Friday, November 30, 2012

My Birthday Party

Yesterday was my birthday party and I had a lot of fun :] Unfortunately, I didn't really take any pics because I was using my iphone for the music.

After the JSA potluck event Yuzo took me, Ayaka, Shotaro, and Lillian to his place as we got ready to set things up. Then slowly people started coming.

We started with 2 shots, one for my birthday and another because it was going to be Michael's birthday the next day. I took my time with drinking this time and I was actually just buzzed/ a little drunk for most of it so it was good. But, I did black out towards the end because when Alex and David came they kept giving me birthday shots -__- lol

I was mostly with Yoshimi and Shotaro a lot. I love Yoshimi with a freakin' passion<3 We were able to get each other and were just dancing and having fun and bonding over our love for guys with tatts<3 haha

Me and Shotaro were also bonding haha. We have similar tastes in music so I was looking through his ipod to see which bands I knew. He was surprised I knew Two Door Cinema because he said he hasn't met any Americans who know of them since he's been here.

It was mostly mingling and drinking lol. It was fun :] Kyle ended up coming to the party also. Apparently he was taking care of me at the last JSA party, he goes to Cal State Long Beach. I was happy he was able to come :]

Mmm yeah because I blacked out towards the end I don't know when the party ended or anything -__-" I just woke up at Yuzo's and Tomoko's place so it was all good. I did remember throwing up in the middle of the night, luckily they placed a trash can near the bed haha.

I am officially exhausted though. I don't think I did too well on my Japanese test...I completely blanked out on a lot of stuff /sigh all I was thinking about was going to sleep.

I am also not going to drink for a while...the party was an exception since it was celebrating my 21st but now I am taking a break. If I do drink it will probably be just so I can be buzzed like for most of the party. No more shots though lol I think that fucks me up.

Alex invited me to another party tonight but yeah no...haha I am going to watch Vampire Diaries and then knock out.

I enjoyed the party though :] and Yoshimi and Tony gave me a birthday card with a cute necklace. Totally wasn't expecting that. Tomoko and Saori also gave me a birthday card<3 They are all so sweet ;__;

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me~

Lyy's gift.

Today was probably the best birthday I have ever had. I didn't do anything but the things my friends did were amazing it made me so emotional.

I had an early birthday celebration where I went out to eat with my family on Sunday. We went to Johnny Carino's and they gave me a free chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream that I posted on my Twitter/Instagram. It was delicious! My family sang me happy birthday which was really embarrassing for me because I don't like being put on the spot >< lol I still enjoyed it though :]

On Monday I got my present from Lyy in the mail. I was super happy because it Melbourne it was already the 27th so it came right on time :] I loved the letter that Lyy gave me. It made me so emotional and made me laugh out loud reading it<3 I was honestly so happy and was even happier when I saw the gift. She drew me for my birthday!<33 I am in love with Lyy's art and to have me drawn by her was just in awe lol. Thank you again so much Lyy, I loved your gift and note<3

Today was my actual birthday, the actual day didn't start too great since I stayed up till 1AM to type a paper TT-TT lol but it was all good. I also had class all day today, 9AM-4PM lol so I wasn't expecting going to do anything.

I was sitting outside waiting for class to start with Tony like I usually do when Jenny came and handed me a little brown bag and said "Happy birthday~" I was in shock and opened the little bag to find a little bunt cake. It was so cute and it was white chocolate raspberry. Omfg so good~ I only ate some of it though and am saving the rest haha.

Then it was time for Japanese class and I went to find on the board something my friend Van wrote. He wrote how to say happy birthday in Japanese so the class could sing it to me >//< omfg I thought he was kidding when he posted it on my Facebook that he was going to do that lol.

