Sunday, December 16, 2012

JSA's End of the Quarter Party

Me. Derek, and Jenny :D
Derek was already pretty fucked up by this time lol

Friday was JSA's "End of the Quarter" party :] Me and Jenny were planning on going together this time :] so I got ready for the party and she came to my place at 7:30ish to pick me up so we can go back to hers.

She didn't know what she wanted to wear so I decided to pick out her outfit :] She looked so adorable like I little doll T3T lol. Anyways~ we were waiting for our friend Derek to come get us so we could eat, buy the alcohol, and then go to the party.

We went to H-mart to get the stuff to make yogurt soju and got some chasers. Afterwards we went to go eat Korean food :] Me and Jenny shared a meat bowl. It was so good and we got stuffed quickly. Derek looked at us like we were crazy and said we eat too little LOL

Ayaka, Jenny, and me decide to take a picture
when Yuzo decides to creep in xD

Afterwards we went to the party. It was raining so me and Jenny were freezing because we were wearing dresses lol. But anywho, when we got there we started off with shots like we always do haha. It was fun, and I saw Ayaka!! It had been a while since I last seen her >< we talked a bit about a bunch of stuff.

So many people were there that we didn't know lol. But it's all good it made it more fun, ended up meeting a lot more people :]

I was happy because for this party I did not get wasted :D haha I just got buzzed. I think my birthday really made me dislike alcohol because I was drinking more of the chasers than anything else xD the shots tasted so bad to me. I decided to stick with light stuff like Mark's Hard Lemonade LOL I honestly was done after 3 or 4 shots it was too gross for me T-T

Even the yogurt soju had too much alcohol TT-TT it was so depressing lol. And Fernando made me a drink with really expensive alcohol but I didn't like it either :/ so I'm taking a break from the hard stuff for a while haha.

Me and Michael
One of the times he saved me from the rounds of shots D: lol

Anyways, so I wasn't actually drunk just buzzed and happy throughout the whole party which is what I like ^-^ lol. But I was getting tired so when my guy friends heard this they were like "Ah! That's means you need to drink more! Shots, shots, shots!" lol. I managed to get away a couple times >< this one guy named Michael was helping me out too.

He was nice, but he was interested in But he didn't approach me in a creepy way he just said I was cute and stuff like that and saying how he wanted to get to know me more. I wasn't interested though, and Jenny noticed that he was trying to talk to me and she got all protective xD hahaha it was almost harsh though...hahaha

Because there was this other guy there named Ricky, I thought he was cute haha. And I found out he likes tattoos and wants to get a full sleeve so we bonded over that xD and he also does graphic design at an art college so I was really interested since I used to do graphic and web design. Jenny approved of Ricky for some reason but not of Michael and she started to shoo Michael away and say stuff like "aww too late, they are already bonding you don't have a chance" I was just there like O___O lol omfg Jenny xD I didn't know how to respond to any of

But yeah, I hung out with Shotaro quite a bit but he was soooo drunk xD like rocking back and forth kinda shit haha so funny~ and he and Ayaka started dancing a waltz for a bit hahahah yeah...he was gone. And Yuzo kept making him drink more -___-" I'm like wtfff Yuzo. And he kept dragging him off somewhere when me and Shotaro were chillin' I'm just like this seems sketchy....but ehh whatever lol.

Ah but it was weird because some of my friends that were drunk were hitting on me O___o I was like wtf is up with this I was particularly weirded out by my friend Fernando. He was putting his arms around me and shit so I was like ahh brb...and didn't come back. Yuzo said that I'm really popular and have all these guys chasing me and I'm just like -__-" I've never had this before so I don't understand why it's like this now.

Ahhh and Alex sang for me and Jenny :3 he is such a good singer, but Jenny never heard him so she wanted to hear him sing. He kept getting all shy and so we went outside and he sang to us. It was so cute lol. Ahh it was so much fun looking back on it lol :]

Me, Ricky, David (already tipsy~ LOL), and Brian :D
Brian was blinking D: I need a better picture with him -.-

Towards the end of the party I was chillin with Jenny, Alex, David, Brian, and Ricky. That was when I saw Yuzo was by himself for a while and on his phone. He looked pretty sad. I went over to him to see what was up but he didn't really mention anything. He later told me he was upset because of his ex. He was keeping it vague though :/ I hope he feels better soon. Michael also got emotional because his ex came to the party. It was pretty intense actually... /sigh some drama but not too much.

Yuzo ended up taking me home, where we somewhat talked about his ex a bit more but he kept keeping it vague. I told him it's normal to take a long time to get over someone, I would know because of my ex. But he still feels like shit :/

/sigh life. Well besides the small thing happening with Yuzo I had fun overall :] It was nice to not be the drunk one for once and to see everyone else get fucked up haha. And when I first got there too everyone was like "YURIIII~ She's going to get fucked up!" haha but nope, watched myself this time like I said I would LOL. Still, good times~

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