Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Abuelita's 90th Birthday

On Saturday we drove down to Calexico to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday.

Me and my sisters went in my little sister's car and my parents rented a car and went in that car since they were going to be  down there for 2 days. They were lucky and got the Dodge Challenger, such a nice car!

Anywho, it took a bit to get there than expected due to slow cars on the way. By the time we did get down to Calexico we were pretty hungry.

We were initially going to cross the border to get some tacos and then come back for abuelita's party but then Tia Espee called Mami telling her that they were waiting for us to start the party. So we hurried up and went to the party while we parted ways with my dad. He was still crossing the border to see his mom in Mexico and come join the party later.

But when we ended up getting there they didn't have anything ready -.- so lame, and we were starving. Apparently they were stil waiting on other family so we left to get something to eat. When we came back more people had come and the DJ actually started playing music.

It was nice to see our cousins that we hadn't seen in a while. I hadn't seen Michael since my older sister's graduation back in June of 2011. And I hadn't seen my other cousin Joe in even longer, I don't even know.

For a while we were just sitting while this guy they hired to sing and started to serenade me D: lol that was so awkwarddddd and of course I felt myself turning pink, but hey at least it wasn't red! lol He eventually went on to my other sisters but he kept coming back to me T-T he did sing one of the oldies songs I liked though so I was happy haha

After much awkwardness me and my sisters took pictures :D haha I actually didn't really like the picture with all 3 of us because it looks like I'm looking up or something but I wanted to stop taking photos since the family we didn't know were staring at us and made us felt like camwhores or something -.- lol oh well~

We ended up dancing a bit too. They knew Gangnam Style O__O lol of course that should be expected since Gangnam Style became well known everywhere but for 2 old Mexicans to be like "Want us to play that Gangnam song?" lol it's still shocking for me.

Sure enough we agreed and me, my little sister and my cousin Christie danced to Gangnam Style awkwardly haha still love that song though it is overplayed.

We ended up doing Mexican line dancing -__- lol the things I do for my grandma lol. We also danced with her too :]

It was overall way more fun than expected :] Usually at family gatherings me and my sisters and there awkwardly in corner while the adults are there talking away, drinking, and enjoying themselves. But we had fun with our cousins and aunts dancing and stuff.

Then it was time for the cake :D my grandma blew out the candles with her Dos Equis beer in her hand xD lol she is so funny, she says she prefers tequila though xD

After they blew out the candles my grandma gave thanks for those who came out and did a small speech about what she wished for.

Soon after everyone sang a song with abuelita and they all started to get emotional and sad :[ but it was a good type of sad. Then afterwards, each of her children that came made a speech for her. It was really touching.

My mom and younger sis :]

I was happy my mom really enjoyed herself and so did my grandma. My mom was worried she wouldn't have fun due to some family issues but she also had fun so I am happy. It was overall a fun day.

We had to leave that day since my little sister had to work in the morning so we said our goodbyes and drove back home.

Since we were driving in the middle of nowhere you were able to see the starts so nicely. It would have been nice to see them without the tinted windows though T-T but I really enjoyed looking at the stars and listening to my ipod.

And our way back the moon was so beautiful and big and we were passing the Salton Sea and the moon's reflection on it was breathtaking! I tried to take a picture on my phone but it looked nothing like what it did in person! It didn't do it justice so I gave up :[ but it's definitely a sight I won't forget.

That day was an overall good day :]

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pierced My Tragus

Last night I went to get my tragus pierced :] Nissie was sweet enough to drive me to Pomona to Ink'd Chronicles where they are having this special till the 29th of December that every piercing is $10 off and the jewelry is free :D so the piercing was only $25

Tess was the piercer and she was really nice. I filled out paper work and waited while she prepared stuff. I liked the way the shop looked a lot, I should have taken pictures of the inside but I felt weird just taking a picture of the outside lol.

They had a lot of tattoo magazines which I loved. They even had this new issue that came out with Kat Von D and Deadmau5 since they are now engaged. I like Kat Von D, but no comment on her love life lol. It also had another magazine with this one Suicide Girl I really like.

While flipping through one of the magazines I came across this tattoo which I really loved which said:

"It's only after you've lost everything 
that you're free to do anything."

