact information with everyone and decided we will hang again.

We came back so late though, 4am D: I'm just like -_____- I wanted to sleep early due to the lack of sleep and I end up doing this...? Epic fail, lol. But I really had fun and needed the stress reliever.

I am going to be studying my ass off the rest of the weekend. Two more days until I am done with this quarter! :D I am highly motivated since it's so close.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My San Diego Trip Before Finals

Last Saturday I went to San Diego with some of my good friends, Jenny, Alex, Ayaka, and Shotaro. We planned this trip a while ago since our Vegas plans fell through we decided to do something that required less work but was still fun. That's when Alex suggested San Diego.

I've only been to SD once when I was little so I was looking forward to actually get to experience a bit more. Alex loves going to San Diego so he planned some things out for us.

Hodad's in SD
I love downtown San Diego<3

We left around 12pm and got there around 2:30pm where we met up with Mikey, Kevin, and Rocky. We ate at this well known burger joint called Hondad's. It was pretty good, I just got a mini bacon cheeseburger which filled me up.

Jenny went to the bathroom and told me it was really cool with all this graffiti on the walls. I love graffiti so I went in afterwards to take pictures haha.

Extraordinary Desserts<3
Alex with his lil' latte~ lol

After Hodad's we went to get dessert at this place called Extraordinary Desserts. It is specifically only desserts and drinks like lattes and stuff like that. I am not a big fan of cake, but I love pudding~ so I ordered a creme brûlée which was so delicous~

We played musical desserts as we all let every one have a piece of what we got. Everyone really liked mine, especially Ayaka and Shotaro. Japanese people love pudding~ lol. After trying everyone else's dessert I was happy I got the creme brûlée  the others were good, but I wouldn't have been happy to pay $7 for it.

Hotel bathroom pics~
My two favorite girls >3<

After that, we decided to go to the hotel and get ready for clubbing. It was kinda of early, 6ish, but when it comes to curling my hair, it takes a while since it's so long and has lots of layers D:

So me and Jenny got ready :] I wore this pretty dress I got from Bebe<3 so expensive but worth it. Forever my clubbing outfit haha. It's a simple black dress with lace sleeves<3 I fell in love when I saw it online and went and bought it in person.

We were drinking at the hotel because the alcohol in the club would of course be pricey. I didn't get to drink a lot, maybe 3 or 4 shots. I barely got buzzed though -.- (I was busy with my hair and swore I wouldn't drink more than 4 regardless of how much I was not feeling the alcohol after last time lol). Jenny managed to get pretty drunk LOL she was so cute!

Actually, everyone was pretty fucked up, except for me and Ayaka I think. Ayaka was sleeping when people were taking shots because she was in LA the day before and only got 2 hours of sleep.

Anywho, after the drinking we left to a lounge/bar. The bouncer was giving me a hard time saying that I didn't look like the person in my ID -__- I was annoyed because I didn't have a purse so I left my stuff in the hotel. Jenny was pissed, but Mikey was kind enough to walk me back to the hotel to get a credit card with my name on it.

Apparently after I left Jenny was starting shit with the bouncer. She showed him her ID and when he said she could go in she replied, "are you sure it doesn't look like me???" all pissed the bouncer was getting angry at her and Alex told her to shut up and go in lol. I love Jenny she is so cute omg >3<

Anyways, me and Mikey got my stuff and we ended up taking a cab back. It must be nice to have money...I always forget that Alex and his friends are older. Mikey is actually 5 years older which is so crazy because he has such a baby face O__O

Anywho, we got back to lounge/bar and it was a different bouncer...and this time I didn't have trouble getting in. Me and Mikey were like wtf...the other fool was just an ass. Anywho, the place was pretty cool, kinda hipstery. I just like the music they played, Passion Pit<3 Jenny was really happy to see me and was still angry about the bouncer LOL.

After that place we ended up going to a club. It was alright, the music they were playing was mostly rap and hiphop. All the guys enjoyed it but me and Jenny were like -___-" "we don't know these songs" lol. We still had fun though :D <3 It was lots of fun~

Bathroom pic at the club~
Me and Ayaka <3

We did the typical, go into the bathroom and take pics, danced, drank some more, etc etc. We were suppose to go to another club but everyone was too fucked up to go lol. I felt like I definitely wasn't at their level of alcohol consumption haha.

It was fun, but to be honest...the main reason why I had so much fun was because I got to finally dress up and be with my friends. I miss putting on lashes, lenses, curling my hair, and wearing a nice dress. I love getting done up <33 And it was nice to get done up with Jenny because she also wears lenses and lashes and stuff :3

Oh, and it was pretty entertaining because Kevin and Rocky ended up leaving Mikey stranded in SD haha. Long story~ lol

Now back to school T-T Finals are already coming next week...I am super stressed, anxious, lack motivation, and am always tired. Not good signs. SD was fun but it was a temporary relief.

I hope next quarter won't be so difficult.