He ended up having to leave early so he couldn't sing but at the end of class they sang me happy birthday and my teacher gave me a Starburst lol

I stayed after class and talked with Jenny like I usually do and then went back to apartment. On my way back, I saw Juli and Virginia. I asked them if they were going to eat or something and they told me they were going to run errands. I kinda wondered if they were going to do something since Alejandra told them about my birthday but they usually go out together so I thought nothing of it lol.

When I got back to the apartment Alejandra asked me if I wanted some cake she made back home so I said sure :] I thought it was a nice gesture so we ate and talked for a bit. Afterwards I went back to my room and started typing this entry actually.

Then all of a sudden a heard a little song playing. At first I thought it was Christmas melody and thought it was someone's phone but then saw something was slid under my door. I opened the door to see Virginia and Juli there holding a cake. I was so surprised and happy and embarrassed lol. I felt my face turning a bit red >//< ugh again I suck with these things.

I was really happy though. They also gave me a gift which was really pretty chopsticks and a nice mug :] I love them both<3 We went downstairs to eat some cake, it was so good! Not too sweet. And the card they gave me was nice as well, it even had Japanese on it since they know I am learning Japanese. Ah they are just awesome.

Honestly, this was the best birthday I've ever had. It was the small gestures I got from my friends that made this amazing, you don't have to do anything big to enjoy your birthday.

Although, I am having a party on Thursday after the JSA potluck LOL. My friends want me to get fucked up but I said I already got too fucked up on the last party. Alex says it's "my right of passage" to throw up on my 21st birthday but I don't know...haha. I also told Tomoko I wasn't going to drink a lot but she says since I'm the birthday girl I have to OTL my friends...haha<33

And I am going to have a Japanese quiz the next day...gotta love uni life haha. Anyways, best birthday ever!

I am grateful for the people I have in my life<3

Friday, November 23, 2012

Home for Thanksgiving

On Wednesday night my little sister came to pick up from my apartment and take me home for Thanksgiving. I wasn't too excited to go home because it's so troublesome to pack and sure enough I left some of my Japanese homework at my apartment -__- but it was nice to see Daydee again, it had been too long ><

We ended up catching up on everything, me on my life and her on hers as well. She was surprised I had a "love life" (I told her I don't really have a love life but she counts "dates" with people even if it's nothing serious /shrugs I guess) and she was happy I had a social life and was drinking LOL. I guess she partied more than she let on and started talking to about all these different types of drinks she likes.

She also told me that she and her boyfriend broke up. Can't say I'm sad or happy about it, I feel sort of indifferent about the situation /shrugs again lol.

I was happy to come home for Thanksgiving because I love Thanksgiving food *__* My tia came over  and made mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes. It was delicious!! I love stuffing and mashed potatoes so freakin' much! We of course also had pumpkin pie *__* Omg I can die over the overload of deliciousness lol

I didn't enjoy the actual Thanksgiving dinner too much though, it was just like whatever. Maybe it's because my older sister wasn't there since she went to her fiance's family's house and because I had to leave shortly after the meal so I could type one of my papers.

I am actually pretty happy to be home. I enjoy sleeping in my bed, and listening to music like how I used to since the walls aren't so thin. As well as being close to nature again<3 and just the cozy feeling of being with my family. Though we do have differences, I do love them a lot.

I'm happy it's already becoming winter, though the weather says so otherwise. My mom already made tamales and we bought a Christmas tree. I love Christmas but for some reason it gives me a bittersweet feeling.

I don't know, all I know is I want this quarter to be over but I am dreading finals and worried about getting my classes for next quarter TT-TT

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catching Up with Tia

I hung out with my darling Tia on Monday. I hadn't seen her since KCON and I needed to catch her up on everything that was going on in my life and viceversa.

I was happy to be able to explain all the crap that has been going on in my head. I also talk to Ayaka about it, she is the one person I can really talk to and tell my feelings. And same with her omfg I love her so much T^T lol

But anyways, me and Tia went to Irvine Spectrum<3 Gosh, it's been forever since I've been to this place even though I live so close! lol We went to Red Robin to get something cheap so we can eat crepes afterwards and that's when we dished out about everything.

