Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saori's Farewell Party~

Saori's farewell party was Sunday.

Yuzo came to pick me up and we got some alcohol and stuff. We were there super early like 7:30ish and the party didn't start till 8 and even then people wouldn't come till later.

Before the party started~
Shotaro wearing Yuzo's glasses LOL

Luckily Shotaro came early lol, he recently moved in the apartments next to Yuzo so they are neighbors now. Shotaro was doing magic tricks and we were just talking. Yuzo was giving Shotaro a hard time when he was doing the magic tricks -.-" lol he is so mean to him sometimes.

Eventually more people started to show up but it was more of a kickback then a party :[ I was kinda bummed, this was the time when I was talking to Cameron. Then David came :D he didn't come till 10pm because he was working. But I was so happy to see him because he always gets the party started lol

Tomoko, Saori, and Yuzo
Tomoko was crying because she was sad Saori was leaving :[

The round of shots D: Saori drank a shit load from the bottle O__O
Look at me derping on the left side -__-" lol

More shots TT-TT lol don't know why I look so pale O_o
LOL at Shotaro and Yuzo's face

Sure enough, the party started to get a bit better. I had only been drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade since I haven't been taking the hard liquor well lately. But David, Shotaro, and Yuzo kept trying to get me to get shots TT-TT Luckily Yuzo gave me a really small one because he knew I didn't want to drink too much.

Eventually Yuzo and Shotaro got really drunk. Yuzo gets really touchy with other guys when he drinks...I'm like O___O he kept touching Shotaro's nipples I was just like "Okay...I'm going......" haha they were also grabbing each other's waists and crap I felt so awkward being there haha and then Shotaro would be like "you too?" as in me joining the touchy party and I was just like "no.." lol and would keep my distance from them haha. It was entertaining but sometimes I just was like "ahh too much ><" haha

Omfg I get embarrassed just thinking about it xD lol it was so bad hahaha

They even did that thing where they have a chip and are basically going to kiss. I don't know what you call it but it looked like they were kissing and getting all sexual with each other xDD omfggggg too fuckin crazy LOL. Sooo many people took pictures LOL.

Ah yeah, they were crazy haha. Later Brian and Taka came :D I was talking to Brian in Spanish for a bit and I was talking with Shotaro in Spanish too. He says Spanish is similar to a Japanese dialect last time forgot which one though. But he was telling me he liked my red hair xD I was testing Brian on the colors and then he asked started testing my Japanese colors also. I was pretty good except I didn't know brown lol.

Most of the time I was with Shotaro and David though. Shotaro was just really tipsy and was singing haha xD but he has a good voice so it was nice to hear him sing. And we were talking about Disney movies and stuff because he really likes Disney but surprisingly he never watched Tangled. Even David said he had to watch it, it's so good! And I was teaching him more Spanish lol he was really good though, he got a good amount of what I was saying and could say short phrases.

I ended up being with David a lot outside. David is a psych major and likes to do psychologically analyze on people so he was doing that. But honestly, I love David a lot because he is able to get me. Everything he was saying about me was true and how I was feeling about shit in general and how I am as a person and what I want in life. It's nice to talk to someone who gets you without having to explain yourself. He actually said we were a lot alike surprisingly.

Me and Satoko took a picture before she left
Don't mind me looking all derpy here also -.-"

David was nice enough to take me home, it made me sad to leave though. I think that's one bad thing about parties is that it is so sad once it's over. I knocked out at the end of the first two parties so I don't have to do the sad parting haha but the JSA EQP and this party made me sad to leave. So depressing~

Surprisingly I do have a small headache today even though I didn't drink a lot. I was just a bit tipsy but I think it's because I only had one meal yesterday and people brought cheap alcohol for the shots -__- I didn't want any and I kept throwing out my shots when I could but they caught me TT-TT lol And there weren't enough chasers D: /sigh  Japanese and their drinking lol it's all good though, it's fun haha :]

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