Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Years~

So my New Years post is really late but I didn't do much anyways lol.

Me and Daydee spent New Years together since our parents went to my mom's usual business party and my older sister spent it with her fiance. Me and Daydee decided to go eat at Gyu-kaku and then buy some alcohol to enjoy in the comfort of our own home :]

Unfortunately, Gyu-kaku wasn't as great as it usually was seeing as they took forever to give us our food T-T but that was the only bad thing really.

Me and Daydee got the alcohol and then went home where she wanted to do a "Sister Tag" for her YouTube channel. Her channel isn't big or anything, she just upload videos for fun :] I felt really awkward doing the video -.-" lol but it was still fun.

After doing the tag we watched The Hills on Netflix and then changed it to MTV for the last 2 minutes before the new year. We toasted to no more assholes in our lives~ and drank our Stella Rosa :]

I am very thankful for 2012, a lot of great things happened to me. I got accepted into my dream university, I met many good friends both online and at my uni, I got my tattoo and piercings, and have been learning more Japanese.

I hope this year is just as awesome or even better :]

Looking at last year's resolutions, I actually did pretty well :] Although I don't have abs, I have gone closer to my goal weight! Around 5 more pounds to go :] I am thankfully still doing well in school, and I am getting more comfortable with myself.

I think I am going to have the same resolution this year except adding eating healthy to the equation and saving more money. Let's see how it goes~

And to those who are interested, here is the Sister Tag we did :] it's a tad long -.-

Just to warn you, I kept messing with my hair a lot -.-" lol
And you might want to put the volume down a bit,
we are loud Mexicans D: LOL

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