Thursday, January 10, 2013

R.I.P. K

Honestly, I am pretty sad about what happened to K. PTP was one of my favorite bands and I really enjoyed listening to K's voice, I loved this band. I really wanted to see PTP live if I went to Japan, and listen to K's voice in person. I'm sad I will never get to experience this.

I feel that the hardest thing is that his death came from nowhere. Though PTP activity was at a pause from his illness he was already making plans to come back this year. His life was cut short way too soon.

He still recorded some songs before his death so they will be releasing an album with that but it seems so lonely.

He was more talented than anyone would ever know.
&he touched many people with his music, including me.

Thank you K, for everything.
Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten.

Constantly had this song on repeat.

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