Thursday, December 6, 2012

JSA Secret Santa.

Tonight at JSA we had the Secret Santa gift exchange. It was pretty nerve-wracking actually because we had to go to the front on the classroom and face our back towards the rest of the JSA members as we waiting for our Secret Santa to come up behind us and give us the gift.

I hate going up in crowds and being put on the spot >< but it was funny to see the different ways the Secret Santas surprised some people. OMG Saori was so adorable ;__; ughhh this girl<3 lol can't explain her cuteness.

I just tapped my Secret Santa lol, I am not creative at all /shrugs. Then after a while it was my turn to go up >< and it was actually Shotaro who was my Secret Santa! I was really, really, surprised. I honestly wasn't expecting it at all...

He ended up giving me a book about Japanese tattoos and two mixed CDs that he made. This was honestly a great present for me. I was hoping that my Secret Santa would give me music or something like an iTunes card or a CD xD and then the tattoo book is just an awesome plus.

I am really happy with the present, he really paid attention to my interests. Which is awesome because I didn't write any of this on slip for the Secret Santa, I think he actually just paid attention to when we would talk.

I am currently listening to the first CD as I type this and I love it so far :] After all, we have the same taste in music.

After the Secret Santa gift giving we mingled a bit and then David asked if me and Jenny wanted to go to UCI's Pub. I thought, why not~ And decided to go. Brian, Michael, Yuzo, Kotaro, Taka, and Shotaro were going as well.

We just ended up talking, playing this "Pin Pon" game that Shotaro taught us and Shotaro did a magic card trick with me. I swear Shotaro is talented at everything, he plays the guitar, sings, skateboards, does magic, like wtf...haha. I'm here like I can breathe? e__e lol

Haha but yeah, I had fun. It was just a chill night with friends. Unfortunately  this was the last JSA meeting for this quarter. Oh! And Rika (our JSA president) asked me if I wanted to be a JSA officer next year. I told her if I wasn't going to Japan I definitely will! So training will start next quarter.

The last event is JSA party next Friday to celebrate the end of finals and the end of the quarter~ I am so excited :] Not going to drink a lot though...seriously lol. I'm so tired of blacking out -.- haha

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