Friday, December 14, 2012

Farewell to my Lovely Yoshimi~

Tonight is the last time I will be seeing Yoshimi, so we decided to throw a going away dinner for her. Since Ayaka is also leaving we decided to have it for her as well but we will be seeing her on Saturday so it was a bit more for Yoshimi.

The bonfire we were planning was cancelled since it was so cold and it would be easier to go out and eat :] So me, Tony, Yoshimi, Yoshiki, Ayaka, Jenny, and Desmond all went to eat at Tsuruhashi. It's a Japanese bbq which was really good but really expensive D: The bill was like $278 TT-TT me and Jenny wanted to cry lol.

But I tried raw meat :D It was so good~ It was recently banned in Japan since a lot of people were dying from it from eating it at bad restaurants so Yoshimi, Yoshiki, and Ayaka took advantage of this lol.

Yoshimi was so good at flipping the food :o we found out it because she worked at a restaurant like this. It was so delicious and fun~

We ended up bringing out the cake that me and Tony got earlier for Yoshimi and Ayaka. They loved it and were so happy and surprised, mission = success <3

While we were eating Yoshimi said she really wanted to go to the ocean. She said she wanted to swim in the ocean at night right now. It was pretty cold today, it was even raining! But since she really wanted to do it, I said fuck it and we decided to go :]

Ayaka said she couldn't go because she had to study :[ so we decided to have a little fun and put some cake on her :] haha

We ended up taking some more group shots after we ate :] We were trying to hard to fit everyone in but it wasn't really working until Tony came up with the brilliant plan of us all going behind him xD so that's what we did.

It ended up working and we were able to take a picture as a group haha :] After taking some pics we split into two cars to go back to Irvine to take Ayaka to UCI and for us to go get a change of clothes.

I let Yoshimi borrow my clothes and we hurried and went to Laguna Beach. It was actually raining in Irvine so we were like wtfff but it got clear once we went to Laguna :]

It was pretty fuckin' cold when we got there haha but me and Yoshimi took pictures of us in our "summer attire" haha :] Jenny came with us in her sweats xD She wasn't planning on getting in the water and neither was anyone else actually haha. Especially Yoshiki and Cameron xD

Yoshimi was super excited to get into the water! Like she literally ran into it xD I was so preoccupied with the cold sand >< but I hurried and ran into the water as well. Again, my thoughts were fuck it~ haha

At first it was only me and Yoshimi in the water. Everyone thought we were crazy for going in lol but eventually Jenny, Tony, and Desmond came in as well. They still didn't go in as much as me and Yoshimi but they still went in :]

Tony was being a baby about the cold though when it wasn't even that bad -.-

The water was actually really warm~ It felt so good and I went almost all the way in. I didn't go all the way because the waves were huge and I was scared I would get swallowed haha. But it was fun :] Definitely an experience. Going to the beach at 12am in 50 degrees (10 degrees celsius) weather haha. It was awesome~

It was also so awesome because there was suppose to be a meteor shower but that was around before dawn so I didn't get to see it :[ But while we were at the beach the sky was so clear we were able to see a lot of stars and I saw two shooting stars. Of course I made a wish<3

Yoshimi was definitely happy :] she said she just wanted to do something crazy before she went back to Japan.

After we got out of the water it was freezing D: the sand at least. It felt like you were walking on needles or on ice, so fuckin cold lol. But we hurried and washed out feet and went back to the car.

It was there that Yoshimi gave me a card. I was so surprised and so touched >< We parted ways since Cameron was taking me, Jenny, and Yoshiki home while Tony was taking Yoshimi and Desmond home.

 I wanted to cry. I really love Yoshimi and wished I had came to Irvine sooner so I could have met her. I read the card and it was her saying how she was happy she met me and that she wished we could have hung out more but promised we will see each other again. And at the end of the card she put "大好きいいいい" ;____; <3

Makes me want to cry thinking about it :[ but I will see Yoshimi again. Even if I don't study abroad I definitely will go to Japan to see her.

"Our fingerprints don't fade in the lives we touch" 
-Tyler, Remember Me

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