I can relate to this quote on so many levels so that's why I loved it so much. Anyways, after a few minutes Tess came to get me and took me to the back. My older sister also came along.

It was really quick to get it done, and it did hurt a bit but it wasn't bad. It actually hurt a lot more to put in the jewelry D: LOL Scale of 1-10 it was a 2 or 3 because of the jewelry switching part lol. 

I am also going to be going up a gauge as well :] I actually already went up one a while back since my last ear stretching post but I was too lazy to post about it and take a picture lol. So I am currently a 6g and am going to go to a 4g :]

And now I shall leave you with a lovely song by The Smiths that has been on repeat lately.

To die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die<3

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mexico This Weekend & My *Cough* Date

So, turns out Saturday we are going to Mexico. It's my grandmother's 90th birthday so we are going to stop by her birthday gathering. I really don't like going to Mexico -__- but the brightside, we are going to cross the border to get some tacos :D lol that sounds so Mexican -.-

I can't believe it's soon going to be New anyone else surprised by how fast is going? I seriously can't wrap my head around this.

The other day we got measured for the bridesmaids dresses. I was happy me and my little sister are pretty much the same size :D I am getting to my goal weight~ We can share clothes again ;A;

I also forgot to mention I went on a date with Ricky, the guy I thought was cute from the EQP party. He thought, what better day to have a first date then on the day there was suppose to be an apocalypse (12.21.12)

The date was nice, we went to get sushi and we went to this coffee place afterwards. He was happy to know that I like manga, m-flo, jrock, and all that stuff. And although I had fun with him because we had a lot in common I feel we would be better as friends than a couple. /sigh

I already talked to Lyy about this, but I realized I have little interest in dating so I don't think I should date anymore lol. It's really hard for me to like someone -__- I swear it's like there is something wrong with me.

My sisters say I should try to date more so I can know what I want and don't want, especially after a 3 year hiatus of staying away from guys LOL but dating gets messy also -.- especially if feelings get involved O__o Ricky was already getting attached and it was our first date...talking about plans for "us" months ahead and not wanting me to go to Japan (even if it's uncertain if I will).

I already told him I just wanted to be friends, needless to say he got butthurt. I don't blame him since he was getting so invested already but isn't a date suppose to be the time to get to know the person and see if you want to keep talking or not?

Oh well~ I am going to remain single for a long time I reckon lol. But I am still young, I have lots of goals I want to do the last thing I want to be is tied down -.- that's one of the reasons but the main reason is just I lack interest in guys, I just don't like them enough to date /sigh

It's okay, me and Lyy already established we will be single and alone together lol. Plus, who needs a guy when you have music? <3

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas~

Here is the usual Christmas post on Christmas day lol. I am back home for the holidays~ I have actually been home since the 18th.

On Christmas we didn't do much, pretty much the same as last year except more with just the immediate family. As usual, we celebrate Christmas more on Christmas eve which is when we have our dinner and family time.

This time made some more American food though with the Mexican food. We had empanadas, tamales, and menudo for the Mexican food. Then, for the American food we stuffing, ham, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie :] It was so good~

My tia came to visit and helped make the stuffing. We all ate and then afterwards went to watch a movie. We decided on Men In Black 3 which was a good choice, it was so awesome! I liked it a lot. My parents went to sleep after that lol so me and my sisters ended up watching "How to Train Your Dragon" which I really loved. Probably one of my favorite movies now :]

Yeah, my Christmas wasn't exciting but it never really is lol. I don't think I am doing anything for New Years either lol same as always~

But actually, it doesn't really feel like the holidays to me. I don't understand why -__- I feel that time is going by so fast! Maybe it's because I have been away at the uni that I haven't been able to get into the holiday spirit? I don't know.

Ooh! But I was happy because I got my grades and I ended up getting straight A's :D I am so happy! It was so stressful T-T I am not confident about next quarter though /sigh we'll see.

I think the only thing I am going to be doing over the holidays is watching stuff on my laptop and updating my ipod. Yay for music<3 And I love both of the CDs Shotaro got me for Christmas :D so happy~

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saori's Farewell Party~

Saori's farewell party was Sunday.

