Monday, November 12, 2012

JSA Party at Koji's House

Some of the JSA girls with Yuzo in the back LOL
Don't mind my glowing demon like eyes lol what to say about this be honest I don't remember much of it. Let's start from the beginning.

Erika came to pick up me, Ayaka, and Yoshiki for the party. We stopped to get some drinks and eat since we hadn't eaten yet.

We arrived at Koji's place around 9:30pm and no one was really there yet. But soon after people were coming and it got fun :]

We all started with shots and then we just kept drinking lol. Ah, this was the first time I drank in years...and the last time I drank was my first time and it was a lot of mix drinks and I threw up. Well, this time wasn't any different -__-

I had like 4 or 5 shots and I don't even know how many drinks. I don't remember much to be perfectly fuckin honest lol. And it's actually really annoying. I remember just talking with people, drinking with Yuzo, this one guy (I am not sure of his name but i know him) giving me a drink called "Tattoo" which was really gross. I remember Yuzo told me it tastes bad and told me not to drink it.

Ayaka, me and Tomoko~
I remember this was around the time Jenny came.

After that it was just bits and pieces...I remember Rika told me Jenny was here and I was really happy and called out to Jenny. I think Jenny made me soju, but I was too drunk to even remember what it taste like -__- and I was so excited to try it too ugh.

And of course, I remember throwing up a lot lol. Apparently Yuzo was taking care of me and so was Saori >< but I mostly remember Jenny helping me a lot.

Rika was going to take me home after a while but then Yuzo was going to take me and then somehow I woke up this morning wrapped in a blanket on Koji's couch -__- lol

Yuzo texted me telling me he was worried about me and next time not to drink as much lol. He filled me in on some things. He said he was going to take me home but people didn't trust him for some reason and decided to let me stay at Koji's. LOL I can't understand why they wouldn't trust Yuzo since I trust him with my life. And apparently I also threw up on Yuzo -________________- so he says I owe him lunch lol.

I don't know, I texted Jenny and asked her to fill me in tomorrow so hopefully I will know more. EPIC FAIL. Jenny says that I was lucky to have so many friend taking care of me. I'm really glad as well. I wouldn't get drunk like that unless I knew it was with people I could trust.

I wasn't planning on getting that fucked up though -__-" Well now I know my limit lol. I still had fun when I was buzzed and the parts I do remember :D lol

Apparently a couple people were drunk and throwing up though haha good times, gooood timessss~

Oh, and I have a midterm tomorrow. FUN~ lol

Yoshiki passed out, he was fucked up when we took the first picture
above hahah omfg good times~

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