Friday, November 23, 2012

Home for Thanksgiving

On Wednesday night my little sister came to pick up from my apartment and take me home for Thanksgiving. I wasn't too excited to go home because it's so troublesome to pack and sure enough I left some of my Japanese homework at my apartment -__- but it was nice to see Daydee again, it had been too long ><

We ended up catching up on everything, me on my life and her on hers as well. She was surprised I had a "love life" (I told her I don't really have a love life but she counts "dates" with people even if it's nothing serious /shrugs I guess) and she was happy I had a social life and was drinking LOL. I guess she partied more than she let on and started talking to about all these different types of drinks she likes.

She also told me that she and her boyfriend broke up. Can't say I'm sad or happy about it, I feel sort of indifferent about the situation /shrugs again lol.

I was happy to come home for Thanksgiving because I love Thanksgiving food *__* My tia came over  and made mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes. It was delicious!! I love stuffing and mashed potatoes so freakin' much! We of course also had pumpkin pie *__* Omg I can die over the overload of deliciousness lol

I didn't enjoy the actual Thanksgiving dinner too much though, it was just like whatever. Maybe it's because my older sister wasn't there since she went to her fiance's family's house and because I had to leave shortly after the meal so I could type one of my papers.

I am actually pretty happy to be home. I enjoy sleeping in my bed, and listening to music like how I used to since the walls aren't so thin. As well as being close to nature again<3 and just the cozy feeling of being with my family. Though we do have differences, I do love them a lot.

I'm happy it's already becoming winter, though the weather says so otherwise. My mom already made tamales and we bought a Christmas tree. I love Christmas but for some reason it gives me a bittersweet feeling.

I don't know, all I know is I want this quarter to be over but I am dreading finals and worried about getting my classes for next quarter TT-TT

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