Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sick and Stressed.

Lately, I have been super stressed with school and it doesn't help that I am also sick. I blame the stupid flu shot I had to get in case I study abroad. I haven't been sick in years and I haven't gotten the shot in years and the first time I get it I get sick.

Being sick and studying for midterms + typing papers is not a good combination. I have been taking several naps throughout the day because I am always so exhausted. I haven't been getting enough sleep because I have been staying up to finish hw for my classes.

I complain about it on my twitter all the time, and I'm sure people are tired of hearing it -.-

But anyways, my mom came to visit me and at first the visit was not pleasant...but we ended up working it out and I was happy she came. I was just stressed and tired, I am not so sure I will do well this quarter. Therefore, me studying abroad is also not likely.

Studying abroad depends on my grades so it's even more pressure. But my mom talked to me and calmed me down. My mom is very religious so a lot of the time that is where we don't get along.

I am not religious...I'm more spiritual I guess you could say? I don't see myself a certain religion although I do certain Catholic aspects but it's more of a culture thing for me than a religious thing. It just makes me happy to do it lol but that's where me and my mom butt heads.

But anywho, my mom got me a new rosary which made me really happy. I love rosaries >< and this color is gorgeous<3 I feel better after her visit. I was feeling so overwhelmed and just crying to her made me feel better. We may have our differences, but I love my mom no matter what.

I just have one more midterm and then finals will be starting. I have lots of papers to type as well...but the bright side is, the quarter is almost over. In less than a month I will be done and stress free for at least a week.

Next Saturday me and my friends are going to San Diego, that will be anice break before finals start. I need to get as much work done before then. 頑張ります。

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