Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Playing Instead of Studying

It's the first week of school and I already am hanging out with friends more than studying when it should be the opposite -.-"

Yesterday was my long day, class from 10am-5pm and I was planning to go home and read the assigned chapters but my friend David texted me telling me to come to UCI's pub -.- I hadn't seen him in a while so I decided to stop by. Luckily Jenny came also :] we caught up on stuff that happened over break.

Today, I only had my Japanese class from 10-11am. I was planning on going back to read the assigned chapters again and then Tony wanted to meet me up to give me one of the things he owed me. Then Chris ended up showing up, and Yoshiki came shortly after so we all had lunch.

I ended up staying there till 3pm because that's when Chris and Tony have their Japanese class. I even saw Jenny again lol. And Ayaka ;A; I miss her<3 (we are having lunch tomorrow) I stayed with Yoshiki and did some reading during that time since Jenny wanted to go to 85 Degrees Bakery after her class along with Yoshiki.

Me and Yoshiki were doing our hw when Jenny told us to meet her so we walked over to the Social Sciences and me and Yoshiki started to talk about random things. Turns out, Yoshiki is going to stay in America. He is going to go to community college and then transfer to a UC as well :]

Shortly after, Jenny came with Chris and we ended up all going to Diamond Jamboree. We were going to go to 85 but the line was super long so we decided to eat and then go afterwards.

We went to Ajisen Ramen :] it was so nice to have some warm ramen since it is already getting cold. After that, we ended up going to 85 where the line was much shorter :]

I got like 3 breads, one sweet one and 2 meal like ones. Only $3! :o so cheap~

After that we decided to go home since some of us had to do hw ~_~ we decided we would karaoke and take purikura next time :]

And now I am off to read for my classes, so much reading and it's only week 1 D: /sigh I knew I wouldn't enjoy this quarter.

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