Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sick and Stressed.

Lately, I have been super stressed with school and it doesn't help that I am also sick. I blame the stupid flu shot I had to get in case I study abroad. I haven't been sick in years and I haven't gotten the shot in years and the first time I get it I get sick.

Being sick and studying for midterms + typing papers is not a good combination. I have been taking several naps throughout the day because I am always so exhausted. I haven't been getting enough sleep because I have been staying up to finish hw for my classes.

I complain about it on my twitter all the time, and I'm sure people are tired of hearing it -.-

But anyways, my mom came to visit me and at first the visit was not pleasant...but we ended up working it out and I was happy she came. I was just stressed and tired, I am not so sure I will do well this quarter. Therefore, me studying abroad is also not likely.

Studying abroad depends on my grades so it's even more pressure. But my mom talked to me and calmed me down. My mom is very religious so a lot of the time that is where we don't get along.

I am not religious...I'm more spiritual I guess you could say? I don't see myself a certain religion although I do certain Catholic aspects but it's more of a culture thing for me than a religious thing. It just makes me happy to do it lol but that's where me and my mom butt heads.

But anywho, my mom got me a new rosary which made me really happy. I love rosaries >< and this color is gorgeous<3 I feel better after her visit. I was feeling so overwhelmed and just crying to her made me feel better. We may have our differences, but I love my mom no matter what.

I just have one more midterm and then finals will be starting. I have lots of papers to type as well...but the bright side is, the quarter is almost over. In less than a month I will be done and stress free for at least a week.

Next Saturday me and my friends are going to San Diego, that will be anice break before finals start. I need to get as much work done before then. 頑張ります。

Monday, February 18, 2013

Model Behavior.

To be honest, my favorite photo I took from that shoot that day was
this one on my phone, not any of the photographers' photos LOL
(me + studio = no bueno)

So I recently picked up modeling. Not for anything serious, I actually wasn't planning on even mentioning it anywhere but getting done up for the shoot I had yesterday was too much fun not to take pictures ><

But anywho, I just decided to try it out just to become more comfortable with myself. Because I am extremely awkward and insecure -__- even when modeling I'm still those things, which is why I don't see myself taking it seriously. But hopefully I can just be more comfortable with myself.

I had fun though, today was my 3rd shoot and I was lucky enough to be done up by a professionals with the little experience I had. Not to mention the awesome wardrobe!! >//< I love corsets!!

To be honest though, I don't like studio photography...I enjoy natural lighting and location shoots. Studio photography...the lights are so harsh and unflattering. At least to me, there are some girls that rock studios but I'm like ehh I just can't -.-

I already suck at natural lighting but studio lighting just killed me and buried me haha. The photogrpahers would like the shots though so that's all that matters I suppose. They really liked my red hair. As all the photographers I've shot with so far have, as well as the ones who booked me already. So yay for red hair~ and my mom would tell me it's ugly and no one would like it LOL

The amazing makeup artist Maribel
and beautiful Leanne ughhh her fucking face/style<33

I met amazing models ;__; I really loved Leanne's style like omfg, talk about perfection?? T^T the other models were gorgeous as well! But I didn't take photos :/

They were all modeling for at least 6 months which is long compared to me who only started at the end of January -__-" They are also pro with their poses like omfg. Modeling is way harder than people think, or maybe I just suck at it. Could be both lol.

Bellen was another model and she was a natural! OMFG. But she isn't looking to model seriously she says she just wants cool Facebook photos haha but she looks like Jessica Alba, so pretty and cute ugh.

I could go on about how gorgeous the models were but I'll stop lol. I also won't post any of the photos that I do get because I really think it's embarrassing -.- and not to mention I don't like studio photos to begin with.

None of my friends know I am modeling, just my close ones Tia and Jenny. Again, too embarrassing  But now that I posted photos on instagram they might know -____- but not a lot of friends follow me on instagram anywho, it's mostly blogger :3

The photographer that recruited me for this was really awesome but he really wants me to model seriously -___-" he was telling me to get business cards, a twitter, instragram, facebook (all for modeling).

I have a Facebook for modeling but that was because I want to keep my "modeling" separate from my personal life. I really don't want to do this full time D: it is so much work, and draining. Another one of the models mentioned this as well.

Dressing up and taking photos is all good and dandy but actually doing this as a job O__o no thank you~ just not my thing...I might change my mind maybe it was just the studio shoot since there were 4 photographer and they kept shooting me non-stop but eh...who knows /shrugs

I enjoyed my shoot with Roxy the other day, that was just carefree and fun. She was amazing and cute<3 /shrugs oh well~

Now back to the reality of reading textbooks and chapters upon chapters of assigned reading T-T gotta love uni life...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and for me, it was just like every other day. I don't get all moody or depressed seeing couples with flowers or balloons and chocolates. I'm just like "eh" /shrugs haha.