Yuzo came to pick me up and we got some alcohol and stuff. We were there super early like 7:30ish and the party didn't start till 8 and even then people wouldn't come till later.

Before the party started~
Shotaro wearing Yuzo's glasses LOL

Luckily Shotaro came early lol, he recently moved in the apartments next to Yuzo so they are neighbors now. Shotaro was doing magic tricks and we were just talking. Yuzo was giving Shotaro a hard time when he was doing the magic tricks -.-" lol he is so mean to him sometimes.

Eventually more people started to show up but it was more of a kickback then a party :[ I was kinda bummed, this was the time when I was talking to Cameron. Then David came :D he didn't come till 10pm because he was working. But I was so happy to see him because he always gets the party started lol

Tomoko, Saori, and Yuzo
Tomoko was crying because she was sad Saori was leaving :[

The round of shots D: Saori drank a shit load from the bottle O__O
Look at me derping on the left side -__-" lol

More shots TT-TT lol don't know why I look so pale O_o
LOL at Shotaro and Yuzo's face

Sure enough, the party started to get a bit better. I had only been drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade since I haven't been taking the hard liquor well lately. But David, Shotaro, and Yuzo kept trying to get me to get shots TT-TT Luckily Yuzo gave me a really small one because he knew I didn't want to drink too much.

Eventually Yuzo and Shotaro got really drunk. Yuzo gets really touchy with other guys when he drinks...I'm like O___O he kept touching Shotaro's nipples I was just like "Okay...I'm going......" haha they were also grabbing each other's waists and crap I felt so awkward being there haha and then Shotaro would be like "you too?" as in me joining the touchy party and I was just like "no.." lol and would keep my distance from them haha. It was entertaining but sometimes I just was like "ahh too much ><" haha

Omfg I get embarrassed just thinking about it xD lol it was so bad hahaha

They even did that thing where they have a chip and are basically going to kiss. I don't know what you call it but it looked like they were kissing and getting all sexual with each other xDD omfggggg too fuckin crazy LOL. Sooo many people took pictures LOL.

Ah yeah, they were crazy haha. Later Brian and Taka came :D I was talking to Brian in Spanish for a bit and I was talking with Shotaro in Spanish too. He says Spanish is similar to a Japanese dialect last time forgot which one though. But he was telling me he liked my red hair xD I was testing Brian on the colors and then he asked started testing my Japanese colors also. I was pretty good except I didn't know brown lol.

Most of the time I was with Shotaro and David though. Shotaro was just really tipsy and was singing haha xD but he has a good voice so it was nice to hear him sing. And we were talking about Disney movies and stuff because he really likes Disney but surprisingly he never watched Tangled. Even David said he had to watch it, it's so good! And I was teaching him more Spanish lol he was really good though, he got a good amount of what I was saying and could say short phrases.

I ended up being with David a lot outside. David is a psych major and likes to do psychologically analyze on people so he was doing that. But honestly, I love David a lot because he is able to get me. Everything he was saying about me was true and how I was feeling about shit in general and how I am as a person and what I want in life. It's nice to talk to someone who gets you without having to explain yourself. He actually said we were a lot alike surprisingly.

Me and Satoko took a picture before she left
Don't mind me looking all derpy here also -.-"

David was nice enough to take me home, it made me sad to leave though. I think that's one bad thing about parties is that it is so sad once it's over. I knocked out at the end of the first two parties so I don't have to do the sad parting haha but the JSA EQP and this party made me sad to leave. So depressing~

Surprisingly I do have a small headache today even though I didn't drink a lot. I was just a bit tipsy but I think it's because I only had one meal yesterday and people brought cheap alcohol for the shots -__- I didn't want any and I kept throwing out my shots when I could but they caught me TT-TT lol And there weren't enough chasers D: /sigh  Japanese and their drinking lol it's all good though, it's fun haha :]

Sunday, December 16, 2012

JSA's End of the Quarter Party

Me. Derek, and Jenny :D
Derek was already pretty fucked up by this time lol

Friday was JSA's "End of the Quarter" party :] Me and Jenny were planning on going together this time :] so I got ready for the party and she came to my place at 7:30ish to pick me up so we can go back to hers.

