Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today was Ayaka's birthday. Unfortunately, due to midterms going on we couldn't do much :/ It was Shotaro's birthday the day before also! And since he was turning 21 we wanted to throw a party for both of them but it didn't end up working out.

So me and Jenny decided to take Ayaka out to get her a cake and take purikura :D She was still very happy.

We got the cake from 85 and totally forgot that we needed a lighter for the candles D: so we would ask people for a lighter but no one had one T-T I saw that there was an outdoor heater that had fire so we were going to use that to light the candle LOL

Luckily, on our way there we saw guys smoking and asked to light the candle. They were kind enough to let us use it :] but thought that our friend was turning 2 years old because we only brought one of the 2's with us. People looked at us like "wtf" as we walked back to the table with the candle LOL

Ayaka was so happy, but kept telling us we didn't have to do light the candles. But it wouldn't have been complete without it!

We sang happy birthday and parted the cake :3 it was strawberry tiramisu, so yummy! Ayaka loves strawberries :]

Afterwards we took purikura of course :D Ayaka kept saying how she was really happy because she didn't think she was going to do anything for her birthday ;__; I'm glad she had fun. I wish we could have done time :D

Jenny and Ayaka look all cutesy
and I look all thug thanks to my beanie -__- lol

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