Friday, January 11, 2013

First JSA Meeting of Winter Quarter.

Yesterday was the first JSA meeting of the new quarter. Me and Ayaka were planning to meet up before JSA but she was running a bit late. Jenny ended up calling me and asking me where I was because her and a couple of our other friends were at the food court. So I ended up joining them.

Yoshiki, Tony, and Jenny's friend Shane was there. They were all doing homework before the JSA meeting started lol. Shortly after, Ayaka ended up coming. We were really happy to see each other because it had been a while since we hung out.

We caught up on the stuff that was going on in our life, her boy troubles and my dating failures lol. We agreed that guys are too troublesome lol.

It was eventually time for JSA and said hello to everyone. JSA started off with events that were coming up. I don't remember most of them to be honest -.- but for sure a Big Bear trip is coming up where we are going to go snowboarding and rent a cabin for the night and party ^-^

I am tempted to go, but I've never gone snowboarding and I'm not too interested in it. Plus it would cost money D: lol

We then played a game of telephone charades which was pretty hilarious lol. I got stuck with having to do Kobe Byrant. Epic fail lol, but it was the most entertaining one haha no one got it right from either of the groups.

Shortly after that, we ended up going to UTC to just eat and hang out. It was freezing though >< lately the cold in Irvine has been so icy~ even Jenny was saying it's cold and she's from Norcal.

Apparently Miharu, Koji, and Makoto are throwing a Vegas trip in a couple weeks and asked if I wanted to go. Ayaka was going so I agreed :] Jenny might go but she is already going to Vegas the weekend before. I've never been to Vegas so I am looking forward to it :]

For some reason that night people were giving me a hard time -.- Mostly Yu and Taka lol. I feel that Yu is very entertained with Mexicans and kept trying to get me to talk chola lol. Him and Taka were doing it and getting all into it too being like "duuuuuuummmmmbbbb" and stuff lol.

Yu and David were also saying that apparently having red hair means you get horny easily -__-" and they were saying black beans make you horny also. They are so lame lol.

Lol I don't know about all that...but I had fun. Me and Jenny ended up leaving around 9ish because we had to do study for our Japanese quiz the next day.

Tonight Miharu is having a kickback at her place, so we will see how that goes~

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