Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bowling with New Friends

Top Right: Yoshimi, Natsumi, Yoshiki (in the back),
Tony (in the front), and me

I've been so stressed with school lately. It's mostly been because of my stupid art history class but what else is new?

I haven't had time to study my Japanese so I feel completely lost in class -__- Doesn't help we are learning kanji now TT-TT I wanting a way out lately from being stressed with school :/

So after I managed to finish my paper, my friend Tony asked if I wanted to meet with a girl who was looking for a conversation partner. I agreed, and we met up at Starbucks.

When they first saw me they kept saying "kawaii~ kawaii~" and I was thinking "wtf I know they are not talking about me O__o" lol I felt so weird because I was totally bumming it from all the late and early studying and I thought that the girls looked so freakin adorable when I saw them >//< but they were really nice ^^ I met Yoshiki who is Tony's conversation partner and he brought along 2 girls named Natsumi and Yoshimi.

We ended up going to IN-N-Out which I'll admit at first it was awkward because I didn't really know what to say. And I have to remember to speak slow lol. But we had occasional fun convos and joked around here and there.

They were all surprised I was Mexican lol. I don't know why but Japanese people usually are. I asked them what they thought I was and Yoshimi said Spanish or something while Yoshiki said he didn't know but not Mexican LOL. I wonder what their idea of a Mexican is, I should ask.

Anywho, Yoshimi told me she liked my tattoos :D and she later told me she has some of her own! I was so surprised but thought it was so cool! She also wants a lot of tattoos. Yoshimi doesn't really like Japanese culture or people so it kinda sucks but I can get where she is coming from since I am eh with Mexicans at times but I still like stuff about my culture.

We went bowling which was actually pretty fun :D I hadn't gone bowling since a long ass was with Jana and Sarah last year I think?

On our way to the bowling place we talked about random things and Yoshiki asked me if I had a boyfriend. Everyone in the car starting laughing LOL. Yoshimi was like "That's not obvious~" and Natsumi was laughing also. Yoshiki was all embarrassed and said he was just wondering haha and Yoshiki and Natsumi kept teasing him xD

I told him I didn't though and ended up asking Yoshimi and Natsumi if they had one so Yoshiki wouldn't be put on the spot anymore lol. Natsumi had one which surprised me because so far every girl from Japan that I've met has a boyfriend back home. I don't know maybe it's because I've been single for such a long time haha. But Natsumi doesn't have a boyfriend, first girl I met who doesn't! (My friend Tony told me he was happy about that haha)

Anywho, we went bowling and I was surprised I wasn't in last since it was only my 2nd time bowling. I always feel awkward playing though -__- lol I don't know, I feel like it's not my thing but it was still fun :D

Yoshiki was really good at bowling at scored 133 on the last game O___O I was actually in 2nd place the last game :D I broke a nail or too though -__- lol it wasn't too bad just cracked a bit.

Such a nice break~ and tomorrow is JSA :D I think we are going to do karaoke~ I am excited since I haven't gone before ><

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