Monday, February 18, 2013

Model Behavior.

To be honest, my favorite photo I took from that shoot that day was
this one on my phone, not any of the photographers' photos LOL
(me + studio = no bueno)

So I recently picked up modeling. Not for anything serious, I actually wasn't planning on even mentioning it anywhere but getting done up for the shoot I had yesterday was too much fun not to take pictures ><

But anywho, I just decided to try it out just to become more comfortable with myself. Because I am extremely awkward and insecure -__- even when modeling I'm still those things, which is why I don't see myself taking it seriously. But hopefully I can just be more comfortable with myself.

I had fun though, today was my 3rd shoot and I was lucky enough to be done up by a professionals with the little experience I had. Not to mention the awesome wardrobe!! >//< I love corsets!!

To be honest though, I don't like studio photography...I enjoy natural lighting and location shoots. Studio photography...the lights are so harsh and unflattering. At least to me, there are some girls that rock studios but I'm like ehh I just can't -.-

I already suck at natural lighting but studio lighting just killed me and buried me haha. The photogrpahers would like the shots though so that's all that matters I suppose. They really liked my red hair. As all the photographers I've shot with so far have, as well as the ones who booked me already. So yay for red hair~ and my mom would tell me it's ugly and no one would like it LOL

The amazing makeup artist Maribel
and beautiful Leanne ughhh her fucking face/style<33

I met amazing models ;__; I really loved Leanne's style like omfg, talk about perfection?? T^T the other models were gorgeous as well! But I didn't take photos :/

They were all modeling for at least 6 months which is long compared to me who only started at the end of January -__-" They are also pro with their poses like omfg. Modeling is way harder than people think, or maybe I just suck at it. Could be both lol.

Bellen was another model and she was a natural! OMFG. But she isn't looking to model seriously she says she just wants cool Facebook photos haha but she looks like Jessica Alba, so pretty and cute ugh.

I could go on about how gorgeous the models were but I'll stop lol. I also won't post any of the photos that I do get because I really think it's embarrassing -.- and not to mention I don't like studio photos to begin with.

None of my friends know I am modeling, just my close ones Tia and Jenny. Again, too embarrassing  But now that I posted photos on instagram they might know -____- but not a lot of friends follow me on instagram anywho, it's mostly blogger :3

The photographer that recruited me for this was really awesome but he really wants me to model seriously -___-" he was telling me to get business cards, a twitter, instragram, facebook (all for modeling).

I have a Facebook for modeling but that was because I want to keep my "modeling" separate from my personal life. I really don't want to do this full time D: it is so much work, and draining. Another one of the models mentioned this as well.

Dressing up and taking photos is all good and dandy but actually doing this as a job O__o no thank you~ just not my thing...I might change my mind maybe it was just the studio shoot since there were 4 photographer and they kept shooting me non-stop but eh...who knows /shrugs

I enjoyed my shoot with Roxy the other day, that was just carefree and fun. She was amazing and cute<3 /shrugs oh well~

Now back to the reality of reading textbooks and chapters upon chapters of assigned reading T-T gotta love uni life...

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