Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kickback @ Miharu's

Yesterday was JSA's kickback at Miharu's place. I met up with Ayaka to buy some chasers and snacks. We had gotten there pretty early so we were just standing around eating Häagen-Dazs ice cream. The green tea one so good! Best green tea ice cream I ever had.

Shortly after, more people started arriving. I was talking to Pragya, Gina, Fernando, and Shunya. I ended up meeting JJ who is a JSA officer but was studying abroad in Japan until now. We talked a bit about his experience and he brought this "Tokyo Banana Pie" which tasted really good! I was craving something sweet during that time and it was such a subtle sweetness, I loved the way it tasted.

Shotaro also came shortly after along with Kotaro and another guy (forgot his name ><). That's when we began drinking.

I wasn't really looking forward to drinking that night because the alcohol looked cheap and I've heard horror stories of vodka tasting like rubbing alcohol. So I only took one shot in the beginning.

It became more fun when we started to play beer pong. Kotaro and his friend are always beer pong partners and I always see them playing beer pong at the JSA parties.

They were really good at won 5 games in a row lol. They get really into it too so it's entertaining to watch haha.

On the side, Makoto was drawing different people. He drew Ayaka which came out ridiculously horrible xD everyone was like I wish I took a picture haha. He also drew Shotaro which wasn't too bad actually haha.

Everyone was drinking a lot more by this point. They were either buzzed or tipsy. I was still staying away from the alcohol D: lol

Shotaro was already a bit tipsy after losing 2 games of beer pong and taking 5 shots. He kept drinking more after that too D: lol and kept telling me to drink -.- Pragya also was trying to get me to drink so I took another shot but it was actually 2 because Shotaro served me too much D: lol

We were using limes as chasers which were actually really good. Better than any other chasers I've used to I'm planning to do that from now on.

Brian and Taka ended up showing up later :D they were pretty entertaining, especially Brian lol. I took a shot with Brian also lol.

Alex also ended up coming :D I ended up talking to Alex and Fernando about the most random stuff. Mostly girls though lol because Alex likes Latinas best but I think Asian girls are really pretty. But him and Fernando were talking about them liking ass and I was like that's why he likes Latina's best -.-"

They were trying to argue that ass is better than boobs which I tend to disagree, I think boobs are better than ass if I had to choose. Kotaro also agreed haha so we left it at that.

After more talking and drinking I did get a bit tipsy. I didn't realize how much so until Alex was taking me home and when we were talking in the car I saw two of him LOL

We actually ended up talking about serious stuff for a long time. I don't know how it got to that though -__-" but for the jist of it we talked about some stuff of my past which I hadn't talked to anyone else about. It got to the point where it made me emotional.

Alex was being a really good friend and was telling me how it was. He ended up wiping my tears when I was crying, which I never understood why it was such a big deal for why girls wanted that but I understood why after that. It surprisingly put me at ease. I don't understand why, but it did. It was just a nice gesture.

But anywho, after the long talk I went to my apartment and knocked the fuck out lol. I was so sleepy. I had a bit of a hangover today -.- no more cheap alcohol, and I will drink water next time before I go to bed.

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