Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Catching Up With Tia~

Me and Tia had some time to hang out before things got crazy for finals so that's just what we did :] We went to the usual place, Diamond Jamboree where we ate at BCD Tofu. It is that time of the month so I was really happy to get soup~

Some stuff happened with us and guys lately so we decided to catch either up on the stuff that was going on. Not really guy issues, but just general stuff. We already talked about the stuff through texts but some stuff is just easier to say in person. 

After stuffing our faces and eating we ended up craving macaroons so we went to Bon Epi Patisserie & Café. $1.75 for a macaroon TT-TT but I got a coffee one and it was delicious~ lol. Tia got a coffee and a lemon one :]

While I was waiting for Tia to get her macaroons a guy started saying how he liked my tattoos but said they were in an awkward position. I asked him how and he said because since there are no other tattoos but there? I thought I guess? But not really. I told him I was planning on getting a lot more so it won't be a random spot. He started asking me where and I just told him on the front of my legs and my arm because I was getting a half sleeve. 

He also said he was getting a half sleeve and explained why he couldn't get one now something about a studio or something and body building? I don't know -.- he then asked me what I was getting. I always get somewhat annoyed when people ask me this because it's a half sleeve, it's pretty much a bunch of random shit -.- so I just told him that, random stuff. I always tell people that /sigh

After Tia was done we left and Tia said white guys like me LOL because the waiter at Red Robin was also trying to talking to me according to Tia. I'm oblivious to this kind of stuff -.- and even with this guy, I don't think he was hitting on me but he was just interested in talking because he likes tattoos.

Afterwards, me and Tia ended up taking purikura :D we realized we have taken purikura for every season xD Summer, fall, and now winter lol. Next will be spring~ 

Tia really wants to go to Disneyland so we might go before I go back home. She also has some other plans -.- lol ahh my darling Tia, I love her so much but I just suck when it comes to the things she wants me to do. We'll see~

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