Friday, January 25, 2013

A Day with my Darling Tia.

I spent the whole day with my lovely Tia<3 I missed her so much, I'm surprised the last time I saw her was December :o

My Japanese class ended at 11am so Tia came around 11:30 where we ending up going to the spectrum.

It was raining on and off today, and it was actually a bit humid. But it wasn't gross, it was nice weather actually.

So anywho, we went shopping. I wasn't planning on getting anything but I ended up finding some stuff I have been looking for! It always works that way doesn't it? You never find anything when you plan to go shopping but when you just go on a whim you find all the things you wanted.

I bought some make-up as well. I want to give a try with eyeshadows, more natural colors /shrugs we'll see how that goes lol.

After shopping for a bit we ended up going to Curry House where I got Katsu Curry. It was so delicious *__* I have been craving it for a while, so it was heaven <3

And I also got custard pudding which was really good! I am so stuffed though, I actually ate the whole plate because I was starving D: lol I  don't think I am going to eat any other meal for the rest of the night though, I'm so stuff lol.

Tia's mom joined us for lunch where we ended up talking about Japan :] She was telling me how great all the food was and Tia was telling me that I would end up broke when I come back lol. I can see that happening as well T-T

I have been meeting a lot of people who went on the study abroad programs I went to actually. It's interesting to hear their experiences. But I'll talk about that another time.

Tia looks so cute >//<

Shortly after eating, Tia's mom asked if we wanted to go to Daiso? So we stopped by, I didn't buy anything then. We just looked at all the cute stuff they had and I made mental notes of what I would need for my future apartment lol.

We didn't get anything at Daiso, just took some pictures lol. But we walked over to Mitsuwa where Tia was showing me all the fancy Japanese gyaru makeup. So expensive O__O lol I'll stick to my $1.50 eyeliner from Daiso.

We were also looking at the sweets and I was craving milk candy so Tia showed me the one she liked and got it for me ; __; It was really good :3

Soon after we realized it was already 5pm :o we had spent the whole day out! So we had decided to call it a day :]

Today was a nice day, I have been feeling so drained but I was so happy to hang out with Tia. I decided not to go to Vegas or the party in Beverly Hills, too much energy required lol. And I don't feel like drinking a lot lately.

So this weekend will be chill, me watching stuff on my laptop and doing homework. Though it's actually a lot of homework and I am already studying for midterms -__- but hey, midterms is a sign I'm halfway done with the quarter right? lol kinda not really -.-

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