I went to class like I usually do and met up with my friends before JSA. I met up with Tony and Jenny which they both had something for me for V-day. Tony gave me chocolates and Jenny gave me an "Anti-Valentine's day" card. It was cute because Tony gave all his girl friends chocolate ^3^

It's understandable for Jenny to be anti-valentine's day since she broke up with her boyfriend recently. Completely understandable, especially with couples walking around everywhere.

After meeting up we went to JSA where they said they were going to go to Red Robin at Irvine Spectrum. Me and Jenny met up with the rest of the JSA members but we were kinda bored so we decided to invite Ayaka to go to Lollicup at Diamond Jamboree. We ended up meeting with Alex as well.

At Diamond Jamboree there were lots of couples! Now, the thing that did make me envious was seeing all the girls dressed up so cute, it heels, tight dresses, curled hair, make up done...I was like *A* I wish I had something to do where I can go all out. Sometimes it's fun to dress up every now and then, especially after bumming it for so long due to uni.

Alex said he wanted to take us to somewhere so we got into his car and drove to downtown Santa Ana. I loved the vibe from there! It reminded me of Old Town Pomona but safer xD

He ended up taking us to Proof which is a bar/lounge that is well known in the OC I guess. We were happy to be doing something but bummed that we weren't dressed for the occasion D: lol

Regardless, we had fun! We met some new people, in particularly this one filipino guy who lived in Japan for 7 years because his dad was in the navy. So funny, I would randomly meet a guy that has something to do with Japan LOL

Jenny drank quite a bit~ but she had fun :D I was staying away from the alcohol after Kei's party. I seriously felt sick drinking it. Alex made me drink one drink though since it was a free drink from our friend working there. I felt bad and drank it but ugh my stomach did not like it. I still feel sick and it was just one drink! This always happens after I get fucked up -.-

 Tonight's Ayaka's and Shotaro's birthday party, and although I am going me and Jenny are staying away from the alcohol. But hopefully Shotaro and Ayaka drink and have fun :D

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today was Ayaka's birthday. Unfortunately, due to midterms going on we couldn't do much :/ It was Shotaro's birthday the day before also! And since he was turning 21 we wanted to throw a party for both of them but it didn't end up working out.

So me and Jenny decided to take Ayaka out to get her a cake and take purikura :D She was still very happy.

We got the cake from 85 and totally forgot that we needed a lighter for the candles D: so we would ask people for a lighter but no one had one T-T I saw that there was an outdoor heater that had fire so we were going to use that to light the candle LOL

Luckily, on our way there we saw guys smoking and asked to light the candle. They were kind enough to let us use it :] but thought that our friend was turning 2 years old because we only brought one of the 2's with us. People looked at us like "wtf" as we walked back to the table with the candle LOL

Ayaka was so happy, but kept telling us we didn't have to do light the candles. But it wouldn't have been complete without it!

We sang happy birthday and parted the cake :3 it was strawberry tiramisu, so yummy! Ayaka loves strawberries :]

Afterwards we took purikura of course :D Ayaka kept saying how she was really happy because she didn't think she was going to do anything for her birthday ;__; I'm glad she had fun. I wish we could have done time :D

Jenny and Ayaka look all cutesy
and I look all thug thanks to my beanie -__- lol

Sunday, February 3, 2013

One of those nights.

Me and Jenny :D So yellow T-T

Jenny and I were invited to Kei's going away party so we decided to go. I was a bit hesitant since we already drank the night before at karaoke but I already told Alex I was going to go so I didn't want to back out.

Alex picked us up around 10 and we left for the party in Long Beach, it was at Kyle's house. When we got there, there was a lot of people. A lot we didn't know and a lot we did. We met some new people, which was cool. But me and Jenny still felt awkward lol.

We are pretty awkward when it comes to social situations.

Oh, and Ricky was there. Which would have been totally chill if he didn't get butthurt and delete me from Facebook recently lol. But yeah..I just acted chill with him like if nothing happened.

Apparently he was telling Jenny that he really liked me and was bummed he didn't get another date. I feel bad because Ricky was a good guy and I did like talking to him. But I didn't like him like that and I don't want to date anyone. School and friends are the most important thing to me right now. And hanging out with my friends is already hard enough because of school.

But we still talked and stuff during the party so hopefully it wasn't too awkward for him D: and Jenny just chilled with other people like Tomoko, Ayaka, Shotaro, Kevin, Michael, Alex, etc etc. Taka and Brian were hung over so they weren't taking any shots, just drinking beer. Brian kept trying to get me to drink more shots so he said for every shot I take he will drink 2 beers lol. I don't think he did it though -.- and those shots were nasty too. Makes me want to throw up thinking about it.

Kevin had bought some nice alcohol for us. It was really good. I understand why people would pay for the expensive stuff now. When we ran out of it I was bummed because we had to drink the cheap shit TT-TT

But yeah, I drank wayyyy too much last night -.- ugh. But I had took 4 shots and I didn't feel anything. So I kept taking a couple more, I think like 6 or 7 in total T-T and it finally hit me all at once O__O

Jenny also drank a lot O__O but she is pretty chill even when she is fucked up. I'm all over the place T-T which is entertaining for other people I guess lol. I don't remember the end of the party though.