She didn't know what she wanted to wear so I decided to pick out her outfit :] She looked so adorable like I little doll T3T lol. Anyways~ we were waiting for our friend Derek to come get us so we could eat, buy the alcohol, and then go to the party.

We went to H-mart to get the stuff to make yogurt soju and got some chasers. Afterwards we went to go eat Korean food :] Me and Jenny shared a meat bowl. It was so good and we got stuffed quickly. Derek looked at us like we were crazy and said we eat too little LOL

Ayaka, Jenny, and me decide to take a picture
when Yuzo decides to creep in xD

Afterwards we went to the party. It was raining so me and Jenny were freezing because we were wearing dresses lol. But anywho, when we got there we started off with shots like we always do haha. It was fun, and I saw Ayaka!! It had been a while since I last seen her >< we talked a bit about a bunch of stuff.

So many people were there that we didn't know lol. But it's all good it made it more fun, ended up meeting a lot more people :]

I was happy because for this party I did not get wasted :D haha I just got buzzed. I think my birthday really made me dislike alcohol because I was drinking more of the chasers than anything else xD the shots tasted so bad to me. I decided to stick with light stuff like Mark's Hard Lemonade LOL I honestly was done after 3 or 4 shots it was too gross for me T-T

Even the yogurt soju had too much alcohol TT-TT it was so depressing lol. And Fernando made me a drink with really expensive alcohol but I didn't like it either :/ so I'm taking a break from the hard stuff for a while haha.

Me and Michael
One of the times he saved me from the rounds of shots D: lol

Anyways, so I wasn't actually drunk just buzzed and happy throughout the whole party which is what I like ^-^ lol. But I was getting tired so when my guy friends heard this they were like "Ah! That's means you need to drink more! Shots, shots, shots!" lol. I managed to get away a couple times >< this one guy named Michael was helping me out too.

He was nice, but he was interested in But he didn't approach me in a creepy way he just said I was cute and stuff like that and saying how he wanted to get to know me more. I wasn't interested though, and Jenny noticed that he was trying to talk to me and she got all protective xD hahaha it was almost harsh though...hahaha

Because there was this other guy there named Ricky, I thought he was cute haha. And I found out he likes tattoos and wants to get a full sleeve so we bonded over that xD and he also does graphic design at an art college so I was really interested since I used to do graphic and web design. Jenny approved of Ricky for some reason but not of Michael and she started to shoo Michael away and say stuff like "aww too late, they are already bonding you don't have a chance" I was just there like O___O lol omfg Jenny xD I didn't know how to respond to any of

But yeah, I hung out with Shotaro quite a bit but he was soooo drunk xD like rocking back and forth kinda shit haha so funny~ and he and Ayaka started dancing a waltz for a bit hahahah yeah...he was gone. And Yuzo kept making him drink more -___-" I'm like wtfff Yuzo. And he kept dragging him off somewhere when me and Shotaro were chillin' I'm just like this seems sketchy....but ehh whatever lol.

Ah but it was weird because some of my friends that were drunk were hitting on me O___o I was like wtf is up with this I was particularly weirded out by my friend Fernando. He was putting his arms around me and shit so I was like ahh brb...and didn't come back. Yuzo said that I'm really popular and have all these guys chasing me and I'm just like -__-" I've never had this before so I don't understand why it's like this now.

Ahhh and Alex sang for me and Jenny :3 he is such a good singer, but Jenny never heard him so she wanted to hear him sing. He kept getting all shy and so we went outside and he sang to us. It was so cute lol. Ahh it was so much fun looking back on it lol :]

Me, Ricky, David (already tipsy~ LOL), and Brian :D
Brian was blinking D: I need a better picture with him -.-

Towards the end of the party I was chillin with Jenny, Alex, David, Brian, and Ricky. That was when I saw Yuzo was by himself for a while and on his phone. He looked pretty sad. I went over to him to see what was up but he didn't really mention anything. He later told me he was upset because of his ex. He was keeping it vague though :/ I hope he feels better soon. Michael also got emotional because his ex came to the party. It was pretty intense actually... /sigh some drama but not too much.

