Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and for me, it was just like every other day. I don't get all moody or depressed seeing couples with flowers or balloons and chocolates. I'm just like "eh" /shrugs haha.

I went to class like I usually do and met up with my friends before JSA. I met up with Tony and Jenny which they both had something for me for V-day. Tony gave me chocolates and Jenny gave me an "Anti-Valentine's day" card. It was cute because Tony gave all his girl friends chocolate ^3^

It's understandable for Jenny to be anti-valentine's day since she broke up with her boyfriend recently. Completely understandable, especially with couples walking around everywhere.

After meeting up we went to JSA where they said they were going to go to Red Robin at Irvine Spectrum. Me and Jenny met up with the rest of the JSA members but we were kinda bored so we decided to invite Ayaka to go to Lollicup at Diamond Jamboree. We ended up meeting with Alex as well.

At Diamond Jamboree there were lots of couples! Now, the thing that did make me envious was seeing all the girls dressed up so cute, it heels, tight dresses, curled hair, make up done...I was like *A* I wish I had something to do where I can go all out. Sometimes it's fun to dress up every now and then, especially after bumming it for so long due to uni.

Alex said he wanted to take us to somewhere so we got into his car and drove to downtown Santa Ana. I loved the vibe from there! It reminded me of Old Town Pomona but safer xD

He ended up taking us to Proof which is a bar/lounge that is well known in the OC I guess. We were happy to be doing something but bummed that we weren't dressed for the occasion D: lol

Regardless, we had fun! We met some new people, in particularly this one filipino guy who lived in Japan for 7 years because his dad was in the navy. So funny, I would randomly meet a guy that has something to do with Japan LOL

Jenny drank quite a bit~ but she had fun :D I was staying away from the alcohol after Kei's party. I seriously felt sick drinking it. Alex made me drink one drink though since it was a free drink from our friend working there. I felt bad and drank it but ugh my stomach did not like it. I still feel sick and it was just one drink! This always happens after I get fucked up -.-

 Tonight's Ayaka's and Shotaro's birthday party, and although I am going me and Jenny are staying away from the alcohol. But hopefully Shotaro and Ayaka drink and have fun :D

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