Mine was mostly shit that apparently happened at the party and what I thought it meant about my feelings. Ugh so complicated lol. I was talking to Juli about it since she likes to drink and stuff and she says it was my subconscious or the"id" kinda crap. I wonder if it's really that or if it was just the alcohol hahaha. I don't know /shrugs

Tia was telling me about her liking this guy and not wanting to like him. It is pretty freakin' complicated. Actually, Ayaka is also having guy issues ugh wtf lol I forgot interacting with people gives you small issues here and there haha. It's mostly feelings that cause issues though LOL

Anyways, after talking about our issues we went to eat crepes where Tia tried to decipher my thoughts haha. I don't know but I don't want to like anyone because I don't want a boyfriend and I definitely do not want to hook up so there is no point really.

School and studying abroad are my main priorities, I always say this. I don't have time to date and get feelings and shit. But to be honest, as easily as these "feelings" came they are also going away. Kinda funny how it works.

I of course took the two pictures I always do when I go to the spectrum<3

After talking we decided to go shopping :D I ended buying a lot of stuff. I hadn't gone shopping in forever! So I bought a pair of brown boots that were originally $70 for $40 :D and then some shirts~ so happy with my purchases haha.

Tia's mom was surprised by all the stuff we had and said that mine and Tia's styles are so similar haha. I love Tia's mom, she is so awesome :3

Tia's mom dropped me off and Tia walked me to my apartment haha sounds like she's my boyfriend~ haha but while we were talking we were talking a bit in Japanese. Tia was happy that I learned enough to be able to respond back to her comments. It was only a little but I was happy as well. We decided we will practice more together from now on :]

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chillin' with Friends at Buffalo Wild Wings

A bunch of the JSA members at Buffalo Wild Wings :]
I'm in the wayyyy back haha 

Thursday was another JSA meeting :] We weren't planning on doing much, just figuring out who is getting who for secret santa and then we were going to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Yuzo didn't come to the JSA meeting because he was too tired, he had been texting me saying that he fell asleep. He has been working out lately apparently. He asked me if I was going to Buffalo Wild Wings but told him I wasn't because I has to study so he said he would help me with my Japanese when I got home.

I wasn't planning on going to Buffalo Wild Wings but people were trying to convince me to go. Especially David -__- lol 

I kept saying "No I need to study" and he kept insisting and then said, "Okay, if I can make a flip you have to go" I was hesitant because since he said that he could probably do a flip LOL and lo and behold, he did a flip and people were all amused and he told me I had to go. Ahh~ the peer pressure >< lol.

I ended up saying okay, and since Jenny saw I was going she said fuck it too and decided to come haha xD We decided we would do our Japanese homework and study while we were eating. I texted Yuzo letting him know I was going to go eat out and he should just rest since he was tired.

So we drove to Buffalo Wild Wings and parking was horrible so Davis dropped me off so I can tell everyone to add us to the list but they didn't even check in yet lol. I talked to Shotaro and Taka a bit as we waited to be called in. We mostly talked about Taka's performance yesterday and he thanked us again for coming out.

We had a party of about 20 so we had to sit outside lol, it was fine until it started to sprinkle though haha but we moved the tables so it was all good. We ordered, and when we were waiting for our food me and Jenny did our hw like we said we would.

A photo Miharu took of me and Shotaro
 Jenny didn't want to be in it -__-

Shotaro was helping me with my homework, and he actually helped a lot. Yuzo helps me with my homework but he does it for me OTL lol. Shotaro would just help me when I needed help or had no idea how to do something or correct when I did something wrong.

He laughed at my slopping writing since I was just trying to finish it and whenever I would forget the kanji he just told me lol I swear my memory sucks ass lol.