Yuzo ended up taking me home, where we somewhat talked about his ex a bit more but he kept keeping it vague. I told him it's normal to take a long time to get over someone, I would know because of my ex. But he still feels like shit :/

/sigh life. Well besides the small thing happening with Yuzo I had fun overall :] It was nice to not be the drunk one for once and to see everyone else get fucked up haha. And when I first got there too everyone was like "YURIIII~ She's going to get fucked up!" haha but nope, watched myself this time like I said I would LOL. Still, good times~

Friday, December 14, 2012

Farewell to my Lovely Yoshimi~

Tonight is the last time I will be seeing Yoshimi, so we decided to throw a going away dinner for her. Since Ayaka is also leaving we decided to have it for her as well but we will be seeing her on Saturday so it was a bit more for Yoshimi.

The bonfire we were planning was cancelled since it was so cold and it would be easier to go out and eat :] So me, Tony, Yoshimi, Yoshiki, Ayaka, Jenny, and Desmond all went to eat at Tsuruhashi. It's a Japanese bbq which was really good but really expensive D: The bill was like $278 TT-TT me and Jenny wanted to cry lol.

But I tried raw meat :D It was so good~ It was recently banned in Japan since a lot of people were dying from it from eating it at bad restaurants so Yoshimi, Yoshiki, and Ayaka took advantage of this lol.

Yoshimi was so good at flipping the food :o we found out it because she worked at a restaurant like this. It was so delicious and fun~

We ended up bringing out the cake that me and Tony got earlier for Yoshimi and Ayaka. They loved it and were so happy and surprised, mission = success <3

While we were eating Yoshimi said she really wanted to go to the ocean. She said she wanted to swim in the ocean at night right now. It was pretty cold today, it was even raining! But since she really wanted to do it, I said fuck it and we decided to go :]

Ayaka said she couldn't go because she had to study :[ so we decided to have a little fun and put some cake on her :] haha

We ended up taking some more group shots after we ate :] We were trying to hard to fit everyone in but it wasn't really working until Tony came up with the brilliant plan of us all going behind him xD so that's what we did.

It ended up working and we were able to take a picture as a group haha :] After taking some pics we split into two cars to go back to Irvine to take Ayaka to UCI and for us to go get a change of clothes.

I let Yoshimi borrow my clothes and we hurried and went to Laguna Beach. It was actually raining in Irvine so we were like wtfff but it got clear once we went to Laguna :]

It was pretty fuckin' cold when we got there haha but me and Yoshimi took pictures of us in our "summer attire" haha :] Jenny came with us in her sweats xD She wasn't planning on getting in the water and neither was anyone else actually haha. Especially Yoshiki and Cameron xD

Yoshimi was super excited to get into the water! Like she literally ran into it xD I was so preoccupied with the cold sand >< but I hurried and ran into the water as well. Again, my thoughts were fuck it~ haha

At first it was only me and Yoshimi in the water. Everyone thought we were crazy for going in lol but eventually Jenny, Tony, and Desmond came in as well. They still didn't go in as much as me and Yoshimi but they still went in :]

Tony was being a baby about the cold though when it wasn't even that bad -.-

The water was actually really warm~ It felt so good and I went almost all the way in. I didn't go all the way because the waves were huge and I was scared I would get swallowed haha. But it was fun :] Definitely an experience. Going to the beach at 12am in 50 degrees (10 degrees celsius) weather haha. It was awesome~

It was also so awesome because there was suppose to be a meteor shower but that was around before dawn so I didn't get to see it :[ But while we were at the beach the sky was so clear we were able to see a lot of stars and I saw two shooting stars. Of course I made a wish<3

Yoshimi was definitely happy :] she said she just wanted to do something crazy before she went back to Japan.

After we got out of the water it was freezing D: the sand at least. It felt like you were walking on needles or on ice, so fuckin cold lol. But we hurried and washed out feet and went back to the car.

It was there that Yoshimi gave me a card. I was so surprised and so touched >< We parted ways since Cameron was taking me, Jenny, and Yoshiki home while Tony was taking Yoshimi and Desmond home.

