Monday, October 1, 2012

The past few days.

School just started last Thursday and I have already been swamped with reading and writing. It's mostly my Korean Literature class and my Korean Art History.

The length of the articles the teachers give us to read are ridiculous -__- but my older sister did warn me that UC's are known for lengthy readings, and even more so because UCI is a research university. I don't see myself having much free time though to be honest.

Anyways, I just finished my homework after working on it 3 days straight. All I have is my Japanese class which seems to be the most relaxing class for me lol.

I met a girl named Jenny who is a girl in my Japanese class. She is also a transfer student except she just transferred from San Jose which is Northern CA.

She actually asked me what my ethnicity was because she thought I was mixed of Filipino and something else which is strange because I have gotten that before lol.

Well, I told her about the JSA club and she seemed to be really interested in it too, so hopefully I'll see her there. I also gave her info about studying abroad since she also wants to go to Japan. So far, we seem to have some things in common :]

And after class we went to this extra credit video conference thing for our Japanese class where we Skype with students in Japan so they can practice their English and we could practice our Japanese. It was pretty fun, but after a while we ran out of things to talk about lol.

Oh, and KCON and Vampire Diaries is next week, I can't wait! <3 Happy October :]

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