Friday, January 25, 2013

A Day with my Darling Tia.

I spent the whole day with my lovely Tia<3 I missed her so much, I'm surprised the last time I saw her was December :o

My Japanese class ended at 11am so Tia came around 11:30 where we ending up going to the spectrum.

It was raining on and off today, and it was actually a bit humid. But it wasn't gross, it was nice weather actually.

So anywho, we went shopping. I wasn't planning on getting anything but I ended up finding some stuff I have been looking for! It always works that way doesn't it? You never find anything when you plan to go shopping but when you just go on a whim you find all the things you wanted.

I bought some make-up as well. I want to give a try with eyeshadows, more natural colors /shrugs we'll see how that goes lol.

After shopping for a bit we ended up going to Curry House where I got Katsu Curry. It was so delicious *__* I have been craving it for a while, so it was heaven <3

And I also got custard pudding which was really good! I am so stuffed though, I actually ate the whole plate because I was starving D: lol I  don't think I am going to eat any other meal for the rest of the night though, I'm so stuff lol.

Tia's mom joined us for lunch where we ended up talking about Japan :] She was telling me how great all the food was and Tia was telling me that I would end up broke when I come back lol. I can see that happening as well T-T

I have been meeting a lot of people who went on the study abroad programs I went to actually. It's interesting to hear their experiences. But I'll talk about that another time.

Tia looks so cute >//<

Shortly after eating, Tia's mom asked if we wanted to go to Daiso? So we stopped by, I didn't buy anything then. We just looked at all the cute stuff they had and I made mental notes of what I would need for my future apartment lol.

We didn't get anything at Daiso, just took some pictures lol. But we walked over to Mitsuwa where Tia was showing me all the fancy Japanese gyaru makeup. So expensive O__O lol I'll stick to my $1.50 eyeliner from Daiso.

We were also looking at the sweets and I was craving milk candy so Tia showed me the one she liked and got it for me ; __; It was really good :3

Soon after we realized it was already 5pm :o we had spent the whole day out! So we had decided to call it a day :]

Today was a nice day, I have been feeling so drained but I was so happy to hang out with Tia. I decided not to go to Vegas or the party in Beverly Hills, too much energy required lol. And I don't feel like drinking a lot lately.

So this weekend will be chill, me watching stuff on my laptop and doing homework. Though it's actually a lot of homework and I am already studying for midterms -__- but hey, midterms is a sign I'm halfway done with the quarter right? lol kinda not really -.-

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back to my Introvert Ways.

After going out quite a bit last quarter, I realized I don't want to go out as much this quarter. I think my introvertness is kickin' in because I feel tired of going out, like I have no energy. It feels like too much work. Maybe because it's the beginning of the quarter? I don't know.

I just want to go on chill outings, like going to eat, going to a bookstore, etc. But even then, I don't want to do that a lot. I want to stay in my room and listen to music or watch stuff on my laptop. My outgoingness was all used up last quarter lol.

I am going to be working out now though, at least doing cardio. I have been eating healthier by taking out as much fatty meals and restricting myself to healthy meals such as chicken, sweet potatoes, and plenty of vegetables. And the usual, lots of water.

I am planning to go running tonight around my campus. I hope my laziness doesn't take over though lol. Today's a homework day, haven't started any of it :/ ugh reading.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kickback @ Miharu's

Yesterday was JSA's kickback at Miharu's place. I met up with Ayaka to buy some chasers and snacks. We had gotten there pretty early so we were just standing around eating Häagen-Dazs ice cream. The green tea one so good! Best green tea ice cream I ever had.

Shortly after, more people started arriving. I was talking to Pragya, Gina, Fernando, and Shunya. I ended up meeting JJ who is a JSA officer but was studying abroad in Japan until now. We talked a bit about his experience and he brought this "Tokyo Banana Pie" which tasted really good! I was craving something sweet during that time and it was such a subtle sweetness, I loved the way it tasted.

Shotaro also came shortly after along with Kotaro and another guy (forgot his name ><). That's when we began drinking.

I wasn't really looking forward to drinking that night because the alcohol looked cheap and I've heard horror stories of vodka tasting like rubbing alcohol. So I only took one shot in the beginning.

It became more fun when we started to play beer pong. Kotaro and his friend are always beer pong partners and I always see them playing beer pong at the JSA parties.

They were really good at won 5 games in a row lol. They get really into it too so it's entertaining to watch haha.

On the side, Makoto was drawing different people. He drew Ayaka which came out ridiculously horrible xD everyone was like I wish I took a picture haha. He also drew Shotaro which wasn't too bad actually haha.

