Friday, December 7, 2012

Small Break During Finals

I know I should be getting ready to study for finals, but luck has been on my side and my art history teacher decided to make the final a take home :] So I am not as stressed as I used to be. But my Japanese writing and Kanji final is another story D: At least I got the listening and speaking done.

Anywho, so Tony invited me, Yoshimi, and Ayaka to hang out with him and Yoshiki. We were just going to go to the spectrum but I suggested doing purikura since both Ayaka and Yoshimi are leaving this quarter :[ and they didn't know the U.S. had purikura lol (Btw this is a different Ayaka lol)

Yoshimi, Yoshiki, and Ayaka were surprised by the cost of the purikura here since it was around $13 and they said in Japan it's like $4 lol imported goods T-T 

After taking some purikura we waited while Tony scanned the purikura. Me, Yoshimi, and Ayaka ended up taking pictures~

I remember Monica saying that the purikura booth lighting is really good so we just went inside to take the pics haha. We took a bunch of other random photos also lol.

Me and Yoshimi trying to take photos of each other
while trying to hide our own faces lol

Me and Yoshimi kept taking pictures of random things while Tony and Ayaka split the purikura up :] Yoshimi kept trying to take pictures of me D: I really don't like pictures all that much, I have to take a billion before I think one is even decent looking -__-" She ended up getting me though -.- lol

After splitting up the pics we went to Irvine Spectrum, which took way longer than expected because of traffic :/ but it was all good. Tony was starving since he hadn't eaten since 12pm so we decided to get something to eat so we went to Red Robin.

Tony kept getting huge ass fries xD we all ate so much~ Yoshiki looked like he was going to be sick xD Yoshimi handled her food like a boss, she ordered the most and ate all of it. I tried to eat all my food but I got full quickly TT-TT lol I ate most of it though. Ayaka was also full, and she had a caramel apple before hand D: lol

It was actually her first time having a caramel apple :D and she really liked it ^-^

Afterwards, we just ended up shopping lol. I got this dress that I have been wanting for a long time! It's just a tight, long sleeve, blue dress but you can dress it up or down so that's why I like it so much :] lol

Yoshiki bought some stuff also, and so did Ayaka. Yoshimi ended up getting a lot xD she was pretty happy though haha she is so cute ><

Tony bought me some chocolate gummy bears because I was craving chocolate >< I swear he is always trying to get me to eat and get fat -.-" 

I am pretty bummed Yoshimi is leaving :[ I wish I would have met her sooner /sigh and same with Ayaka. Ughh, again so many awesome people you meet that have to leave :[

Yoshimi is going to get another tattoo and asked me to come, I want to so bad!! I've been dying to get my other tattoos done but I told her my mom would kill me if I got another one. Like KILL lol, and won't pay for my school or anything TT-TT She agreed I should wait until I graduate then.

I told Yoshimi that when I go to Japan I will visit her for sure! She actually lives in Nagoya :] We will probably go to a tattoo shop then lol :]

Next Thursday is Yoshimi's going away bonfire~ That'll probably be the next and last time I see her :[

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