Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Abuelita's 90th Birthday

On Saturday we drove down to Calexico to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday.

Me and my sisters went in my little sister's car and my parents rented a car and went in that car since they were going to be  down there for 2 days. They were lucky and got the Dodge Challenger, such a nice car!

Anywho, it took a bit to get there than expected due to slow cars on the way. By the time we did get down to Calexico we were pretty hungry.

We were initially going to cross the border to get some tacos and then come back for abuelita's party but then Tia Espee called Mami telling her that they were waiting for us to start the party. So we hurried up and went to the party while we parted ways with my dad. He was still crossing the border to see his mom in Mexico and come join the party later.

But when we ended up getting there they didn't have anything ready -.- so lame, and we were starving. Apparently they were stil waiting on other family so we left to get something to eat. When we came back more people had come and the DJ actually started playing music.

It was nice to see our cousins that we hadn't seen in a while. I hadn't seen Michael since my older sister's graduation back in June of 2011. And I hadn't seen my other cousin Joe in even longer, I don't even know.

For a while we were just sitting while this guy they hired to sing and started to serenade me D: lol that was so awkwarddddd and of course I felt myself turning pink, but hey at least it wasn't red! lol He eventually went on to my other sisters but he kept coming back to me T-T he did sing one of the oldies songs I liked though so I was happy haha

After much awkwardness me and my sisters took pictures :D haha I actually didn't really like the picture with all 3 of us because it looks like I'm looking up or something but I wanted to stop taking photos since the family we didn't know were staring at us and made us felt like camwhores or something -.- lol oh well~

We ended up dancing a bit too. They knew Gangnam Style O__O lol of course that should be expected since Gangnam Style became well known everywhere but for 2 old Mexicans to be like "Want us to play that Gangnam song?" lol it's still shocking for me.

Sure enough we agreed and me, my little sister and my cousin Christie danced to Gangnam Style awkwardly haha still love that song though it is overplayed.

We ended up doing Mexican line dancing -__- lol the things I do for my grandma lol. We also danced with her too :]

It was overall way more fun than expected :] Usually at family gatherings me and my sisters and there awkwardly in corner while the adults are there talking away, drinking, and enjoying themselves. But we had fun with our cousins and aunts dancing and stuff.

Then it was time for the cake :D my grandma blew out the candles with her Dos Equis beer in her hand xD lol she is so funny, she says she prefers tequila though xD

After they blew out the candles my grandma gave thanks for those who came out and did a small speech about what she wished for.

Soon after everyone sang a song with abuelita and they all started to get emotional and sad :[ but it was a good type of sad. Then afterwards, each of her children that came made a speech for her. It was really touching.

My mom and younger sis :]

I was happy my mom really enjoyed herself and so did my grandma. My mom was worried she wouldn't have fun due to some family issues but she also had fun so I am happy. It was overall a fun day.

We had to leave that day since my little sister had to work in the morning so we said our goodbyes and drove back home.

Since we were driving in the middle of nowhere you were able to see the starts so nicely. It would have been nice to see them without the tinted windows though T-T but I really enjoyed looking at the stars and listening to my ipod.

And our way back the moon was so beautiful and big and we were passing the Salton Sea and the moon's reflection on it was breathtaking! I tried to take a picture on my phone but it looked nothing like what it did in person! It didn't do it justice so I gave up :[ but it's definitely a sight I won't forget.

That day was an overall good day :]

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