Everyone was drinking a lot more by this point. They were either buzzed or tipsy. I was still staying away from the alcohol D: lol

Shotaro was already a bit tipsy after losing 2 games of beer pong and taking 5 shots. He kept drinking more after that too D: lol and kept telling me to drink -.- Pragya also was trying to get me to drink so I took another shot but it was actually 2 because Shotaro served me too much D: lol

We were using limes as chasers which were actually really good. Better than any other chasers I've used to I'm planning to do that from now on.

Brian and Taka ended up showing up later :D they were pretty entertaining, especially Brian lol. I took a shot with Brian also lol.

Alex also ended up coming :D I ended up talking to Alex and Fernando about the most random stuff. Mostly girls though lol because Alex likes Latinas best but I think Asian girls are really pretty. But him and Fernando were talking about them liking ass and I was like that's why he likes Latina's best -.-"

They were trying to argue that ass is better than boobs which I tend to disagree, I think boobs are better than ass if I had to choose. Kotaro also agreed haha so we left it at that.

After more talking and drinking I did get a bit tipsy. I didn't realize how much so until Alex was taking me home and when we were talking in the car I saw two of him LOL

We actually ended up talking about serious stuff for a long time. I don't know how it got to that though -__-" but for the jist of it we talked about some stuff of my past which I hadn't talked to anyone else about. It got to the point where it made me emotional.

Alex was being a really good friend and was telling me how it was. He ended up wiping my tears when I was crying, which I never understood why it was such a big deal for why girls wanted that but I understood why after that. It surprisingly put me at ease. I don't understand why, but it did. It was just a nice gesture.

But anywho, after the long talk I went to my apartment and knocked the fuck out lol. I was so sleepy. I had a bit of a hangover today -.- no more cheap alcohol, and I will drink water next time before I go to bed.

Friday, January 11, 2013

R.I.P. Chata

Yesterday I also received some sad news from my older sister. Her dog Ariel passed away :/ (she also had the nicknames Chata & Chatita) She was so cute and precious, I will miss her. Even if she did act like a princess at times lol.

She was so cute because when you would sing she would start howling and singing along, it was so adorable. And she would always get super excited and try to hide it but failed miserably lol.

She just passed away randomly. We aren't too sure what happened but my family is leaning towards her getting bit by something because apparently she was limping when walking and acting all weird.

Something like this happened before but when we took her to the vet they gave her pills and said she would be okay. But because my sister heard her making weird noises her and my mom were going to take to to the emergency care.

Sadly, on the way there my sister felt Ariel's breathing becoming difficult and becoming slower and she eventually died in her arms 5 mins away from the emergency care.

So sad :[ Although my sister is devestated she thinks it was better that she died with her rather than finding her dead the next morning and because she was in her arms and she was talking to her and trying to comfort her.

I feel bad for her other dog Lorelai who has always been with Ariel since she was a puppy. Apparently the next my older sister had Lorelai sniff her, hoping that she will understand that she is no longer there :/

R.I.P Chatita
we will miss your singing 
and pretending to be tall<3

Ugh, life. Finding out about 2 deaths in one day? Fun~

First JSA Meeting of Winter Quarter.

Yesterday was the first JSA meeting of the new quarter. Me and Ayaka were planning to meet up before JSA but she was running a bit late. Jenny ended up calling me and asking me where I was because her and a couple of our other friends were at the food court. So I ended up joining them.

Yoshiki, Tony, and Jenny's friend Shane was there. They were all doing homework before the JSA meeting started lol. Shortly after, Ayaka ended up coming. We were really happy to see each other because it had been a while since we hung out.

We caught up on the stuff that was going on in our life, her boy troubles and my dating failures lol. We agreed that guys are too troublesome lol.

It was eventually time for JSA and said hello to everyone. JSA started off with events that were coming up. I don't remember most of them to be honest -.- but for sure a Big Bear trip is coming up where we are going to go snowboarding and rent a cabin for the night and party ^-^

I am tempted to go, but I've never gone snowboarding and I'm not too interested in it. Plus it would cost money D: lol

We then played a game of telephone charades which was pretty hilarious lol. I got stuck with having to do Kobe Byrant. Epic fail lol, but it was the most entertaining one haha no one got it right from either of the groups.

Shortly after that, we ended up going to UTC to just eat and hang out. It was freezing though >< lately the cold in Irvine has been so icy~ even Jenny was saying it's cold and she's from Norcal.

Apparently Miharu, Koji, and Makoto are throwing a Vegas trip in a couple weeks and asked if I wanted to go. Ayaka was going so I agreed :] Jenny might go but she is already going to Vegas the weekend before. I've never been to Vegas so I am looking forward to it :]

For some reason that night people were giving me a hard time -.- Mostly Yu and Taka lol. I feel that Yu is very entertained with Mexicans and kept trying to get me to talk chola lol. Him and Taka were doing it and getting all into it too being like "duuuuuuummmmmbbbb" and stuff lol.

