Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chillin' with Friends at Buffalo Wild Wings

A bunch of the JSA members at Buffalo Wild Wings :]
I'm in the wayyyy back haha 

Thursday was another JSA meeting :] We weren't planning on doing much, just figuring out who is getting who for secret santa and then we were going to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Yuzo didn't come to the JSA meeting because he was too tired, he had been texting me saying that he fell asleep. He has been working out lately apparently. He asked me if I was going to Buffalo Wild Wings but told him I wasn't because I has to study so he said he would help me with my Japanese when I got home.

I wasn't planning on going to Buffalo Wild Wings but people were trying to convince me to go. Especially David -__- lol 

I kept saying "No I need to study" and he kept insisting and then said, "Okay, if I can make a flip you have to go" I was hesitant because since he said that he could probably do a flip LOL and lo and behold, he did a flip and people were all amused and he told me I had to go. Ahh~ the peer pressure >< lol.

I ended up saying okay, and since Jenny saw I was going she said fuck it too and decided to come haha xD We decided we would do our Japanese homework and study while we were eating. I texted Yuzo letting him know I was going to go eat out and he should just rest since he was tired.

So we drove to Buffalo Wild Wings and parking was horrible so Davis dropped me off so I can tell everyone to add us to the list but they didn't even check in yet lol. I talked to Shotaro and Taka a bit as we waited to be called in. We mostly talked about Taka's performance yesterday and he thanked us again for coming out.

We had a party of about 20 so we had to sit outside lol, it was fine until it started to sprinkle though haha but we moved the tables so it was all good. We ordered, and when we were waiting for our food me and Jenny did our hw like we said we would.

A photo Miharu took of me and Shotaro
 Jenny didn't want to be in it -__-

Shotaro was helping me with my homework, and he actually helped a lot. Yuzo helps me with my homework but he does it for me OTL lol. Shotaro would just help me when I needed help or had no idea how to do something or correct when I did something wrong.

He laughed at my slopping writing since I was just trying to finish it and whenever I would forget the kanji he just told me lol I swear my memory sucks ass lol.

Shotaro, Ayaka, Saori, and Tomoko :]

Saori and Ayaka kept saying it was so cute when I speak Japanese >//< omfg my pronounciation is horrible lol but they kept saying "ahhh kawaii~" lol and Saori liked how i would think so hard to figure something out lol she kept taking pictures of me and Shotaro lol she's so weird but cute >//<

But anyways, after he helped me with my homework we just started talking and he asked me if he was a good teacher and I told him yeah. He said that it made him happy because he wants to be teacher back in Japan when he graduates. I was surprised by this and asked him if he was serious and he said yeah. I couldn't believe it lol I told him I wanted to be a teacher in Japan as well, and he was shocked as well as said "so we want the same goal."

We also ended up talking about how I want to study abroad, most of my JSA friends are from Kansai area but Shotaro said he was from Tokyo area, he lives in Chiba. He said if I do study abroad then he will show me where he lives ^^

After that, I ended up talking with Taka a bit as I was doing some of my kanji homework and he was teasing me about me forgetting the stroke order but he would cheer for me when I got it right haha. Jenny scolded him for cheering for me when I got the stroke order wrong lol

I also found out that Taka also wants to move to Japan and work there as well. Taka is Japanese American unlike Shotaro who is from Japan so I was surprised to hear this but thought it was so awesome. He is also thinking about going to Tokyo so he said he will see me there haha :]

I was also practicing my speaking with Taka and asked ”何月生まれですか。” And he told me the month, and then asked me mine so I told him ”じゅいち月生まれです” so he asked what day and I told starting saying 20 when he interrupted me and asked me all surprised that it was coming up soon and so I switched to English and told him yeah the 27th. He said we should do something but I told him I didn't know what to do lol. He said he doesn't know what we should do but since it's my 21st I have to do something lol.

Anyways, after talking a bit we all decided it was time to go home. David, Alex, Ayaka, Jenny, a white guy (forgot his name), and me were staying and talking a bit longer.

Again my birthday came up and Alex and David said I should do something. I told them that I didn't know what to do. Alex said he could hold my birthday at a club he has connections with which was cool but my underage friends won't be able to drink or I'm not even sure if they could go. And I don't even think I would have that many people to fill a club O___O David said to invite all of JSA but I feel weird lol..I don't know everyone.

Alex said that it's an option that I can have so I thanked him. David says I need to get fucked up and he is giving "Tattoo" again for my birthday...fuck that lol. It tasted nasty.

But yeah, so far I am unsure about what to do for my birthday. I talked about this with Lyy as well *sigh* we'll see. I think I want something casual though. I don't know, but drinking is obviously a must  since it's my 21st birthday. I don't know, we'll see what's going to happen.

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