Saturday, November 10, 2012

Karaoke Night and Small Trip to L.A.

Hahaha Shotaro's face at Yuzo getting cozy with him xD

Yuzo in the back, Miharu singing and Saori<33
Love her so much T^T

JSA had karaoke night on Thursday, so a bunch of us went. We all couldn't fit in a room so we had to split into two rooms. It was pretty fun, but everyone sang so fucking good O___O Honestly, they were like pro status...totally made me not want to sing. Erika also felt the same way lol.

We would just listen to other people sing since they were so good! Shotaro, Angel, and this one girl were really good in particular. I recorded a bunch of them singing but I think I accidentally deleted some of the videos D: ughh so annoying! I'll post some of the ones I do have on my Facebook when I go home for Thanksgiving so I can use my wifi lol.

But there was so many awesome songs! People sang Mongol800's Chiisana Koi no Uta, Utada Hikaru's First Love, Orange Range's Ikenai Taiyou, Linkin Park's Numb, and way more! It was pretty awesome :]

I only sang Bad Romance with Erika since we felt weird not singing but after that we just listened haha. It was still cool listening to everyone else sing though, I still had fun :]

Afterwards, I had to do Japanese hw that was due the next day. Yuzo was nice enough to help me with it lol. Let's just say he was a bit too helpful *cough* did it for me *cough* haha but at least I got it done :D

Friday night I ended up going on a date I guess lol. It was with one of the guys I met at the club, his name is Koki. Lol I kinda laugh when thinking about it because it's kinda hard to take a date seriously when it's with a guy you met at a club xD Is it just me? lol

I don't know, he seems alright to hang out with but taking seriously ehh

But he lives in LA so he drove to Irvine and with traffic it took around 1 hour and 30 minutes D: Kinda felt bad, and he ended up taking me to LA to a Japanese restaurant he considers authentic. It was really good. I liked what he had, it was some kind of pork, I got chicken karaage.

I embarrassed myself quite a bit by failing to use chopsticks for some reason, burning my tongue, and just overall being awkward hahaha. It was honestly embarrassing  like I'm not pro at chopsticks but I don't suck and yesterday night I sucked xD

Sometimes it was bit hard to talk because he is still learning English and my Japanese is extremely limited. Like child status or worse lol, so we would sometimes misunderstand each other and stuff. He was actually teaching me some Japanese though and I remember most of it haha.

He ended up taking me to Santa Monica pier since i've never been there. He was surprised by all the things I haven't done haha. I explained I have strict parents and that I got used to staying at home.

Afterwards he ended up dropping me home since I was so sleepy. Lack of sleep due to school and going out more.

Koki says he wants to hang out again, so I don't know...I might. He's was cool to talk to and it's always cool try new things every now and then.

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