Friday, November 30, 2012

My Birthday Party

Yesterday was my birthday party and I had a lot of fun :] Unfortunately, I didn't really take any pics because I was using my iphone for the music.

After the JSA potluck event Yuzo took me, Ayaka, Shotaro, and Lillian to his place as we got ready to set things up. Then slowly people started coming.

We started with 2 shots, one for my birthday and another because it was going to be Michael's birthday the next day. I took my time with drinking this time and I was actually just buzzed/ a little drunk for most of it so it was good. But, I did black out towards the end because when Alex and David came they kept giving me birthday shots -__- lol

I was mostly with Yoshimi and Shotaro a lot. I love Yoshimi with a freakin' passion<3 We were able to get each other and were just dancing and having fun and bonding over our love for guys with tatts<3 haha

Me and Shotaro were also bonding haha. We have similar tastes in music so I was looking through his ipod to see which bands I knew. He was surprised I knew Two Door Cinema because he said he hasn't met any Americans who know of them since he's been here.

It was mostly mingling and drinking lol. It was fun :] Kyle ended up coming to the party also. Apparently he was taking care of me at the last JSA party, he goes to Cal State Long Beach. I was happy he was able to come :]

Mmm yeah because I blacked out towards the end I don't know when the party ended or anything -__-" I just woke up at Yuzo's and Tomoko's place so it was all good. I did remember throwing up in the middle of the night, luckily they placed a trash can near the bed haha.

I am officially exhausted though. I don't think I did too well on my Japanese test...I completely blanked out on a lot of stuff /sigh all I was thinking about was going to sleep.

I am also not going to drink for a while...the party was an exception since it was celebrating my 21st but now I am taking a break. If I do drink it will probably be just so I can be buzzed like for most of the party. No more shots though lol I think that fucks me up.

Alex invited me to another party tonight but yeah no...haha I am going to watch Vampire Diaries and then knock out.

I enjoyed the party though :] and Yoshimi and Tony gave me a birthday card with a cute necklace. Totally wasn't expecting that. Tomoko and Saori also gave me a birthday card<3 They are all so sweet ;__;

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