 I wanted to cry. I really love Yoshimi and wished I had came to Irvine sooner so I could have met her. I read the card and it was her saying how she was happy she met me and that she wished we could have hung out more but promised we will see each other again. And at the end of the card she put "大好きいいいい" ;____; <3

Makes me want to cry thinking about it :[ but I will see Yoshimi again. Even if I don't study abroad I definitely will go to Japan to see her.

"Our fingerprints don't fade in the lives we touch" 
-Tyler, Remember Me

Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Catching Up With Tia~

Me and Tia had some time to hang out before things got crazy for finals so that's just what we did :] We went to the usual place, Diamond Jamboree where we ate at BCD Tofu. It is that time of the month so I was really happy to get soup~

Some stuff happened with us and guys lately so we decided to catch either up on the stuff that was going on. Not really guy issues, but just general stuff. We already talked about the stuff through texts but some stuff is just easier to say in person. 

After stuffing our faces and eating we ended up craving macaroons so we went to Bon Epi Patisserie & Café. $1.75 for a macaroon TT-TT but I got a coffee one and it was delicious~ lol. Tia got a coffee and a lemon one :]

While I was waiting for Tia to get her macaroons a guy started saying how he liked my tattoos but said they were in an awkward position. I asked him how and he said because since there are no other tattoos but there? I thought I guess? But not really. I told him I was planning on getting a lot more so it won't be a random spot. He started asking me where and I just told him on the front of my legs and my arm because I was getting a half sleeve. 

He also said he was getting a half sleeve and explained why he couldn't get one now something about a studio or something and body building? I don't know -.- he then asked me what I was getting. I always get somewhat annoyed when people ask me this because it's a half sleeve, it's pretty much a bunch of random shit -.- so I just told him that, random stuff. I always tell people that /sigh

After Tia was done we left and Tia said white guys like me LOL because the waiter at Red Robin was also trying to talking to me according to Tia. I'm oblivious to this kind of stuff -.- and even with this guy, I don't think he was hitting on me but he was just interested in talking because he likes tattoos.

Afterwards, me and Tia ended up taking purikura :D we realized we have taken purikura for every season xD Summer, fall, and now winter lol. Next will be spring~ 

Tia really wants to go to Disneyland so we might go before I go back home. She also has some other plans -.- lol ahh my darling Tia, I love her so much but I just suck when it comes to the things she wants me to do. We'll see~

Friday, December 7, 2012

Small Break During Finals

I know I should be getting ready to study for finals, but luck has been on my side and my art history teacher decided to make the final a take home :] So I am not as stressed as I used to be. But my Japanese writing and Kanji final is another story D: At least I got the listening and speaking done.

Anywho, so Tony invited me, Yoshimi, and Ayaka to hang out with him and Yoshiki. We were just going to go to the spectrum but I suggested doing purikura since both Ayaka and Yoshimi are leaving this quarter :[ and they didn't know the U.S. had purikura lol (Btw this is a different Ayaka lol)

Yoshimi, Yoshiki, and Ayaka were surprised by the cost of the purikura here since it was around $13 and they said in Japan it's like $4 lol imported goods T-T 

After taking some purikura we waited while Tony scanned the purikura. Me, Yoshimi, and Ayaka ended up taking pictures~

I remember Monica saying that the purikura booth lighting is really good so we just went inside to take the pics haha. We took a bunch of other random photos also lol.

Me and Yoshimi trying to take photos of each other
while trying to hide our own faces lol

Me and Yoshimi kept taking pictures of random things while Tony and Ayaka split the purikura up :] Yoshimi kept trying to take pictures of me D: I really don't like pictures all that much, I have to take a billion before I think one is even decent looking -__-" She ended up getting me though -.- lol

After splitting up the pics we went to Irvine Spectrum, which took way longer than expected because of traffic :/ but it was all good. Tony was starving since he hadn't eaten since 12pm so we decided to get something to eat so we went to Red Robin.