Shotaro, Ayaka, Saori, and Tomoko :]

Saori and Ayaka kept saying it was so cute when I speak Japanese >//< omfg my pronounciation is horrible lol but they kept saying "ahhh kawaii~" lol and Saori liked how i would think so hard to figure something out lol she kept taking pictures of me and Shotaro lol she's so weird but cute >//<

But anyways, after he helped me with my homework we just started talking and he asked me if he was a good teacher and I told him yeah. He said that it made him happy because he wants to be teacher back in Japan when he graduates. I was surprised by this and asked him if he was serious and he said yeah. I couldn't believe it lol I told him I wanted to be a teacher in Japan as well, and he was shocked as well as said "so we want the same goal."

We also ended up talking about how I want to study abroad, most of my JSA friends are from Kansai area but Shotaro said he was from Tokyo area, he lives in Chiba. He said if I do study abroad then he will show me where he lives ^^

After that, I ended up talking with Taka a bit as I was doing some of my kanji homework and he was teasing me about me forgetting the stroke order but he would cheer for me when I got it right haha. Jenny scolded him for cheering for me when I got the stroke order wrong lol

I also found out that Taka also wants to move to Japan and work there as well. Taka is Japanese American unlike Shotaro who is from Japan so I was surprised to hear this but thought it was so awesome. He is also thinking about going to Tokyo so he said he will see me there haha :]

I was also practicing my speaking with Taka and asked ”何月生まれですか。” And he told me the month, and then asked me mine so I told him ”じゅいち月生まれです” so he asked what day and I told starting saying 20 when he interrupted me and asked me all surprised that it was coming up soon and so I switched to English and told him yeah the 27th. He said we should do something but I told him I didn't know what to do lol. He said he doesn't know what we should do but since it's my 21st I have to do something lol.

Anyways, after talking a bit we all decided it was time to go home. David, Alex, Ayaka, Jenny, a white guy (forgot his name), and me were staying and talking a bit longer.

Again my birthday came up and Alex and David said I should do something. I told them that I didn't know what to do. Alex said he could hold my birthday at a club he has connections with which was cool but my underage friends won't be able to drink or I'm not even sure if they could go. And I don't even think I would have that many people to fill a club O___O David said to invite all of JSA but I feel weird lol..I don't know everyone.

Alex said that it's an option that I can have so I thanked him. David says I need to get fucked up and he is giving "Tattoo" again for my birthday...fuck that lol. It tasted nasty.

But yeah, so far I am unsure about what to do for my birthday. I talked about this with Lyy as well *sigh* we'll see. I think I want something casual though. I don't know, but drinking is obviously a must  since it's my 21st birthday. I don't know, we'll see what's going to happen.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Taka and Brian's Concert

Wednesday night my friends Taka and Brian were having a small concert at our school. Taka told me about their band before and I hadn't seen Brian since the first JSA meeting. Well technically the Halloween event, but it was so brief that you can't even count that.

Anyways, I decided to go out and support them. Besides Taka wanted to introduce me to post rock which was something I never heard of.

Me and Ayaka went together, we had met up after my Japanese class because a lot of shit happened since the party and we needed to fill each other in on what went on. Life can be so fuckin' complicated -__- lol

Anyways, we went to the concert but I was pretty much freezing since it was outside and I didn't go back to my apartment to change since I met up with Ayaka right after my class.

But they sounded good, I really enjoyed their performance. They have no vocals but it was still nice, here is some of their songs :]

A few of the JSA members came to show their support :]

After they were done performing we stuck around a bit because there were other performances and so Taka and Brian couldn't leave. The other performances were good too but I was getting tired and hungry lol.

After the bands were done playing we all decided to go eat at BCD Tofu at Diamond Jamboree. Some nice hot beef tofu soup sounded good~ lol

I ended up catching up with Brian since it had been such a long time since we last seen each other. We were talking about going to Japan since Saori is leaving soon ;___; ugh I don't even want to think about it.

