Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catching Up with Tia

I hung out with my darling Tia on Monday. I hadn't seen her since KCON and I needed to catch her up on everything that was going on in my life and viceversa.

I was happy to be able to explain all the crap that has been going on in my head. I also talk to Ayaka about it, she is the one person I can really talk to and tell my feelings. And same with her omfg I love her so much T^T lol

But anyways, me and Tia went to Irvine Spectrum<3 Gosh, it's been forever since I've been to this place even though I live so close! lol We went to Red Robin to get something cheap so we can eat crepes afterwards and that's when we dished out about everything.

Mine was mostly shit that apparently happened at the party and what I thought it meant about my feelings. Ugh so complicated lol. I was talking to Juli about it since she likes to drink and stuff and she says it was my subconscious or the"id" kinda crap. I wonder if it's really that or if it was just the alcohol hahaha. I don't know /shrugs

Tia was telling me about her liking this guy and not wanting to like him. It is pretty freakin' complicated. Actually, Ayaka is also having guy issues ugh wtf lol I forgot interacting with people gives you small issues here and there haha. It's mostly feelings that cause issues though LOL

Anyways, after talking about our issues we went to eat crepes where Tia tried to decipher my thoughts haha. I don't know but I don't want to like anyone because I don't want a boyfriend and I definitely do not want to hook up so there is no point really.

School and studying abroad are my main priorities, I always say this. I don't have time to date and get feelings and shit. But to be honest, as easily as these "feelings" came they are also going away. Kinda funny how it works.

I of course took the two pictures I always do when I go to the spectrum<3

After talking we decided to go shopping :D I ended buying a lot of stuff. I hadn't gone shopping in forever! So I bought a pair of brown boots that were originally $70 for $40 :D and then some shirts~ so happy with my purchases haha.

Tia's mom was surprised by all the stuff we had and said that mine and Tia's styles are so similar haha. I love Tia's mom, she is so awesome :3

Tia's mom dropped me off and Tia walked me to my apartment haha sounds like she's my boyfriend~ haha but while we were talking we were talking a bit in Japanese. Tia was happy that I learned enough to be able to respond back to her comments. It was only a little but I was happy as well. We decided we will practice more together from now on :]

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