Sunday, November 4, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012

Happy November~ Though I have been swamped with papers and midterms I still was able to manage to go to the BIGBANG concert yesterday. Although, I was really stressed about going because of my school work. I am so happy I went though, it was amazing.

So this concert was the most expensive concert I ever paid for, but it was definitely worth every single penny and I have stated on my Twitter and Instagram.

Jana flew in from Berkley and we had to be at the venue around 3:30-4:00PM since the sound check started at 4:30PM. The sound check was cool, and it was nice seeing them with not so many people in the VIP section since a lot of VIPS didn't go to soundcheck to get good spots for the concert.

Soundcheck lasted 30 minutes and we ended up getting our goodie bags which came with the official lightstick in the black box, a BIGBANG Alive Tour shirt, and the VIP pass. And then we waited for the concert to start which wasn't till 7:30PM lol.

It kinda sucked because we just had to stand the whole time waiting, and we stand the whole time during the concert since we are VIP. But whatever, this gave me and Jana the chance to catch up.

We entered the venue and were trying to look for a good spot for the stage, and after switching many times we ended up staying on the left side of the stage which I feel was the best choice.

The set list was huge!! Never, have I ever been to a concert that had such a long set list. It was at least 25 songs!! They played all the songs I wanted hear :]

And I was really surprised because they played GT&TOP songs as well as songs from GD's album "One of a Kind" :o I was so happy to hear Crayon and One of a Kind live! I love those songs so much<3

Anyways, after watching the concert I have confirmed my bias even more haha. I will forever love GD and when he smiled omfggggg, especially the time he smiled and looked down and his tatts<3 oh god, just no haha

And Daesung was super cute, always smiling and waving at people in the crowd and he even blew a kiss at someone. He would specifically single out people at times. So

Taeyang was of course working the crowd with his dance moves and OMFG he performed Wedding Dress guys!! So forgot to mention that lol. Seungri was trying to get the audience pumped up :] People also threw little stuffed pandas on the stage and he would collect them nicely and put them in a little area, omg so cute.

Gif from Million Dollar Smile

TOP was really cute close to the end because this one girl had a TOP towel and he took it from her, showed it to the crowd, wiped his face and gave it back to her LOL. He also took a LED sign from a fan that said TOP and was waving it to the audience. He was really cute and looks just as good in person LOL. They all did actually.

They ended up throwing things in the crowd, but none in my way T-T lol. They threw their letterman jackets, hats's and shirts TT-TT makes me depressed thinking about it lol. But at least I got some of Daesung's water on me OTL hahahaha yeah...

Their English was so cute, and they kept saying how much they loved California and the West Coast in general haha so cute. They were even singing a bit of California Love by Tupac xD haha. And they promised they would come back soon<3 Also, Daesung mentioned he was working on stuff :DD <33 omg cannot wait. lol. I just loved the whole experience lol.

In the end they brought TOP a birthday cake and we sang him happy birthday :] Here's the video Seungri recorded. Ir was an awesome night. Already getting post concert depression, looking up fancams on Youtube (for those who snuck the recording), and reading people's stories on Tumblr.

Didn't think it would be possible to love the boys more than I did before<3

Audio to what TOP was saying here :]

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