A couple of my friends from JSA are going back to Japan actually :/ I hope we can meet again, even if I hadn't known them for a long time there are some that I really care for and Saori is one of them.

The gang :] lol I look so lame -__-

Monday, November 12, 2012

JSA Party at Koji's House

Some of the JSA girls with Yuzo in the back LOL
Don't mind my glowing demon like eyes lol what to say about this be honest I don't remember much of it. Let's start from the beginning.

Erika came to pick up me, Ayaka, and Yoshiki for the party. We stopped to get some drinks and eat since we hadn't eaten yet.

We arrived at Koji's place around 9:30pm and no one was really there yet. But soon after people were coming and it got fun :]

We all started with shots and then we just kept drinking lol. Ah, this was the first time I drank in years...and the last time I drank was my first time and it was a lot of mix drinks and I threw up. Well, this time wasn't any different -__-

I had like 4 or 5 shots and I don't even know how many drinks. I don't remember much to be perfectly fuckin honest lol. And it's actually really annoying. I remember just talking with people, drinking with Yuzo, this one guy (I am not sure of his name but i know him) giving me a drink called "Tattoo" which was really gross. I remember Yuzo told me it tastes bad and told me not to drink it.

Ayaka, me and Tomoko~
I remember this was around the time Jenny came.

After that it was just bits and pieces...I remember Rika told me Jenny was here and I was really happy and called out to Jenny. I think Jenny made me soju, but I was too drunk to even remember what it taste like -__- and I was so excited to try it too ugh.

And of course, I remember throwing up a lot lol. Apparently Yuzo was taking care of me and so was Saori >< but I mostly remember Jenny helping me a lot.

Rika was going to take me home after a while but then Yuzo was going to take me and then somehow I woke up this morning wrapped in a blanket on Koji's couch -__- lol

Yuzo texted me telling me he was worried about me and next time not to drink as much lol. He filled me in on some things. He said he was going to take me home but people didn't trust him for some reason and decided to let me stay at Koji's. LOL I can't understand why they wouldn't trust Yuzo since I trust him with my life. And apparently I also threw up on Yuzo -________________- so he says I owe him lunch lol.

I don't know, I texted Jenny and asked her to fill me in tomorrow so hopefully I will know more. EPIC FAIL. Jenny says that I was lucky to have so many friend taking care of me. I'm really glad as well. I wouldn't get drunk like that unless I knew it was with people I could trust.

I wasn't planning on getting that fucked up though -__-" Well now I know my limit lol. I still had fun when I was buzzed and the parts I do remember :D lol

Apparently a couple people were drunk and throwing up though haha good times, gooood timessss~

Oh, and I have a midterm tomorrow. FUN~ lol

Yoshiki passed out, he was fucked up when we took the first picture
above hahah omfg good times~

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Karaoke Night and Small Trip to L.A.

Hahaha Shotaro's face at Yuzo getting cozy with him xD

Yuzo in the back, Miharu singing and Saori<33
Love her so much T^T

JSA had karaoke night on Thursday, so a bunch of us went. We all couldn't fit in a room so we had to split into two rooms. It was pretty fun, but everyone sang so fucking good O___O Honestly, they were like pro status...totally made me not want to sing. Erika also felt the same way lol.

We would just listen to other people sing since they were so good! Shotaro, Angel, and this one girl were really good in particular. I recorded a bunch of them singing but I think I accidentally deleted some of the videos D: ughh so annoying! I'll post some of the ones I do have on my Facebook when I go home for Thanksgiving so I can use my wifi lol.

