Friday, January 11, 2013

R.I.P. Chata

Yesterday I also received some sad news from my older sister. Her dog Ariel passed away :/ (she also had the nicknames Chata & Chatita) She was so cute and precious, I will miss her. Even if she did act like a princess at times lol.

She was so cute because when you would sing she would start howling and singing along, it was so adorable. And she would always get super excited and try to hide it but failed miserably lol.

She just passed away randomly. We aren't too sure what happened but my family is leaning towards her getting bit by something because apparently she was limping when walking and acting all weird.

Something like this happened before but when we took her to the vet they gave her pills and said she would be okay. But because my sister heard her making weird noises her and my mom were going to take to to the emergency care.

Sadly, on the way there my sister felt Ariel's breathing becoming difficult and becoming slower and she eventually died in her arms 5 mins away from the emergency care.

So sad :[ Although my sister is devestated she thinks it was better that she died with her rather than finding her dead the next morning and because she was in her arms and she was talking to her and trying to comfort her.

I feel bad for her other dog Lorelai who has always been with Ariel since she was a puppy. Apparently the next my older sister had Lorelai sniff her, hoping that she will understand that she is no longer there :/

R.I.P Chatita
we will miss your singing 
and pretending to be tall<3

Ugh, life. Finding out about 2 deaths in one day? Fun~

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