Yu and David were also saying that apparently having red hair means you get horny easily -__-" and they were saying black beans make you horny also. They are so lame lol.

Lol I don't know about all that...but I had fun. Me and Jenny ended up leaving around 9ish because we had to do study for our Japanese quiz the next day.

Tonight Miharu is having a kickback at her place, so we will see how that goes~

Thursday, January 10, 2013

R.I.P. K

Honestly, I am pretty sad about what happened to K. PTP was one of my favorite bands and I really enjoyed listening to K's voice, I loved this band. I really wanted to see PTP live if I went to Japan, and listen to K's voice in person. I'm sad I will never get to experience this.

I feel that the hardest thing is that his death came from nowhere. Though PTP activity was at a pause from his illness he was already making plans to come back this year. His life was cut short way too soon.

He still recorded some songs before his death so they will be releasing an album with that but it seems so lonely.

He was more talented than anyone would ever know.
&he touched many people with his music, including me.

Thank you K, for everything.
Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten.

Constantly had this song on repeat.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Playing Instead of Studying

It's the first week of school and I already am hanging out with friends more than studying when it should be the opposite -.-"

Yesterday was my long day, class from 10am-5pm and I was planning to go home and read the assigned chapters but my friend David texted me telling me to come to UCI's pub -.- I hadn't seen him in a while so I decided to stop by. Luckily Jenny came also :] we caught up on stuff that happened over break.

Today, I only had my Japanese class from 10-11am. I was planning on going back to read the assigned chapters again and then Tony wanted to meet me up to give me one of the things he owed me. Then Chris ended up showing up, and Yoshiki came shortly after so we all had lunch.

I ended up staying there till 3pm because that's when Chris and Tony have their Japanese class. I even saw Jenny again lol. And Ayaka ;A; I miss her<3 (we are having lunch tomorrow) I stayed with Yoshiki and did some reading during that time since Jenny wanted to go to 85 Degrees Bakery after her class along with Yoshiki.

Me and Yoshiki were doing our hw when Jenny told us to meet her so we walked over to the Social Sciences and me and Yoshiki started to talk about random things. Turns out, Yoshiki is going to stay in America. He is going to go to community college and then transfer to a UC as well :]

Shortly after, Jenny came with Chris and we ended up all going to Diamond Jamboree. We were going to go to 85 but the line was super long so we decided to eat and then go afterwards.

We went to Ajisen Ramen :] it was so nice to have some warm ramen since it is already getting cold. After that, we ended up going to 85 where the line was much shorter :]

I got like 3 breads, one sweet one and 2 meal like ones. Only $3! :o so cheap~

After that we decided to go home since some of us had to do hw ~_~ we decided we would karaoke and take purikura next time :]

And now I am off to read for my classes, so much reading and it's only week 1 D: /sigh I knew I wouldn't enjoy this quarter.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Years~

So my New Years post is really late but I didn't do much anyways lol.

Me and Daydee spent New Years together since our parents went to my mom's usual business party and my older sister spent it with her fiance. Me and Daydee decided to go eat at Gyu-kaku and then buy some alcohol to enjoy in the comfort of our own home :]

Unfortunately, Gyu-kaku wasn't as great as it usually was seeing as they took forever to give us our food T-T but that was the only bad thing really.

Me and Daydee got the alcohol and then went home where she wanted to do a "Sister Tag" for her YouTube channel. Her channel isn't big or anything, she just upload videos for fun :] I felt really awkward doing the video -.-" lol but it was still fun.

After doing the tag we watched The Hills on Netflix and then changed it to MTV for the last 2 minutes before the new year. We toasted to no more assholes in our lives~ and drank our Stella Rosa :]

I am very thankful for 2012, a lot of great things happened to me. I got accepted into my dream university, I met many good friends both online and at my uni, I got my tattoo and piercings, and have been learning more Japanese.

I hope this year is just as awesome or even better :]

Looking at last year's resolutions, I actually did pretty well :] Although I don't have abs, I have gone closer to my goal weight! Around 5 more pounds to go :] I am thankfully still doing well in school, and I am getting more comfortable with myself.

I think I am going to have the same resolution this year except adding eating healthy to the equation and saving more money. Let's see how it goes~

And to those who are interested, here is the Sister Tag we did :] it's a tad long -.-

Just to warn you, I kept messing with my hair a lot -.-" lol
And you might want to put the volume down a bit,
we are loud Mexicans D: LOL