But there was so many awesome songs! People sang Mongol800's Chiisana Koi no Uta, Utada Hikaru's First Love, Orange Range's Ikenai Taiyou, Linkin Park's Numb, and way more! It was pretty awesome :]

I only sang Bad Romance with Erika since we felt weird not singing but after that we just listened haha. It was still cool listening to everyone else sing though, I still had fun :]

Afterwards, I had to do Japanese hw that was due the next day. Yuzo was nice enough to help me with it lol. Let's just say he was a bit too helpful *cough* did it for me *cough* haha but at least I got it done :D

Friday night I ended up going on a date I guess lol. It was with one of the guys I met at the club, his name is Koki. Lol I kinda laugh when thinking about it because it's kinda hard to take a date seriously when it's with a guy you met at a club xD Is it just me? lol

I don't know, he seems alright to hang out with but taking seriously ehh

But he lives in LA so he drove to Irvine and with traffic it took around 1 hour and 30 minutes D: Kinda felt bad, and he ended up taking me to LA to a Japanese restaurant he considers authentic. It was really good. I liked what he had, it was some kind of pork, I got chicken karaage.

I embarrassed myself quite a bit by failing to use chopsticks for some reason, burning my tongue, and just overall being awkward hahaha. It was honestly embarrassing  like I'm not pro at chopsticks but I don't suck and yesterday night I sucked xD

Sometimes it was bit hard to talk because he is still learning English and my Japanese is extremely limited. Like child status or worse lol, so we would sometimes misunderstand each other and stuff. He was actually teaching me some Japanese though and I remember most of it haha.

He ended up taking me to Santa Monica pier since i've never been there. He was surprised by all the things I haven't done haha. I explained I have strict parents and that I got used to staying at home.

Afterwards he ended up dropping me home since I was so sleepy. Lack of sleep due to school and going out more.

Koki says he wants to hang out again, so I don't know...I might. He's was cool to talk to and it's always cool try new things every now and then.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bowling with New Friends

Top Right: Yoshimi, Natsumi, Yoshiki (in the back),
Tony (in the front), and me

I've been so stressed with school lately. It's mostly been because of my stupid art history class but what else is new?

I haven't had time to study my Japanese so I feel completely lost in class -__- Doesn't help we are learning kanji now TT-TT I wanting a way out lately from being stressed with school :/

So after I managed to finish my paper, my friend Tony asked if I wanted to meet with a girl who was looking for a conversation partner. I agreed, and we met up at Starbucks.

When they first saw me they kept saying "kawaii~ kawaii~" and I was thinking "wtf I know they are not talking about me O__o" lol I felt so weird because I was totally bumming it from all the late and early studying and I thought that the girls looked so freakin adorable when I saw them >//< but they were really nice ^^ I met Yoshiki who is Tony's conversation partner and he brought along 2 girls named Natsumi and Yoshimi.

We ended up going to IN-N-Out which I'll admit at first it was awkward because I didn't really know what to say. And I have to remember to speak slow lol. But we had occasional fun convos and joked around here and there.

They were all surprised I was Mexican lol. I don't know why but Japanese people usually are. I asked them what they thought I was and Yoshimi said Spanish or something while Yoshiki said he didn't know but not Mexican LOL. I wonder what their idea of a Mexican is, I should ask.

Anywho, Yoshimi told me she liked my tattoos :D and she later told me she has some of her own! I was so surprised but thought it was so cool! She also wants a lot of tattoos. Yoshimi doesn't really like Japanese culture or people so it kinda sucks but I can get where she is coming from since I am eh with Mexicans at times but I still like stuff about my culture.

We went bowling which was actually pretty fun :D I hadn't gone bowling since a long ass was with Jana and Sarah last year I think?