Tony kept getting huge ass fries xD we all ate so much~ Yoshiki looked like he was going to be sick xD Yoshimi handled her food like a boss, she ordered the most and ate all of it. I tried to eat all my food but I got full quickly TT-TT lol I ate most of it though. Ayaka was also full, and she had a caramel apple before hand D: lol

It was actually her first time having a caramel apple :D and she really liked it ^-^

Afterwards, we just ended up shopping lol. I got this dress that I have been wanting for a long time! It's just a tight, long sleeve, blue dress but you can dress it up or down so that's why I like it so much :] lol

Yoshiki bought some stuff also, and so did Ayaka. Yoshimi ended up getting a lot xD she was pretty happy though haha she is so cute ><

Tony bought me some chocolate gummy bears because I was craving chocolate >< I swear he is always trying to get me to eat and get fat -.-" 

I am pretty bummed Yoshimi is leaving :[ I wish I would have met her sooner /sigh and same with Ayaka. Ughh, again so many awesome people you meet that have to leave :[

Yoshimi is going to get another tattoo and asked me to come, I want to so bad!! I've been dying to get my other tattoos done but I told her my mom would kill me if I got another one. Like KILL lol, and won't pay for my school or anything TT-TT She agreed I should wait until I graduate then.

I told Yoshimi that when I go to Japan I will visit her for sure! She actually lives in Nagoya :] We will probably go to a tattoo shop then lol :]

Next Thursday is Yoshimi's going away bonfire~ That'll probably be the next and last time I see her :[

Thursday, December 6, 2012

JSA Secret Santa.

Tonight at JSA we had the Secret Santa gift exchange. It was pretty nerve-wracking actually because we had to go to the front on the classroom and face our back towards the rest of the JSA members as we waiting for our Secret Santa to come up behind us and give us the gift.

I hate going up in crowds and being put on the spot >< but it was funny to see the different ways the Secret Santas surprised some people. OMG Saori was so adorable ;__; ughhh this girl<3 lol can't explain her cuteness.

I just tapped my Secret Santa lol, I am not creative at all /shrugs. Then after a while it was my turn to go up >< and it was actually Shotaro who was my Secret Santa! I was really, really, surprised. I honestly wasn't expecting it at all...

He ended up giving me a book about Japanese tattoos and two mixed CDs that he made. This was honestly a great present for me. I was hoping that my Secret Santa would give me music or something like an iTunes card or a CD xD and then the tattoo book is just an awesome plus.

I am really happy with the present, he really paid attention to my interests. Which is awesome because I didn't write any of this on slip for the Secret Santa, I think he actually just paid attention to when we would talk.

I am currently listening to the first CD as I type this and I love it so far :] After all, we have the same taste in music.

After the Secret Santa gift giving we mingled a bit and then David asked if me and Jenny wanted to go to UCI's Pub. I thought, why not~ And decided to go. Brian, Michael, Yuzo, Kotaro, Taka, and Shotaro were going as well.

We just ended up talking, playing this "Pin Pon" game that Shotaro taught us and Shotaro did a magic card trick with me. I swear Shotaro is talented at everything, he plays the guitar, sings, skateboards, does magic, like wtf...haha. I'm here like I can breathe? e__e lol

Haha but yeah, I had fun. It was just a chill night with friends. Unfortunately  this was the last JSA meeting for this quarter. Oh! And Rika (our JSA president) asked me if I wanted to be a JSA officer next year. I told her if I wasn't going to Japan I definitely will! So training will start next quarter.

The last event is JSA party next Friday to celebrate the end of finals and the end of the quarter~ I am so excited :] Not going to drink a lot though...seriously lol. I'm so tired of blacking out -.- haha

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Already December.

It's hard to believe it's already December. Time seems to be going by so fast. Every now and then I randomly stop to think about just how fast it's going.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I had moved to Irvine and wasn't sure if I would like it as much as I thought I did.

But now, finals are coming up next week! This means I am going to be working my ass off for the next 2 weeks. Ughhh.

My friend Saori's going away party is also coming up after finals. She is going back to Japan :[ Yoshimi is also leaving as well so Tony and Yoshiki want to throw her a going away party also. The only sad thing about making friends who are from abroad is that they always go back.

Ahh it's just so hard to believe this quarter is almost over >< I am happy though, because I was tired of my art history class. Just bummed about my friends leaving, and I'm not too confident about next quarter's classes because of the teachers T-T

I hope I can keep my GPA up. I remember when I used to love school...and then stats happened and ever since then I've been scarred and procrastinate up the ass -.- /sigh I'm never confident when it comes to school anymore.

Well off to write my papers.