Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me~

Lyy's gift.

Today was probably the best birthday I have ever had. I didn't do anything but the things my friends did were amazing it made me so emotional.

I had an early birthday celebration where I went out to eat with my family on Sunday. We went to Johnny Carino's and they gave me a free chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream that I posted on my Twitter/Instagram. It was delicious! My family sang me happy birthday which was really embarrassing for me because I don't like being put on the spot >< lol I still enjoyed it though :]

On Monday I got my present from Lyy in the mail. I was super happy because it Melbourne it was already the 27th so it came right on time :] I loved the letter that Lyy gave me. It made me so emotional and made me laugh out loud reading it<3 I was honestly so happy and was even happier when I saw the gift. She drew me for my birthday!<33 I am in love with Lyy's art and to have me drawn by her was just in awe lol. Thank you again so much Lyy, I loved your gift and note<3

Today was my actual birthday, the actual day didn't start too great since I stayed up till 1AM to type a paper TT-TT lol but it was all good. I also had class all day today, 9AM-4PM lol so I wasn't expecting going to do anything.

I was sitting outside waiting for class to start with Tony like I usually do when Jenny came and handed me a little brown bag and said "Happy birthday~" I was in shock and opened the little bag to find a little bunt cake. It was so cute and it was white chocolate raspberry. Omfg so good~ I only ate some of it though and am saving the rest haha.

Then it was time for Japanese class and I went to find on the board something my friend Van wrote. He wrote how to say happy birthday in Japanese so the class could sing it to me >//< omfg I thought he was kidding when he posted it on my Facebook that he was going to do that lol.

He ended up having to leave early so he couldn't sing but at the end of class they sang me happy birthday and my teacher gave me a Starburst lol

I stayed after class and talked with Jenny like I usually do and then went back to apartment. On my way back, I saw Juli and Virginia. I asked them if they were going to eat or something and they told me they were going to run errands. I kinda wondered if they were going to do something since Alejandra told them about my birthday but they usually go out together so I thought nothing of it lol.

When I got back to the apartment Alejandra asked me if I wanted some cake she made back home so I said sure :] I thought it was a nice gesture so we ate and talked for a bit. Afterwards I went back to my room and started typing this entry actually.

Then all of a sudden a heard a little song playing. At first I thought it was Christmas melody and thought it was someone's phone but then saw something was slid under my door. I opened the door to see Virginia and Juli there holding a cake. I was so surprised and happy and embarrassed lol. I felt my face turning a bit red >//< ugh again I suck with these things.

I was really happy though. They also gave me a gift which was really pretty chopsticks and a nice mug :] I love them both<3 We went downstairs to eat some cake, it was so good! Not too sweet. And the card they gave me was nice as well, it even had Japanese on it since they know I am learning Japanese. Ah they are just awesome.

Honestly, this was the best birthday I've ever had. It was the small gestures I got from my friends that made this amazing, you don't have to do anything big to enjoy your birthday.

Although, I am having a party on Thursday after the JSA potluck LOL. My friends want me to get fucked up but I said I already got too fucked up on the last party. Alex says it's "my right of passage" to throw up on my 21st birthday but I don't know...haha. I also told Tomoko I wasn't going to drink a lot but she says since I'm the birthday girl I have to OTL my friends...haha<33

And I am going to have a Japanese quiz the next day...gotta love uni life haha. Anyways, best birthday ever!

I am grateful for the people I have in my life<3

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