On our way to the bowling place we talked about random things and Yoshiki asked me if I had a boyfriend. Everyone in the car starting laughing LOL. Yoshimi was like "That's not obvious~" and Natsumi was laughing also. Yoshiki was all embarrassed and said he was just wondering haha and Yoshiki and Natsumi kept teasing him xD

I told him I didn't though and ended up asking Yoshimi and Natsumi if they had one so Yoshiki wouldn't be put on the spot anymore lol. Natsumi had one which surprised me because so far every girl from Japan that I've met has a boyfriend back home. I don't know maybe it's because I've been single for such a long time haha. But Natsumi doesn't have a boyfriend, first girl I met who doesn't! (My friend Tony told me he was happy about that haha)

Anywho, we went bowling and I was surprised I wasn't in last since it was only my 2nd time bowling. I always feel awkward playing though -__- lol I don't know, I feel like it's not my thing but it was still fun :D

Yoshiki was really good at bowling at scored 133 on the last game O___O I was actually in 2nd place the last game :D I broke a nail or too though -__- lol it wasn't too bad just cracked a bit.

Such a nice break~ and tomorrow is JSA :D I think we are going to do karaoke~ I am excited since I haven't gone before ><

Sunday, November 4, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012

Happy November~ Though I have been swamped with papers and midterms I still was able to manage to go to the BIGBANG concert yesterday. Although, I was really stressed about going because of my school work. I am so happy I went though, it was amazing.

So this concert was the most expensive concert I ever paid for, but it was definitely worth every single penny and I have stated on my Twitter and Instagram.

Jana flew in from Berkley and we had to be at the venue around 3:30-4:00PM since the sound check started at 4:30PM. The sound check was cool, and it was nice seeing them with not so many people in the VIP section since a lot of VIPS didn't go to soundcheck to get good spots for the concert.

Soundcheck lasted 30 minutes and we ended up getting our goodie bags which came with the official lightstick in the black box, a BIGBANG Alive Tour shirt, and the VIP pass. And then we waited for the concert to start which wasn't till 7:30PM lol.

It kinda sucked because we just had to stand the whole time waiting, and we stand the whole time during the concert since we are VIP. But whatever, this gave me and Jana the chance to catch up.

We entered the venue and were trying to look for a good spot for the stage, and after switching many times we ended up staying on the left side of the stage which I feel was the best choice.

The set list was huge!! Never, have I ever been to a concert that had such a long set list. It was at least 25 songs!! They played all the songs I wanted hear :]

And I was really surprised because they played GT&TOP songs as well as songs from GD's album "One of a Kind" :o I was so happy to hear Crayon and One of a Kind live! I love those songs so much<3

Anyways, after watching the concert I have confirmed my bias even more haha. I will forever love GD and when he smiled omfggggg, especially the time he smiled and looked down and his tatts<3 oh god, just no haha

And Daesung was super cute, always smiling and waving at people in the crowd and he even blew a kiss at someone. He would specifically single out people at times. So

Taeyang was of course working the crowd with his dance moves and OMFG he performed Wedding Dress guys!! So forgot to mention that lol. Seungri was trying to get the audience pumped up :] People also threw little stuffed pandas on the stage and he would collect them nicely and put them in a little area, omg so cute.

Gif from Million Dollar Smile

TOP was really cute close to the end because this one girl had a TOP towel and he took it from her, showed it to the crowd, wiped his face and gave it back to her LOL. He also took a LED sign from a fan that said TOP and was waving it to the audience. He was really cute and looks just as good in person LOL. They all did actually.

They ended up throwing things in the crowd, but none in my way T-T lol. They threw their letterman jackets, hats's and shirts TT-TT makes me depressed thinking about it lol. But at least I got some of Daesung's water on me OTL hahahaha yeah...

Their English was so cute, and they kept saying how much they loved California and the West Coast in general haha so cute. They were even singing a bit of California Love by Tupac xD haha. And they promised they would come back soon<3 Also, Daesung mentioned he was working on stuff :DD <33 omg cannot wait. lol. I just loved the whole experience lol.

In the end they brought TOP a birthday cake and we sang him happy birthday :] Here's the video Seungri recorded. Ir was an awesome night. Already getting post concert depression, looking up fancams on Youtube (for those who snuck the recording), and reading people's stories on Tumblr.

Didn't think it would be possible to love the boys more than I did before<3

Audio to what TOP was saying here :]