I remember being with Alex and Michael for a bit, also with Brian and Taka and of course Jenny but then after that...nothing OTL

Apparently I was throwing up though lol. Luckily it was in the bathroom :D I remember throwing up outside too -.- and Shotaro kept asking if I was okay. David ended up taking me home since everyone else was going to eat and I just wanted to go to bed apparently.

I'm lucky to have friends that take care of me so much, well I wouldn't get fucked up if I didn't.

Oh well, still had fun :D but I woke up this morning to find a lovely huge ass bruise on my shin.'s pretty huge and it's not even done forming T-T lol

I am now limiting myself to 4 shots. Seriously, even if I "don't feel anything" I will suck it up and wait. This is the last time I am getting this fucked up lol.

Third time's the charm right?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jenny's Cheering Up Day!

Yesterday was a day dedicated to our lovely Jenny<3 She had recently just broken up with her boyfriend and needed some cheering up. It was originally going to be a girls night but we ended up just having a few friends over to chill with.

We decided to eat, and then go to the Spectrum and Diamond Jamboree afterwards. Me, Jenny, and Shotaro had Vietnamese sandwiches while Tony and Ayaka had Chipotle and Alex got crepes.

Afterwards we just chilled and talked but Tony had to leave since he commutes from LA. So after he left, we tried to figure out what to do. We were planning on doing hookah but Ayaka was sick so we couldn't. So we decided to go to Dave and Busters.

I wasn't really up for playing games and stuff, I just wanted to sit and do nothing. I found out why -___- period. LOL. Luckily I had a feeling I was going to get it so I was prepared :D but it made sense why I was so dead in the beginning of the outing lol. 

So everyone was playing games and I just watched them :3 which was equally as fun lol.

After playing some games at Dave and Busters we decided to go to 85 to get something sweet. They didn't have anything I wanted though :[ so Jenny just got this coffee bread that she liked meanwhile Ayaka and Shotaro got bubble tea.

EPIC FAIL when it came to scanning it lol
so small ><

We also ended up taking purikura :D But let me tell you, the more people you try to fit in the harder it is to look decent xD I was like wtf is this madnes??? lol it was basically the same face in every shot and jus trying to fit into the picture in general LOL.

So we decided next time only the girls would take purikura haha because the guys weren't really up for it to begin with LOL.

Afterwards we were going to go to Plush to karaoke~ but we found out there was an hour wait D: so we decided we would go to Elvis which was the place we went last time with JSA. 

We ended up buying some alcohol and sneaking it in so me and Jenny could enjoy singing :D lol because I told about the last karaoke thing not being so much. And she said it's always better to karaoke with alcohol in your system :D haha and she was right, it was lots of fun :DD

Me and Jenny ended up singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz and Shakira's "Wherever, Whenever" lol. Alex sang Ne-Yo and Trey Songz I think? Ayaka sang cute Japanese songs :3 and OMG Shotaro sang "What's Up People?"! I love that song with a passion. Then me, Jenny, and Shotaro sang "Smells Like Teen Spirit" :D ahh so much fun~

Alex asked me if I knew "My Boo" and I was like heck yes~ I love Usher and Alicia Keys and that song would constantly be on repeat back in the day. So we ended up singing it together. BUT THAT WAS EMBARASSING. Everyone was all looking at me wide eyed saying I sing good and I wanted to hide. I don't sing good, there are just some songs that suit your voice more than others. I didn't think I was good at that song but apparently I was O_O 

After hearing me sing that, Alex wanted me to sing another Alicia Keys song "If I Ain't Got You" but I can't sing the high parts so I just sang the first verse and sang along with Alex during the parts that weren't high lol But Ayaka and Shotaro were all shocked saying "yabai!!" Saying I sing so good and stuff >///< it was the alcohol though, so their judgement was impaired hahaha.

Ah but it was so much fun just drinking and singing, no pressure! I loved it, and Jenny also was having so much fun ;___; <3 

OMFG BUT IT WAS SO SAD LOL. Freakin' we hid the alcohol by putting it in 2 water bottles. After Shotaro was done singing a song I gave him one of the water bottles offerring him some. Apparently, he was unaware it was vodka instead of water and was chugging it. He stopped in the middle, looked at me wide-eyed and I hurried and handed him a chaser. I was like "omg Shotaro!!" and he explained how he thought it was water, 

I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. Jenny and Ayaka also noticed and were also laughing. I felt so bad, I thought he knew it was vodka lol but he drank so much and he seemed in such shock still lol Alex was confused on what was going on and when we told him he busted up laughing. Shotaro ended up laughing as well once the initial shock was over lol.

Poor guy haha, still feel bad now when I think about. Next time I'll let him know just in case lol.

After karaoke, it was time to go home. We all had so much fun though :] And will probably do it again another day. Now I understand why the Japanese like karaoke, it's always better with drinks though. I don't think I'd enjoy it as much when sober lol.